Measuring up

By: Anonymous

I'm now convinced that everyone should take a mental health day at least once a month. I took one this month and it turned out to be one of the highlights of my life. Let me explain...

My wife Sandra asked me if I had any plans for the Friday I'd decided to take off as a mental health day. Since I hadn't even thought about it, she suggested we go to her girlfriend Pam's for a coffee. Out of sheer boredom, I agreed. When we got there at around 9:00 am, her best friend was delighted to see us. "What's the big deal?" I asked, sitting down at the table.

"Since little Julie started going to school every morning, I don't know what to do with myself. The house seems so...empty." She pranced around the kitchen the whole time in her tiny, cut-off T-shirt and likewise tiny cut-off jeans. I swear she was teasing me on purpose, affording me Sandra was flipping non-chalantly through a magazine she'd found on the table while Pam's flirting was taking place. Then, for the next 10 minutes that it took for the coffee to brew, the two girls traded small talk. I was sort of left to my own devices, so to speak, but I spent the time well. Trying not to be obvious, I let my eyes roam over Pam's lush body, mentally caressing each and every sweet, luscious curve.

Just after Pam served up the coffee, Sandra blurted out, "Oh, here's a good article! The Myth Behind the Penis. It says here that contrary to popular belief, the average size of an erect penis is only 6 inches." We all had a chuckle over that one. "What are you laughing at?" Pam asked me, an impish grin on her face. Sandra came to my rescue. "He knows he has more than that." she smiled and reached over to affectionately pat my crotch. "Let's find out for sure and measure it," Pam added, "I'll go get Bob's measuring tape." Before we could protest, she went downstairs to her husband's workshop.

After wiping up the coffee I'd choked on, I incredulously demanded, "Are you guys nuts?" "Come on," Sandra cajoled, "are you afraid you might not measure up?" "No! I just think it's crazy." "Look, I don't mind if Pam sees your pride and joy, so why should you?" She had me there, but still, I was more than a little nervous. "Stand up over there," my wife directed, pointing to the only uncluttered wall in the dining room. I obeyed and just then, Pam returned with the tape measure.

Both girls pulled up a chair on either side and Sandra reached over and unzipped my fly. When she unbuttoned my jeans, my semi-rigid tool nearly jumped right out at her. "Well," Pam slyly smiled, "I guess it shouldn't be too hard to measure that. Looks like it's already standing at attention!" "It gets bigger yet," Sandra said and, grabbing my shorts and jeans in both hands, unceremoniously yanked them down around my ankles. My twitching penis sprang out like the aerial on a car, eliciting a gasp of surprise from her girlfriend. "Not bad," she said, brandishing her measuring tape.

"Not so fast," Sandra admonished, brushing her hands aside. "Just to be fair about this, we really should make sure it's fully erect." "Yeah," I agreed, wondering how they were going to accomplish that. I got my answer right away. Sandra took my flagging erection in her warm hand and began pumping it up and down. "First, we stimulate the subject," she said, acting serious. "I know what comes next," Pam added. "What's that?" I managed to squeak out; the immense pleasure of having my cock stroked in front of two women was making my knees weak. I leaned back against the wall and watched the clinical examination continue with an odd sense of detachment.

"Step up the stimulation," Pam explained, like one scientist discussing an experiment with a colleague. Then, to both my surprise and that of my wife, her girlfriend leaned forward in her chair and swallowed the bulging head of my pulsating cock. Her full lips closed hungrily around my meat while Sandra continued stroking the hard shaft. I nearly fainted! Pam's nimble fingers gently squeezed my sagging balls and Sandra had to relinquish her grip when her lovely accomplice worked her mouth downwards, shoving inch after inch into her throat.

I just wanted to close my eyes in bliss, but I couldn't tear them away from Pam's bobbing head. Sandra, now with nothing better to do, helped me kick off my jeans and shorts while I shrugged out of my shirt. I spread my legs further, forcing Pam to kneel in front of me, since she couldn't reach from her chair any longer. She did move to one side though, and Sandra quickly filled the gap, somehow insinuating her head in enough to lick my balls. If I died right then and there, I would've died a happy man!

All of a sudden, Sandra sat up, grabbed the measuring tape off the table and pulled Pam away from my crotch. "Hey!" I protested, "don't stop now!" "Be quiet, Brian," Sandra scolded, "we've got work to do." She placed one end of the tape against my groin and Pam held it there. "Eight and one-half inches!" she proclaimed, pinching the other end on the tip of my blood-engorged cock. "See," she said proudly to her best friend, "I told you!" I couldn't help feeling a little pride myself, but I was also frustrated beyond belief.

"You're not just gonna leave me in this condition, are you?" I pleaded. "Our coffee's getting cold," my wife replied, sitting back down at the table across from Pam. "Fuck!" I exclaimed, starting to get angry now. "I can't believe you're doing this! What a pair of royal bitches!" "Oh, put on your pants, shut your mouth and sit down and drink your coffee." Sandra told me. "If you're a good boy, maybe later, we'll reward you. We've got all morning, yet."

What else could I do? I know it sounds lame, but for the chance at a menage-à-trois, I swallowed my pride and obeyed. The girls continued chatting as if nothing had happened while I sullenly pouted. Just because they were getting their way didn't mean I had to like it.

