I'm a young Spanish economics student so maybe this text is not as good as I Expected (especially in the vocabulary). My name is Jorge Garcia and my e-mail is Mamolajg@mailcity.com so I want readers to write me and share their opinion about my short story. Click Here to send comments to Jorge


by Jorge Garcia

I was in the city just to find my agent. We had just finished lunch when he informed me about the sales of my last book. Then I went in a pub in front of my hotel.

I looked like a shit yuppie by the way I was dressed and I needed a drink. But everything vanished when I saw her standing there. Her copper colored long hair, her Greek goddess body hidden behind her clothes and, yes, her big blue eyes, which looked sad. Her cheeks were wet so I assumed she had been crying. She was sitting in the bar drinking a whisky and I moved in and sat at her side. I stared up and down at her and I wondered how could a girl like this be so alone.

With a glass of whisky in my left hand I invited her to sit with me at a nearby table. She hadn't notice my presence and when she was going to refuse my invitation, not so politely as expected, her eyes found mine. She couldn't stand my view and accepted my invitation as if it was an order.

Let me explain who I am.

I'm Francis Sedley, Master and writer in my spare-time. My father was a surgeon and a Master also and he introduced me in S & M. My mother was his favorite Slave and she died when I was four years old. My father taught me all he could about bondage and I shared actively in sessions since I was fifteen. I shared them as an observer since I was eleven. I stopped experimenting with domination when I began university where I studied Spanish Literature, but when I ended my studies my father died in a car accident. He was dirty rich and I was his only inheritor. I got all his money, art, belongings dominance and otherwise and his magnificent Victorian village where he acted as the dominant Master.

When I went to the mansion there were four of his Slaves living there; three females and one black male. The man was a gift for a friend and worked as a caretaker since my father didn't like men sexually. They were confused after their Master's death and they received me as their new Master. That was two years ago.

Well, she sat in front of me looking into my eyes, I thought, wondering how could she be in such situation. I dried her cheeks with my hand and I licked away her teardrops. She was real astonished.

"Who are you?", she asked me.

"I'm your Master! I want you be my Slave." She broke to crying another time.

"What's the matter?", I asked." "I have just broken up with my fiancé." "I am very sorry ... but ... my question." "Are you serious about the ... what did you say ... Slave?" "Yes, what do you think?" "I don't know anything about it." "I'll teach you. I promise you an extraordinary life, plenty of sexual experiences. You will enjoy the fine line between pleasure and pain."

"I won't say,, but if I did could I leave whenever I want?", she asked sheepishly. "Yes, of course, but I don't know anybody who would want to leave. I can give you a wonderful life. You will beg to stay as I will beg you a little patience.

"Where would I live? How should I pay for it?"

"You will live in my mansion, a Victorian house in the countryside. You will be Mistress of the house and won't pay for anything. Instead, you will have a generous allowance."

"I hardly couldn't believe what was happening. How could a girl like me, someone with no money or friends, accept your proposal?"

"Just say yes and come with me. You can leave whenever you want and I promise you I will learn."

"Tell me a little of your life, my little Slave?"

"I'm 23 years old, my name is ..."

"Wait ... your name is the one that I will give to you. Let me think ... the first name in my mind is goddess, but it isn't a name for a Slave. The "My name is Carrot, Master", she said laughingly.

"OK, Carrot, tell me some more of your story."

"I'm an economist. I finished my studies last year and I haven't been able to find a job. I'm out of money and don't know what to do. That's why I was crying earlier. My fiancée left me alone", she whimpered as she finished her whisky and asked for another glass, which I bought promptly. "I met Art, my fiancé, at the University. I live alone in a rented forty square meter apartment. I can hardly pay my rent, now. My future is as gloomy as can be."

"Not if you come with me, little Carrot."

"I trust you ... I will come with you. By the way, what's your name?

"My name is ... Master, you won't forget it, will you.

"I won't. I won't, Master.", Carrot said sternly. "I won't, Master", she repeated.

"You already sound like an obedient Slave. What about your sexual life?", I asked.

