By Jason

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John and I had gone over the plan at least a hundred times, planing for every contingency. Now we were less then an hour from executing the fantasy I had entertained for so long, sharing my wife with another man.

Though it sounds so simple, my wife wasn't into a three some and she was content with the hot sex that was natural for her that we would share. Annie is forty-three years old, has a fantastic body and hot in bed. She was due home in forty-five minutes so I made a comfortable place for John to hide in the living room closet. He was excited but nervous.

When Annie arrived, I quickly coaxed her into the bedroom I kissed her passionately and asked her to undress, shower and put on her finest lingerie. She knew it was playtime and I would be sucking her shortly. She was getting hot just thinking about it. When she was in her teddy and nylons she took her position on our bed. I came in the room and began to set the scene.

I gently blindfolded her and secured her hands to a belt attached to her waist. Next I secured her legs in such a manner that she was unable to close her thighs and was postured on her back with her legs spread ready for my tongue to start teasing her pussy. Lastly I put headphones on her playing the Doors, loud enough so she could not hear anything else. She was now bound, blind and deft to her surroundings. The scene was set.

As usual I started to lick her inside of her thighs leading to her moist cunt. She began to shutter and move her hips, inviting me to her pleasure zone. I stopped and went to the living room where I signaled John to quietly enter our bedroom. He sat down on the floor at the bottom of our bed where he was able to see my wifes pussy and her nipples sticking out of her half bra. I could see his cock was very hard. I began to suck her pussy making her moan with pleasure. She was already wet and getting hotter by the minute.

Well the first test was here. I signaled John who proceeded to take over my task sucking on my wifes clit. I looked to see if she could tell that a strange tongue had entered her pussy. She showed no sign of suspicion and appeared to be getting into the pleasure as John sucked directly on her clit. She began to thrust her mound up against John's face. I could see he was controlling himself resisting the desire to thrust his cock deep into her hot wet pussy.

With his hands caressing her, John let his tongue explore deep within her vagina. I could hear his breath increase in tempo as he was losing himself in my wives crotch, licking her from her ass hole too her clit. My wife cried out, as usually was the case, that she was close to coming. This meant she was ready too be fucked.

I motioned for John to back off and let me back in. I removed my clothes with my erect penis hard as hard as a rock. I began rubbing the head of my dick around the entrance to her cunt, teasing her to the point of begging for my cock. She was extremely hot, like an animal in heat. I motioned to John to get ready, he dropped his pants and underwear, and also removed his shirt. In a matter of seconds he was completely naked with his eight inch cock hard and stiff. He knew this was the second test, teasing my wife with his head of his dick as I had always done. I pulled back allowing John to position himslef between Annie's thighs. He start rubbing his pulsating cock all around her soft lips of her cunt. My wife was so hot she kept moaning for the cock; John would rub up and down her clit with his stiff prick driving her wildly passionate, as she would try to capture a cock slipping in her wet pussy. She did not know that it was a strange dick playing with her pussy.

I signaled for John to penetrate an inch, since he was frustrated as my wife. He was obviously exerting all his control, resisting the passion to stick her with his cock and fuck her like she needed. I signaled John to pull back and be ready for the next test. I went to the head of my bed and let my cock and balls hang over Annie's lips. She wildly licked my dick and balls. It felt so good. I could see John rubbing his cock and panting for her ruby cunt lips to take his noble dick, but I wouldn't let him at her. I next mounted her in a sixty-nine position and began to suck her crotch wildly. I could hear Annie breathing heavily as she licked my balls. When she started to beg me to fuck her I signaled John to come in between her legs as I continued to lick her cunt. I sucked hard on Annie's clit as John inserted two fingers into her pussy, driving her to the limit of her passion.

She was pleading for my dick, begging to be fucked. I looked at John and he was panting as his fingers invaded her pussy. His dick was purple; he was ready to mount and fuck my wife.