I started flipping through the still open magazine, since I was being ignored anyway. "Hey, check this out," I interrupted, swinging the magazine around for them to see. "It's an ad for something called 'The Licker'." "What the hell is it?" Pam asked, curiously. "Says here it's some kind of vibrator-dildo that imitates oral sex for women. 'Designed by women...for women'." I laughed. Sandra leaned over for a quick glance. "Don't need one," she told Pam, "Brian here can beat the fuck outta any old toy."

"Good," she replied, "Can I borrow him?" "Right now?" "Sure. That little measuring stunt a while ago had me almost dripping." "Why not," Sandra offered, "I don't think you'll get much of an argument from him." I viewed this short exchange with more than a little shock and a ton of excitement. It was time to take control, I thought to myself. "Where would you like to be serviced, ma'am," I asked, hitching up my jeans like a May Tag repairman. "Right here on the table, young man," she answered.

I watched in awe as Pam peeled off her skimpy shorts. She wasn't wearing anything under them and my cock pulsed at the sight of the furry mound between her muscular thighs. She crawled I gently parted the flowery petals of Pam's labia, exposing her heated inner-core. Lowering my head, my tongue lapped eagerly at her cunt, slipping every now and then into her vagina. Her thighs trembled with delight as I licked up and down her slippery gash, flicking her clitoris at one end and probing her tight hole at the other. Her sighs and moans of pleasure filled the room, mingling with the slurping noises coming from between her legs.

I ate Pam's incredibly delicious pussy for almost 15 minutes. She was beginning to work up a sweat when I finally decided to take her home. I centred on the swollen bud of her clit and sucked it into my mouth. Both girls gasped aloud as I flicked her button against my teeth with my tongue. I knew she was getting close, her quivering thighs squeezed tight around my head, her ass lifting off the table as she strained to pull me inside her. I made my judgement and abruptly stood up. "Well," I grinned, "that's that!"

"WHAT!" Pam and Sandra both shrieked in anguish. "You can't stop now!" Calmly sipping my lukewarm coffee, I alternately looked them both in the eye. "Oh, now where have I heard that phrase before? Touché!" "You win, alright?!" Pam panted. She climbed off the table, grabbed my hand and dragged me towards her bedroom. "Come-on, you bastard! You're not finished yet! The deal was satisfaction guaranteed. And I ain't satisfied yet!""Neither am I!" Sandra announced, following us into the bedroom.

I laughed as both girls fairly tore my clothes off along with their own. Sandra pushed me back on the bed, climbing up my prone body. Straddling my head with her thighs, she lowered her twat down onto my face. "Get to work!" she ordered impatiently. Again, I obeyed, thrilled to have one of my many fantasies come true. As I dug into Sandra's box lunch, Pam climbed on board, clasped my stiff poker in her hot hands and promptly impaled herself on it. She sighed with exaggerated relief, my iron-hard cock embedded deeply in her churning cunt.

Meanwhile, my fingers sank into Sandra's ass cheeks, gripping tightly as she ground her pelvis against my face. I tongue-fucked her deep and hard, thrusting up into her wet tunnel just like I was thrusting my hips at Pam. She was bucking and moaning in ecstasy, riding the baloney-pony to heaven and back. Her squat thrusts became so violent, trying to sink my steely pole deeper still, that the whole bed was bouncing around, banging noisily on the wall. What a fuck!

Oddly enough(since she'd received the least attention), it was Sandra who came first. Her thighs clamped solidly shut on my ears and her sopping muff threatened to smother me. Only after the last earth-shaking tremor spasmed through her body did she roll off and lay exhausted on the bed Pam convulsed one final time and then collapsed on the side of the bed opposite Sandra. I just lay there for a second, my throbbing hard-on still sticking up like a flag-pole. I got up on my knees and lay a hand on Sandra's thigh. "Don't even think about it," she snapped, "you rubbed me raw with those whiskers of yours. Go away!" Instead, I rolled Pam over on her stomach, lifted her fantastic ass up in the air so she was kneeling (sort of...her face was still buried in a pillow), and entered her from behind.

My aching prong slid easily into Pam's soaked hole. My hands gripping her lovely hips again, I stroked into her, gradually picking up the pace until I was virtually ramming her into the mattress. She cried out and bit her lip, her whole body shivering from the force of my strokes. After what seemed like hours, but was probably only minutes, I felt the jism building in my heavy balls. By now, the sweat was pouring off my tired body and my lungs heaved with the effort.

Suddenly, my cock spurted a load of burning cream into her clutching pussy, splashing against the far wall of her vagina. My hands were on either side of her on the bed as I drove home one last time, sheathing my spasmodic sword-of-love in Pam's over-worked scabbard. I fell atop her and slowly rolled over to lay on my side, gasping for breath.

The three of us didn't move much for almost half an hour, trying desperately to regain some energy. Finally, Pam looked over me at Sandra. "I must've cum at least three or four times! Wow... is all I can say!" "Don't say I didn't tell you," my wife retorted, "the guy is a regular fucking machine. You see my problem? He wants to do that every waking hour! He'd fuck me to death if I let him!" "Maybe I can help," Pam suggested. "Yes...Yes...YES!!!" I silently screamed in my head, "My prayers have been answered!!" "How about loaning Brian out to me whenever he gets the urge and you don't feel like it? It's not like it'll be that often since Bob and I have a tough enough time getting together in the same place at the same time without any kids hanging around."

With undying gratitude, I listened intently as my wife and her best friend made their sleazy little deal. I didn't even care if I had no say in the matter....