Carrot blushed and her face turned the same color of her hair. I noticed she was getting a little drunk. "I never talk about it before, Master.", she answered.

"You will have no secrets from your Master."

"I can't say it's been an interesting life so far. I lost my virginity during my last year in high school. I didn't enjoy it at all. During my time at the university I had four different lovers but I think I never reached a true orgasm with any man."

"And with ... was his name Art?"

"I had splendid times with him but he was really selfish."

"Selfish ... Master.", I commanded.

"Yes ... selfish ... Master", she replied.

"Have you ever reached a true orgasm for your own?"

"Are you talking about ...", she stopped whispering and looked around, " ... masturbation, Master?"

"Yes I'm."

I haven't masturbated myself for more than five years."

"Have you ever been ass fucked?"

"No ... never!", she answered with a hint of anger. "You're beginning to scare me", she said blushing even more than before ... " ... Master ..."

"You're less than a virgin; you've got a lot to learn. Let's begin ... Now ... Pull the panties down, Slave", I ordered.

"What ... Here ... do you say? Here!", Carrot questioned.

I nodded affirmatively. Carrot, sitting on the chair, leaned over and pulled her panties down over her thighs to the edge of her mini-skirt. She paused as I sternly looked into her eyes. She continued and removed the panties completely. "Hand them to me under the table.", I commanded. "Yes, Master", she hardly whispered, leaning toward me and placing the soft undies into my hand. As I rubbed them I noticed they were moist. She couldn't look in my eyes and the blush was still in her face. I hardly could avoid shouting her nakedness but I control myself.

"Look at me, Slave. Can you see these wet panties", I asked holding the undies so she could see them."

"Yes, Master."

"It's the last time you will see or wear panties, my Slave. Now, get up and go to the bar. Kneel down as if you were tying your shoe laces and show me your pussy."

"But ... Please, Master!", she pleaded.

"Don't make me order it twice!"

Carrot obeyed and I could clearly see her round ass cheeks and her pussy open as she bent over. I could feel her excitement and when she got back I smell her intense and woman scent. "When you are completely trained you will do exactly what I command. I could order you to suck any cock or lick any pussy in here, do you understand, Slave?"

"Yes, Master ... I do."

"Come with me, my little Carrot?", I said, extending my hand. She took my hand and we left. Carrot walked a step behind and whispered, "Yes, I will, Master. I feel very secure with you. Can I tall you ... I'm more excited than I have ever been."

And more drunk I thought wickedly.

We had gone through a bottle of whisky, of which she drank the most. As we walked out I use her panties as a napkin, wiping my mouth and smelling her strong scent. When we entered into the hotel lobby the receptionist frowned. I gave him a generous tip and we went up to my suite. She was so drunk by then that I let her sleep in her own bed in the guestroom. I spent part of the night thinking of what to do with her that afternoon.

The next day I looked through my tool-kit which I had brought since I was on a business trip. The only sexual item I had was a vibrator, which I had bought the day before as a souvenir. Carrot was in a deep sleep when I ordered room service, asking for juice and vegetables, especially asking for a carrot. An hour and a half later I woke her up.

I went to the guestroom and shook my Slave. "Go to bath and clean yourself and I will meet you in my bed, my sleeping Beauty Carrot", I whispered as she rolled over facing me. I left the room immediately.

In about twenty minutes she entered my rook with a towel wrapped around her lovely figure. "Remove the towel and come over here", I ordered. she let the cloth drop to the floor and approached, the bed completely excited and nude. "Give me your stockings, Slave and lie on the bed."

I tied her wrists to the bed head rest with one stocking and spread her legs, tying one to the bottom post with her other stocking and the second with the sash to my robe. She was spread eagle and half-incorporated.

"What ... a beauty ring?", I questioned ... shouting when I saw a piercing in her belly button. I played with it, licking her stomach and around her belly-button ring. "When did you pierce your naval, Slave?"

"When I met Art", she answered, "it excited him a lot. Now it's a part of me. Does it bother you, Master?"

"No, Slave", I answered noticing the tattoo on her right ankle, a little dolphin into a broken heart.

