Michi's First Time

By Michelle Thomas

This is my first story.
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When I first got the Internet back in August of 1997, one of the first sites I discovered was a certain chat room. It was divided into Teen, Adult and General rooms. Having just turned 18, the adult section was the first place I went. Out of the four chat rooms available, the Bedroom looked the most exciting, so I typed my handle and entered.

How interesting... It was full of people, paired up (mostly) man and woman, describing what they imagined doing with each other! Reading the messages and looking at the pictures someone was posting was making me very, very horny.

I quickly got into the 'swing' of cyber-sex, as I learned it was called, and became an avid fan.

I introduced my two sisters to cybering and we often stimulated each other while we were cyber-screwing.

One Saturday morning when my parents and eldest sister were out for the day and my other sister was out and not expected home until lunch time, I stripped down to just a pair of socks and got onto the Internet. It didn't take very long to meet a guy and start cybering. He got really turned on when I told him I was almost naked! We had been cybering for about fifteen minutes when I suddenly became aware that I was no longer alone - my sister had come home and brought a friend with her, a boy!

He was staring at me bug-eyed as I quickly tried to cover myself with my hands.

"If you don't do what I tell you, I'm telling Mum and Dad on you!" Tina said, walking around behind me and grabbing my wrists. She pulled my hands away from my front and held them behind me so that her boy friend, Tommy, could see my body. As I struggled to free myself, my legs opened giving him a good look at everything I had. Hearing Tina laughing at my plight, and seeing Tommy's pants bulging as he feasted his eyes on my helpless nakedness, I started getting hot again.

"Please don't tell!" I cried, "What do you want me to do?"

"Just do what you're told and it'll be okay," she replied.

I stopped struggling and sat there, fully exposed. Tina asked Tommy if he had ever seen a girl like this before and he shook his head a little, never taking his eyes off me.

"Come closer and have a good look," she told him, "kneel down in front of her and look all you want. You can touch her, too!"

Tina was still holding my hands behind my back as Tommy knelt down and moved my knees apart to stare at my wet pussy. His smile got even bigger as he moved his hands from my knees along my inner thighs to my pussy, then up towards my breasts. While he was playfully pinching my nipples and jiggling my breasts, Tina asked him to stand up.

We could both see the bulge in his pants from his now hard cock and Tina asked if he'd like me to make him feel really good.

"Oh yes, please," he answered.

Tina released my hands and told me to kneel in front of Tommy, undo his pants and to suck on his cock. I'd sucked on many cocks in cyber-space, but this was the first time I was going have a real live stiff cock, let alone suck on one. Being held helpless and exposed to Tommy's hungry eyes and hands had raised me to a level of sexual arousal I had never attained before, so I slid off the chair, knelt down and, with trembling hands, took down his pants and briefs.

Released from its confinement, his cock stood proud in front of my face, with a little drop of clear pre-cumm at the tip. Remembering what I had learned while watching other people have cyber-sex and what I did myself I cupped his balls in one hand and, using the other, guided his cock towards my mouth.

With some nervousness, I reached out with my tongue and touched it to the tip of his cock. I was amazed to find it had a very subtle flavour, not at all the saltiness I had expected. Continuing to fondle his balls, I took his cock fully into my mouth and explored the length of it with my tongue. Looking up, I saw a wonderful look of ecstasy on his face as he watched me pleasuring him.

Truly hot now, I sucked and licked him until I felt his body stiffen and his cock start to throb. Suddenly my mouth was filling with a hot, vaguely salty liquid. His hands were holding my head now as he fucked his cock hard into my mouth, while I drained the last drops from him. Still holding his now collapsing cock in my mouth, I swallowed his cumm, then licked his cock again to make sure I had got it all, before releasing him.

"Very good!" said Tina, clapping her hands gleefully. "Now we had better do something about you. When Tommy's dick is hard again, I think I'll let him fuck you. Would you like that, sister dear?"

Still kneeling, I looked up into Tommy's eyes and said, "I do believe I would, Sis."

Leaning down to feel the wetness of my pussy, she told me to lay down on the floor and let Tommy watch me play with myself until he was hard again. Tommy and Tina stood holding hands and watching me as I explored my body with my fingers, tweaking my nipples, pressing my clit and fingering myself, moaning softly, being turned on incredibly by having an audience. As they watched, I saw Tommy's cock starting to rise again and I knew it wouldn't be long before I felt the first cock to enter my still virgin pussy.

When his cock was fully erect again, Tina put her hand on it and told him that he could fuck me whenever he wanted. Smiling broadly, he knelt between my thighs and lowered himself onto me.

"No!" Tina said, "I want Michi to be on top."

Changing places, I knelt astride Tommy and, reaching behind to guide his cock, lowered myself onto him. When he was fully inside me, I started gently grinding my hips and working his cock with my pussy muscles. Watching his face as he feasted his eyes on my body, I took his hands and guided them to my breasts. As our climaxes began to build, he alternated between fondling my breasts and caressing my body. When he brought his knees up for better penetration, I lowered my face to his and kissed him passionately.

As I felt my orgasm building to its peak, Tommy's body suddenly stiffened, he gave a strained kind of grunt and flooded my pussy with his juices again. Because it was his second cumm in less than 30 minutes, he didn't squirt much but it seemed to me that his orgasm was more intense the second time.

"Well boys and girls, wasn't that fun?" said Tina, as Tommy and I held each other in post-coital bliss. We both chuckled as she told me there was just one more thing to do before I could be a free woman again. "I want you to collect all of your cumm juices in your hand, then lick it clean!" Tina told me. "Then you can lick Tommy's cock clean and thank us both!"

The taste of our mixed juices from my pussy and the anticipation of tasting them on Tommy's cock kept me hot until it was time to kneel before him again. They both watched in fascination as my hand went from my pussy to my lips again and again, while I was getting hotter and hotter. As I knelt before Tommy again and took his cock into my mouth, I fingered my clit to another orgasm while his cock stiffened in my mouth. I kept sucking him until I felt him stiffen again and one tiny drop of cumm oozed out. After I had cleaned that from his cock, I stood up and faced Tina.

"Thank you very much Sis, I owe you a great debt of gratitude for not telling Mum and Dad what I was doing. And, thank you, Tommy for being the first person to slide a cock inside me. I hope you enjoyed me as much as I enjoyed serving you this morning."

Laughing, Tommy got dressed, gave my nipples a final squeeze, patted my pussy and whispered, "Thank you, Michi!"

Having had sex for real has certainly made my cybering more exciting, both for me and my partners!

That was only the first time my sister made of me a sex toy, but telling you about that will have to wait for later...

He in a few minutes ravished this fair creature, or at least would have ravished her, if she had not, by a timely compliance, prevented him.
- Henry Fielding

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