I sat upon her neck as I removed her bra and played with her tits. I was hot knowing that nothing could stop John from fucking her. My body weight holding down her upper body and her hips humping wildly while strapped securely open wide for me to indulge the pleasure of her hot moist cunt, as I continued to rub my cock over her nipples. John started staring at her pleasure dome and then he began to lick and smell Annie's pussy. He was like a male dog that had smelled the scent of a bitch in heat.

Suddenly John forcefully held my wives thighs and inserted his bulging cock deep and hard within my wifes cunt. The taste and aroma of my her pussy was too much for any man to resist. Annie suddenly realized that there were two men invading the privacy of her body she tried to resist by moving her pelvis in a jolting motion, only to suck Johns cock in deeper inside her wet cunt. She squirmed like a fish but to no avail. John just kept on humping her wildly and I knew she would give in eventually. There was no other choice since she was in heat and there was only one solution ... a stiff cock. I could hear her breathing becoming rapid. I positioned myself over Annie's face so my balls and cock covered her nose and lips. I could see her begin to lick and sniff my prick. Her rapid breathing was joined by hungry moans.

Annie began to lick my balls and shaft like a hungry bitch. She got so turned on that she began to hump aggressively against John's stiff shaft. Annie was all sex drive out of control. She was sucking on my dick and humping John who, with every thrust, was fucking his brains out, totally blowing his mind. I slipped her bra down revealing her ripe nipples I squeezed her tits. John was possessed by the lure of Annie's cunt and was now aroused by the lust of her breasts. He changed his position and mounted my wife so his face and hands were free to molest her tits. He was all over her body as he ripped her bra and panties off.

John was out of control and Annie loved it. In fact she tried to spread her legs wider as John pumped his dick deep within her cunt and she tolerated the pain and pleasure as her tits were squeezed. I shoved my cock into her mouth and she began to suck and take it deep into her throat. She was breathing and moaning like hot bitch dog.

Annie was a perfect specimen of a female human letting her nature and animal instincts prevail. It was a beautiful site being able to see Annie and John set up a rhythm, humping each other. John inserting his big cock in deep moans as Annie spread her thighs wide asking him to fuck her. I could tell they nearing their climax so I rolled them over on their side and positioned myself beside wife. I took my cock and pressed the head in front of her ass as she moaned and I slowly pushed into her rectum. I was all the way in and could fell John's dick penetrating my wife from her pussy entrance. I humped her ever so slowly as John pumped to a climax. My wife was now screaming, louder and louder, as John was chanting, oh ... no ... oh ... no.

I was beginning to hump Annie as deep and hard as I could. I reached around and grabbed her tits, holding on for dear life. It felt so good fucking my wife and feeling another cock thrusting within her pussy. I felt I was going to explode. I parted her lovely checks farther and began to hump aggressively. I could feel Annie s vagina pulsate as she started to cry out. Through the thin vail of skin, Johns dick was pumping sperm deep into Annie s cunt. I couldn't take any more as I lunged deep within her ass and exploded all that I had into her rear end. It was amassing!

I rolled Annie over on her back and John and I laid our heads on her breasts and touched her affectionately.

I wasn't finished I waited for a half-hour and figured she was ready to come again. I pulled out the old vibrator and tickled her pussy. I went down on her clit as I inserted the vibrator into her cunt. She began to respond and I felt like playing a role playing game. I removed her earphones and commanded her to ask permission if she could suck Jonh's cock.

" Sir may I suck your cock", she asked.

John got hard quick with this game and put his eight inches in her face. She started to lick his balls. This was a new experience with a strange dick.

I commanded her to give him her best blowjob. "Bitch I want you to suck our guest. Lick him from his ass to the head of his dick. Show him what a whore you are for his cock." John looked a little shocked but was getting off as his dick was being attended too. I sucked on her clit with the vibrator still deep in her pussy. She was getting off with her clit being sucked into my mouth.

"Take our guest's cock deep in your mouth. How does your pussy feel? Good? Suck his cock good, you bitch. Do you want some more cock?"

"Yes ... yes, please", she whispered.

I told John to lie down and let my whore wife get between his legs. I rolled her over and stuck my dick into her hot wet pussy, doggy style with long slow strokes in and out. I could feel Johns come inside her cunt.

