A Day at the Beach

By Michelle Thomas

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One week to the day after my first real sexual experience, my two sisters and I got laid, the same day, by the guy who had deflowered me.

On Saturday morning about seven o'clock Tina, who had precipitated my deflowering, woke me and Fiona to remind us that we were going to the beach with Tommy that day.

At eight o'clock, before our parents had woken up, the four of us were all fed and in Fi's car heading for the beach. I sat in front with Fiona and let Tina and Tommy share the back seat. We were talking about the previous Saturday in which Tina and Tommy had caught me naked in front of the computer having cyber-sex, and all that had happened afterwards. As we recounted the episode for Fiona, who had been away for the week and therefore not yet heard all of the details, the four of us were getting hotter and hotter. Tina and Tommy were starting to get serious in the back by the time we finally parked the car. We weren't at the main beach, but had taken a forestry road which let us out about 400 metres from a really nice, secluded beach.

Tina carried the blanket, Tommy the beach umbrella and Fiona and I shared the tote bag with the food and supplies. We walked along the bush track, still talking about last Saturday until we saw our beach. It was a stretch of sand about 200 metres wide with rocks at each end and the whitest, purest sand I had ever seen. Once we got down there Tina spread the blanket, Tommy speared the sand with the shaft of the beach umbrella, Fiona and I put down the bag and Fiona produced a bottle of sun-screen.

"Okay people," she said, "today's a number nine day for UV. Let's make sure we have our protection on! Tommy, do you think you can do the three of us?"

Tommy looked from Fiona to Tina and then me. Taking the bottle from Fiona, he said, "I can do all three of you for sure, but who's going to do me?"

We each talked over the other volunteering!

Fiona said that, on grounds of seniority, she should be first to be sun screened so Tommy poured some lotion and started warming it in his hands. "Wait one moment," she said, "I remember what happened the last time I got sun screened. I didn't get protected under my straps, and when they shifted I got burned there."

Taking her bikini top off and leaning forward to modestly hide her boobs behind her knees she said, "Okay Tommy, do me!"

Tommy started with Fiona's shoulders and slowly moved down until he reached her bikini bottom, then worked his way up again applying lotion to her sides. Just before he reached her boobs, his cock straining inside his Speedos, Fiona told him to start on one of us while she did the rest of herself. Tommy looked crestfallen until Fi turned her head around and planted a long 'thank you' kiss on his lips.

As Fiona stood, Tina took her place in front of Tommy and, following Fi's lead removed her top, but didn't hide her boobs. Meanwhile Fiona, still topless, was standing in front facing out to sea applying lotion to her arms and legs. Taking a last squirt to do her front, she turned and handed Tommy the bottle saying, "You do Tina now while I do my front."

Tommy's eyes were bulging as Fi leaned forward to give the bottle to him, feasting his eyes on what had just been denied his hands. Kneeling on the blanket in front of Tina, facing them both, she started applying the sun-screen to her breasts and tummy.

Not taking his eyes from the show in front of him, he started rubbing sun-screen of Tina's back but, very distracted, he quickly started mirroring Fi's rubbing on Tina, who leaned back against Tommy's chest and sighed happily as his hands roved over her breasts, nipples and abdomen.

Watching this, I started feeling a familiar warm moistness between my legs and decided to apply sun-screen to myself until I could have my own back done. Whipping off my own top, I reached past Tina and gave myself a liberal handful from the bottle. As I was bending over to do my legs, intending to work my way up, Fi came up behind me and started doing my back. Tina leaned forward, reminding Tommy that she had two sides, and with a look of disappointment he calmed himself and did as he was asked, enjoying the sight the two topless blondes in front of him.

Finishing my legs, I straightened and started to do my arms, when Fiona, taking another handful of sun-screen, reached around and began applying it to my boobs and abdomen. As Tommy let out an appreciative groan, Tina chuckled and said, "While those two are busy, I'd better do you!"

Tommy, trying to be cool, took off his T-shirt but rather spoiled the effect because his hands were shaking and his Speedos were showing a small moist patch at the end of the well defined bulge his cock was making. Kneeling down on the blanket, he waited while Tina took a handful of sun-screen and started applying it to his back. I turned my head to exchange a look with Fi, got a wink in response, and we both went over and knelt in front of Tommy.

Taking a handful of sun-screen each, we started working on Tommy's well muscled chest, thighs, shoulders and arms. When we had done all of him that we could, Tina asked him to stand, "So we can do your legs."

