By Lisa "Morning" Star

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I woke up in a room. I could feel the presence though it seemed my eyes were restricted in sight. The feel of the blindfold was silky. My body began to tense as I felt pressure on my naked ass. I tried to move, only to find that my hands were restrained by something that seem to cradle the skin it touched. I tested my legs. To my amazement they were free. My legs came together and I felt my bare legs touching one another. I was naked, laying on something soft. A mattress ... a comforter ... I couldn't be sure.

I recalled being out on a blind date. Yes that was it. Hadn't he taken me home?

I felt something on my thighs ... cool like ice. My legs felt tingly, and shaky, as they slowly spread apart. There was this voice, deep and masculine.

"Good slave ... " The voice was so far away that it sounded as if in another room. The person could not have been touching me. A hand moved up the inside of my thighs, firmly and surely spreading my legs further apart. I felt the coldness moving towards my cunt.

The inside of my pussy was contracting the muscles were getting tense. It was there in my pussy cold ... freezing. Yet ... it was so titillating. I knew by the feel ... and the melting ... it had to be a cube of ice in my most tender of holes. I screamed at the shock. My screams were cut off by a resounding sound through the air and the sting of a whip on my back. The wind chilling my neck as strap passed.

A hand was on my pussy, spreading my lips. I relaxed my legs, while my cunt dripped cum into the hands of this unknown being. Something stiff started wiggling inside my gaping hot cunt. A cock ... a dildo ... I wasn't sure.

The feeling would stop ... methodically continue ... then a blow cool air into my cunt. I feel the fingers slipping into my ass hole, sending my pussy forward onto the unknown object in my dripping cunt. I felt a weak moan escape my lips. Another whip, this one was harder .. much harder ... I felt the sting on my ass. I would not disobey again. Now ... I feel someone clamping ... something to my nipples. The pain races through my breast while my pussy is writhing with ecstasy. It doesn't hurt badly, but I asked "Why?".

I heard the sound, "Why ... what?"

I did not understand, so I remained silent.

"WHY ... WHAT!!!", I heard the husky voice shout. Quickly I tried to think of ... anything.

"Why are you doing this?"

Another whip, this one cutting into my skin. I could feel droplets of blood forming.

"If you don't want avoid another lick ... you will address me as MASTER ... Understood?"

"Yes ... Master!"

The fingers came out of my ass, and the object was removed from my pussy. I could feel my legs being stretched outwards by strong hands. There was a different swish as a paddle landed firmly across my ass.

"Yes ... Master" I cried.

The tears were running down my cheeks and I could not stop them.

"Your lesson is over ... for now." This time it was a female voice.

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