+Spread your thighs, Slave", I commanded as she tried to spread wider but it wasn't enough for me. I caressed her thighs and little by little I spread her legs a few extra centimeters. I missed a rope to secure her knees and spread them wide open! But, she was helpless and I caressed her wet labia and she began to moan.

"Shut up ... Slave ... or I will gag you!"

Carrot tried not to moan but it seemed absolutely impossible for her as I slid a finger into her pussy and teased her cunt. It got moistened with her juices placed it to her lips, making her lick her own cum.

"Do you like it, Slave?"

"Yes I do, Master", she whimpered, her eyes wide open in fright or wonderment? I picked up the vibrator and I showed it to her.

"See this, Slave?"

"Yes ... Master."

"I will stick the whole of it into your pussy. Tell me ... 'I want you to fuck me with the vibrator, Master.'"

"I want you to fuck me with the vibrator, Master.", she repeated calmly. I turned on the tool and pushed it into her cunt real slowly, enjoying her changing face. She gasped as a fool as I picked up the carrot from the vegetable trey. I pushed the carrot into her cunt next to the vibrating dildo and her juices glistened on the orange surface. "You had got it, Slave.", I said holding the dripping carrot in front of her mouth. "Open your mouth", I commanded, proceeding to stick the carrot into her mouth until she gagged as it went into her throat. "hold this with your teeth and don't let it fall out or you'll really be sorry.", I said, pushing the vibrator in and out of her dripping pussy.

Her body began to shake and her juices were soaking the bed, I had never seen a cunt with so much cum. I had never seen a cunt that wet. While my left hand was securing the dildo into her cunt I picked up a razor with my right one. "Say good-bye to your pubic hair, my little Carrot.", I said as she mumbled, holding the carrot in her teeth. "I forget, you can't talk while you're sucking the carrot", I said laughingly.

I dry shaved her pubic hair. It was difficult because her crotch was in permanent motion as she enjoyed the vibrator in her gut. Her copper colored pubic hair was real long and curly and each tuft I shaved, each curl of her pubic hair dropped over her naked body. "What a beauty pussy you have, Carrot. It deserves an altar", I said dragging the razor over the clean lips. I know she wanted me to fuck her but she wasn't worthy enough to receive me as yet. I pulled up the carrot from her mouth and I ate it as I moved the vibrating plastic prick deep into her open hole. "Slave, you have not reached your orgasm yet. I will tell you when."

"I haven't, Master. I think I'm real near, Master.

I left the vibrator in her and finished the carrot as I went to the Carrot pulled at her bonds as the cube in her pussy melted and I touched different parts of her body with the two in my hands. She was screaming now as I switched off the vibrator and I pulled it out from her cunt. With the third ice cube I began to caress her body that reacted to the freezing touch. "CUM NOW", I shouted as she writhed on the bed, the ice cube in her cunt, the contrast between her hot vulcano pussy and the iceberg was so drastic she came in great convolutions.

"Do you want me to fuck you Slave?", I commanded.

"Yes I want my Master."

"If you're a good Slave, it won't be long. So far, you aren't worthy enough to deserve the great honor of your Master's fucking."

"Please ... Master.

"Don't beg to much. I have enjoyed your orgasm as much as you have. I don't want you to forget your purpose. You exist, only to please me. Would you please me with all your soul and body?"

"I would, Master."

I kissed her lips, pushing my tongue into her sucking mouth. I rubbed her smooth shaven cunt and fingered her wet pussy until she came another time. Her cum dripped from her cunt as I fingered her with two fingers, pushing my cum soaked thumb into her ass hole. For hours, Carrot pulled at her bonds as I finger fucked her cunt and ass. Finally, she could pull no longer and the collapsed, laying in the puddle and fell asleep.

We spent the night together in my bed but I didn't fuck her. I kept her tied and, from time to time, I fingered whatever opening happened to please me.

The next day she will come with me to my Victorian house and I will show her my dungeon.

Tomorrow will be another day.

For Carrot, tomorrow will be the first day of the rest of her life.

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