Seeing that bulge in front of me at eye level, and remembering my humiliation the previous week I reached out firmly grasping the top of his Speedos and, making eye contact with Tommy, pulled them down around his ankles. As they came down his cock became caught in the waist band, but sprang up to hit his tummy as I continued to pull them down.

"Oh, that looks good enough to eat," Fiona said, taking his rampant cock in her hands.

"It is." I assured her, "He's really quite talented when he has inspiration."

Seeing that Tommy, aroused beyond endurance, was about to cumm in her hand Fiona gently grasped his cock just behind the head with two fingers on top and her thumb underneath and squeezed while placing the middle finger of her other hand just behind his balls and pressed up. "Hold off, Tommy, don't cumm into fresh air when there are three women to satisfy!"

Startled by her unexpected move and by having his cumm pinched off almost before it started, Tommy sighed and visibly calmed himself. "What are you two doing to my man?" Tina said, walking around to where we were kneeling. "You're not having him until until I go first, right Tommy?"

Looking bemused and confused, Tommy mumbled something that might have been, "Er, yeah. Okay..."

"Now, you two horny wenches, unhand my man and go have a swim. We all need some cold water if this isn't going to finish before it gets started!"

Taking Tommy by the hand, Tina led him toward the water, laughing and sharing some private joke. Looking at each other Fiona and I shrugged, laughed and raced each other into the waves.

After the four of us had been splashing around for about half an hour, Tina led Tommy back to our picnic spot on the beach. Fiona and I had been 'fooling around' with each other and were pretty hot as we walked hand in hand back to join the others. When we got into the shade of the umbrella Fi picked up the sun-screen, turned to me and said, "Let's get some all over protection."

"Sure," I said, "and besides it's not really fair that Tommy's nude and we're all wearing our bottoms, even if I was held out naked for his enjoyment last week!"

Stripping off my bikini bottom, I became the first nude woman he had seen this morning. Squatting, knees apart, in front of Tommy I asked, "Remember this view from last Saturday?"

"Oh my God, yes!" he said, "Tina was holding your hands behind you and while you were struggling, you legs came apart and I nearly fainted seeing that beautiful pussy for the first time."

"And what's it like to see it spread wide for you willingly?" I asked.

"Even more beautiful!" he said with feeling, "And with both of your sisters here as well, I can hardly believe all this is really happening!"

"Well," said Tina, raising herself to pull her own bikini bottom off, "I don't know what you two are going to do, but I'm going to sit me down on this slab of meat here!!"

"Sounds good to me," Fiona said stepping out of her bikini as well.

Tommy's cock was standing proud over his loins and seemed to be much larger than I had seen it today, or even last Saturday. "Ohmygod, this can't be happening. Nothing this good ever happens in the real world!" he said.

"You'd better believe it," Tina said, "It's as sure as a falling cock - er, rock! Lay down so I can mount you, and you had better say who you want kneeling over your face while I fuck you!"

"Oh God, Oh God, I don't believe this," Tommy said as Tina pushed his chest causing him to lie back. As she proceeded to mount him, he continued to mutter with increasing incoherency, while Fiona squatted over his chest and lowered her pussy onto his still disbelieving face.

Laughing at the sight of the man who had taken advantage of my own helplessness just seven days ago being reduced to a quivering jelly by the sustained onslaught of two naked women asserting their sexuality on him, I kneeled above his head and kissed Fiona firmly on her lips, my tongue exploring her mouth while our hands caressed each other's breasts.

With my tongue working Fi's mouth, my hands fondling her breasts and erect nipples and Tommy's tongue feverishly working her wet pussy as Tina mercilessly worked his cock with her pussy, Tommy, Tina and Fiona came explosively within a few moments of each other, leaving me unfulfilled and even hotter.

Rolling back pulling Fiona on top of me I whispered, "Let's give him a show to get him turned on again. I want to cumm too!"

"Okay", Fi whispered back, "but I want him next; after all I'm the only one he hasn't fucked yet, so I think that makes it my turn!" Then she stifled any reply I could make by meeting my mouth with hers and kissing me passionately.

As our tongues explored each other's mouths and breasts and our bodies melted together, we heard Tommy say, "That has got to be the hottest thing I've ever seen!"

Tina laughed and asked, "Would it be a turn on for you if I joined in, too?"

"Look at my cock!" Tommy said, "It's getting hard again already!"

Hearing that, Fiona broke our kiss, looked up and said "It is? Ooh, yes, it is! ''Scuse me Michi, there's something I've got to do."