"You feel good bitch", I asked? "Yes, sir", she responded.

I wrapped my hand around her body to touch her clit as I continued to fuck her. "Bitch", I said, "I want you to lick the strangers ass hole."

She was silent and did not obey my command. "So you're going to be a bad sex slave", I whispered in her ear while I removed my dick from her pussy and stuck it hard into her ass. She let out a scream. "Now are you going to lick the stranger's asshole?"

"Yes ... yes, just don't hurt me like that please take it out."

"I will remove my cock when you obey me."

Annie licked Johns cock then his balls and continued towards his ass. John lifted his legs up to expose his asshole for Annie. She took her little tongue and began to lick John's bun hole. John smiled with delight as I pulled my cock out of her ass and began to fuck her cunt. Annie was getting horny licking Johns ass hole. She had to, so she stuck her tongue as deep as she could into Johns ass. She could tell that John was enjoying the experience and I praised her. I released one of her hands so she could feel Johns dick. She must have felt strange getting hot over some guys butt.

I told her to lick the strangers cock and suck it dry, She wasted no time in swallowing his prick in her mouth and feeling this new toy. She was all over Johns cock with her mouth and hand breathing heavy as John started humping his cock in her mouth. It was a turn on watching my wife suck a stranger, increasing my pleasure fucking her as she and John both were getting ready to explode. John was hard as a Rock and Annie's hot and wet pussy was ready for a fucking.

I laid on my back and lifted Annie, positioning her on my cock with my dick slowly slipping into her ass. I took my time so it would not be painful for her. I finally was fully in her ass and I pulled, with her back on my chest, and her legs spread showing her pussy and my dick up her ass. I didn't have to say anything before John got up and started playing with Annie's cunt. I rubbed the tip of his penis on her clit arousing her passion and foretelling that he was going to insert his big cock into her cunt. I pushed my cock in and out slowly turning Annie while I had both tits cupped with my hands. I could hear her moan and squirm with each stroke. Finally John got into the action with a deep penetration into her cunt she gasped as we both stated humping in both her holes. She was in ecstasy and I was having the time of my life fulfilling my fantasy; her tight ass hole felt hot. I could feel John's dick rubbing mine through the thin layer of skin separating her cunt and her ass.

John was starting to hump deep and long not fast as before and surprised me as he started to French kiss my wife. She was so hot she just went with the flow. It was a turn on seeing this guy humping my wife and kissing her with his tongue deep in her mouth, grabbing a tit as he mounted the bitch. She was getting a full service fuck.

He was fucking her different then before. No longer was he gentle and romantic. His cock was humping slowly deep into Annie's pussy. His tongue was exploring her mouth and I could see she was responding with her tongue and lips to a man she had never met. His right hand was gently caressing her boob and I could see her nipple perk as he fondled her breast with such passion. His left hand was stretched down her left leg feeling as much of her thigh as possible so she could curl her foot with his leg. I let my hands squeeze her as I humped in rhythm with John.

It wasn't long we all came in union as one body, a very different experience. I shot my come deep in her ass and could feel John's dick pulsate as he shot his load into her pussy. I could feel Annie come. Her ass and pussy convulsing, squeezing our dicks, in erotic Rodham.

We lay in bed. Annie in the middle enjoying every bit of her body. It was special sharing my wife with another man. It felt so good. Both of us holding her in our arms while Annie gently touched our bodies in a special way. It was impossible to lie against her tits and feel her hand reach gently for my cock and knowing that her other hand was behind her back feeling Johns cock which was pressing against her fine built ass. John's hand reached around to Annie's snatch and touched my prick which was pressed pressed up against and her cunt. Annie's precious hand fondling my cock and rubbing it against her pubic hair forced John to fondle not just her pussy but also her husband hard cock.

Before I realized it, Annie was sliding down licking my cock and holding John's at the same time. She started rubbing our cocks together as she licked them both.

Apparently, Annie had her own fantasies to work out.

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