by Dungeonmaster

For men and women alike, masturbation refers to self-stimulation of one's genitals for sexual pleasure.

Many of the negative attitudes about masturbation prevail in our society and they are born in the early religious view that, having babies is the only legitimate reason for sex. In this context, masturbation does not result in conception, therefor it is wrong.

But, there is no better way to discover your anatomy and sexual desires than by masturbating!

Everyone is a unique. "GOING SOLO", as masturbation is sometimes referred, will teach you what feels good to YOU! This is a self-pleasing experience. Understanding your own sexual desires will let you explore, experiment, relax, please and satisfy yourself. Once you understand yourself you may learn to satisfy others.

If you cruise the Internet you will find stories, poetry, jokes, photos, drawing and cartoons, all of which feature masturbation in one form or another. The saying, "experimentation is the spice of life", is nowhere more true than in the art of self-gratification through masturbation. All of the toys, the stories, the hopes, the prayers and the desires are related in some way to "playing with yourself". How can you expect to tell your partner what you like ... if you don't know yourself?

Masturbation Teaches.

Your body is a wonderful thing and playing with yourself is not bad, will not grow hair on your palm, will not lead you to the Devil and will not perform miracles. But ... it is a lot of fun. What masturbation will do is teach you how to give yourself the most amount of pleasure from sex. Toys, stories, essays, poetry, photos, videos or just your imagination can enhance or add a new dimension to self-sexual gratification. Looking at the sunset can be a sexual experience if your hand is in the right place doing the right things.


Try enhancing your own pleasure before you try teaching your partner. Toys are fun but you will increase your chances of success by playing with them alone before you use them with others. Playing with a toy, or practicing new techniques alone, will reduce the chance of performance anxiety, frustration or disappointment. If you're buying a toy, play with it alone, get accustomed to the feel, excitement and method of most pleasure.

Alone, you're responsible for no one other than yourself. You are free to masturbate slowly or quickly, soft or rough, pleasant or tough. You are able to give yourself the time, the patience and the permission to gain the ultimate level of sexual orgasm. Once you've discovered the secrets to your own sexuality you can better find a way to please others.


Masturbation is good if you want to break through some sexual barriers, which deny complete sexual fulfillment. If you are pre-orgasmic you may want to masturbate regularly, as a means of control. If you have a problem achieving a complete sexual experience there are a number of techniques where you stop and start masturbating prior to ejaculation.

Every time you masturbate you are learning more about yourself as a sexual individual. If you believe you can only be sexual when with a partner, you're missing out on an entirely satisfying, fulfilling and fun part of life.

Self Inflicted Sexual Pain

While self-abuse seems absurd to some it is more common place than one would think. Pain is given and received in abundance in many societies and by many individuals. One of the best ways to understand pain, and your tolerance, is to abuse yourself. Putting a giant dildo in your ass, banding your cock with metal rings, is painful to some and joy to others. It is important to discover your desire for pain before one gives up control.


There's no pattern, which establishes "normal" frequency. Some people masturbate several times a day and feel fine. Some masturbate once a week and are wracked with guilt. Most health professionals feel that masturbation does not harm physical health and is a normal part of personal sexual development. Most agree that masturbation does not cause insanity, perversion, impotence or infertility. Masturbation can reflect psychological disturbances, but, so eating, not eating or any other behavior. Masturbation itself is a normal, commonly practiced, sexual activity. If the frequency of your masturbation is of concern or if it interferes with aspects of your life, seek professional help.