Looking over to Tommy's raging hard on, I could feel my pussy watering with hunger for it, but decided to have some fun with Tina while I was waiting. From what I heard of Tommy's reaction to Fiona and I kissing I decided to see what would happen if I went down on Tina. Besides I was hungry for the taste of Tommy's cumm and Tina's pussy must still have some it in and around it.

"Legs up, Sis," I told Tina, "you look a bit sticky. I know what Tommy's cumm tastes like in me, now I want to find out how he tastes in you."

Tina turned until she was facing Tommy, who had Fiona on her hands and knees in front of him and was sliding in and out of her while playing with her boobs. Then she opened her legs and I knelt in front of her and started gently tasting her upper thighs as she craned her head forward to watch.

We could hear Tommy moaning with delight at the sight of me eating out one sister right in front of his eyes while he was fucking my other sister! As I followed the taste of cumm toward its source, Tina opened her legs wider for me allowing my face to come right up to her honey pot. When she felt my tongue make its first, tentative probe inside her she guided my head with her hands. Gently licking and sucking her, drinking the mixed cumm juices in her pussy, I looked up to see her head tilted back and her eyes closed in ecstasy.

Her breathing was starting to speed up and I could feel her hands shaking as she guided my head. As her sighing started to rise to moaning I was sure I had cleaned all of Tommy's cum out of her pussy and drew my face back a little to go after the drips down her crack. As my tongue got closer and closer to her puckered freckle, her moans became cries of pleasure. Finally reaching her ass-hole, I probed for any stray sperm before inserting the tip of my tongue just inside. At that moment, her cries became screams of sheer pleasure.

"Ohhhhh ghod, OHHHHH GOD, OHHHH GOD!!!" she screamed, letting go of my head to finger her own pussy frantically, before finally subsiding into a panting, sweating heap.

Well, I thought to myself, that was certainly fun but everyone has now cumm except little Michi. Some of us have even cumm twice!

Remembering Tommy and Fiona, I looked around to see a smug sister laying on her back with her knees up watching and an obviously drained Tommy, sitting on the sand staring intently. As I looked around, they both broke into applause and Tommy said, "Michi, watching you eat Tina just gave me the biggest cum of my life! If that wasn't my second load, I'd have blown litres into Fiona," as he sank back onto the sand.

"Michi, I think the only way for Tommy to get up again will be to wait a while and put on a repeat performance! I've got your desert in here," Fiona said patting her pussy, "and I'll keep it warm for you until Tommy starts to get his strength back."

Laughing, I told her thanks and said, "I don't think I can wait that long for my first cumm. Does anyone have any ideas?"

Tina said, "Well, if Fi moves she's going to lose that pouch full of porridge she's keeping warm for you, and Tommy looks like he can't lift his arm let alone his cock. You were helpless for his pleasure last Saturday, why not try a little revenge?"

Grinning impishly, I advanced toward Tommy on my hands and knees. "Mmmm, revenge is mine, sayeth the girl... What I think Tommy needs is a good tongue lashing. Taking advantage of a girl while her sister held her helpless is just not the act of a gentleman!"

By this time, I had taken Tommy's limp and lifeless cock in my hands and started running my fingernails softly along his scrotum. He gave a little sigh, but no other sign of life. Looking at the wetness along his length and concentrated in the little groove at the head, I decided to take the opportunity to study his cock properly. Placing my thumbs on the head, I gently separated the two fleshy bits on either side of the groove that must hide his pee-and-cumm hole and was amazed to find what looked like the world's smallest clitless, flapless pussy! Chuckling to myself, I decided that now was the time for a tongue lashing. Holding the head of Tommy's cock about a centimetre in front of my face, I flicked my tongue rapidly back and forth lashing the underside of his head with the top of my tongue and the top of his cock with the underside.

Tommy reacted at once! He started losing flaccidity, and his hands took possession of his cock with an urgency that made me think he was going to wank himself, but he only cradled it gently. "Oh Michi, that was so intense the pleasure was almost painful," Tommy said, "I'm sensitive there, but even more so after I've been fucking. That is the sweetest torture..."

Smiling evilly now, I told Tommy that I would remember that and use it sometime when he wasn't expecting it. Looking down at his cock, I noticed it was not losing the partial erection it had gained during its tongue lashing, so I told him to watch me and Fiona.

As he sat up, I turned around and crawled over to Fi, giving him a wonderful view of my departing stern.

Once I reached her, I gently parted her knees and crawled between her thighs until I could comfortably drink her and Tommy's cum juices. Before I started, I took a look around and saw that everybody was watching with great interest. Tina and Tommy had moved closer and taken vantage points to either side of Fi's body and Fiona had raised herself onto her elbows. Getting seriously hot at the thought of three pairs of eyes watching me perform cunnilingus on my eldest sister, I smiled then dipped my tongue into the laden honey pot before my face.

Fi, who had obviously been thinking seriously of what was to come, moaned softly as I made contact with her outer lips. As my tongue dipped in and out of Fi, and explored the rest of her vulva, her moans increased and were joined by Tommy's as Tina and Fiona had begun passionately kissing each other and caressing each other's breasts. When I placed my mouth over her pussy, she squeezed and a small mouthful of juices from deep inside her trickled into my mouth. As I kept exploring her with my tongue and she and Tina were turning each other on at her other end, I felt her shudder into an orgasm, releasing Tina's mouth to moan loudly before collapsing back down onto the sand with a happy smile on her face.

When I looked at Tommy, I saw a broad smile at the show we had put on to get him hard for me, and much better, his fully engorged cock standing proud. "There are just so many positions," I said, "and I want to try them all, but if you don't mind Tommy, I'd like to sit in your lap while you prod me to climax and play with my body like it was a toy."

"Oh Michi, when your turn came around, all I could think of was last Saturday when Tina was ordering you to be used for my pleasure. I know it turned you on, but it turned me on so much that for the first time since I was sixteen I was able to cumm three times in half an hour!"

Laughing, I leaned over and kissed him deeply on the mouth to show that he turned me on just the right way. "I'm glad Tina is prepared to share you with us Tommy. It would be terrible for our relationship as sisters if I tried to take you from her, something I would never do," I finished, looking at Tina seriously to let her know I meant it.

Tina smiled and said, "Hey there is, count 'em, one guy in this whole damned small town that doesn't drag his knuckles when he walks! If I was greedy and tried to keep him for myself, I think I'd deserve to lose him to any predatory sister who wanted him."

I answered, "Tina, remind me to kiss you later and tell you how much I love you!"

As I climbed onto Tommy's lap, I felt his manhood pressing into a pussy that had been wet and ready for him since Tina had first straddled him. Wrapping my legs around his waist and snuggling close, I whispered, "Tommy, last Saturday, when Tina pinned my arms behind my back and exposed me to you was the hottest experience I have ever had. Being made to be your sex toy made me so horny that I would have done anything to please you had Tina ordered it. Please, honey, please use me as your toy. Make me an object you use for your own pleasure!"

As I was telling Tommy this, I could feel my first orgasm building inside me. When he lifted his knees and pushed me back onto his thighs to use my body as a play centre, it hit like a bolt of lightning making my whole body shudder on his pole.

Smiling, he gently tweaked my nipples and played with my breasts while I massaged his cock with my pussy muscles, alternately clenching and loosening them and tensing from deep inside up to the base of his cock. "My God, that feels sooo good," Tommy gasped, "how did a virgin learn to do that?"

"Cybering with a vibrator inside me honey, lots of cybering with a vibrator inside me, solo practice and squirmy fun with Tina and Fi!" I told him through the pink mists of my bliss.

Realizing that if I played my cards right I could get another one, maybe two more cumms out of Tommy's nearly juiceless, but still hard, cock was finally spent for the morning I slowed and gentled the workout he was getting from my vaginal muscles.

As he played with my pussy and my pussy played with his cock and Fiona and Tina watched smiling, I started to feel my second climax building. Tommy's breathing was becoming more rapid as I clenched my muscles on his cock each time I slowly sank onto it. The stimulation on this for both of us was driving Tommy wild and sending shuddering waves of pleasure through me. Suddenly he leaned forward and pulled me to him, smothering my face with kisses and making strained moaning noises. As my new climax was radiating out from my pussy to all of my body, he stiffened and let out a long, sustained groan before we both settled in an exhausted embrace.

Gently kissing me, Tommy whispered, "Michi, you and your sisters are the best thing ever to happen to me. Please, please don't get tired of me."

"Don't worry darling, I have the feeling that we're all going to be together for a long, long time," I told him.

"Hey, everybody!" Fiona suddenly yelled, "Let's have some refreshments and have a bit of a swim to get our strength back. After all, we've got the whole day ahead of us!"

Still in Tommy's arms I laughed, "No Sis, we've got a lot more than just that!"

Not even close to The End

Man has his will, but woman has her way.
- Oliver Wendell Holmes

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