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"I Love to Suck His Cock"

By: Marsha Durbin

She sighed softly and hugged herself under the soft sheets of her bed. Her mind was at ease and her body was filled with an eager warmth. She slowly undulated under the sheets, her legs spread and her hand down between them, immersed in her silk panties as she anticipated the moments of passion soon to come.

Her husband would be home any time now. She smiled softly, anticipating the feeling of him stripping her down and slowly making love to her. But more than anything tonight she anticipated sucking him. She loved his long, beautiful cock and couldn't get enough of it. She always sucked, kissed, licked and jacked it off for him, his moans and gasps making her feel so hot inside and filling her with shivers. She loved making him come all over her, his hot jism shooting in long jets all over her smiling face as he moaned so loudly. And tonight this was the most important thing on her mind, making love to him and making him climax again and again, all through the night, just sucking on him, kissing and licking every inch of his manhood, and then sucking out every sweet drop of his come as he moaned and writhed under her.

Then she heard him come in and smiled at him as he entered the bedroom, fully clothed. She threw off the covers and showed herself to him, clad in only a pair of panties soaked with her arrousal. And she told him he had better get his clothes off and get into bed.

He seemed very anxious as he stripped down to nothing but a smile and a bulging erection and he slipped into her soft embrace under the covers, kissing and licking her lovingly all over her silken skin. She wrapped her legs around him and moaned softly, feeling his erection pressing against her panties and then she slowly moved downward, between his legs, and he laid his head back, sighing in extreme passion and anticipation, and she felt shivers run through him as she took his erection in her hand and licked long and slow over his swollen head. She then stroked her tongue down his long cock, licking every inch of his hot manhood, down toward his balls. She licked them slowly, taking each one into her mouth and sucking on it as she rubbed the tip of his cock with her thumbs, giving him even greater pleasure. And then she moved back upward, opened her mouth, and let him slide into her, his moans ringing out and his hands running through her hair.

She sucked him all the way into her mouth and her lips met his pubic hair. She could feel every inch of his enormous manhood immersed in her mouth and in her throat. And then she pulled him out slowly, sucking all the way, his pulsing veins rubbing over her tightly closed lips as she pulled him out, and she looked up at him, giving him a blissful look, her eyes narrowed and she could feel him writhing under her. She put one hand on his huge balls and massaged them softly as she began to push his gigantic erection back into her, pulling it all the way into her throat, her lips meeting his balls as she rolled her tongue around it, rubbing it inside her mouth, and she felt him get harder and harder.

He was close now, and she then began to move her head up and down, her shiny hair bouncing down in front of her face, hiding what she was doing from his moist eyes as he moaned louder and louder, his hips moving up and down with her. And then she felt it welling up within him, and she took him out of her mouth, taking his cock in her hand she jacked him off at rapid pace and moaned with him as his long streams of cum began to shoot up out of his delicious cock, splattering her face and lips. And then she put her mouth back over his cock, sucking with all her might, pulling out more and more of his come, feeling it warm and sweet in her mouth as she rubbed his balls harder an faster, pulling more and more out of him. She swallowed gulp after gulp of his hot jism and soon he calmed down, his breathing the only sound in the room. And she moved up slowly and kissed him on the lips, smiling at him, and told him how much she loved him.

It wasn't long before he got up on his knees, his long erection still bouncing with life, and pulled her up against the wall, his cock rubbing up and down her pussy, her moans getting loud as she was filled with ectstacy. He kissed down her neck and over her shouders, holding her swelling breasts in his hands, gently massaging them, and then he threw her ravishingly down onto the bed, her body bouncing. And then he moved on top of her, quickly sliding his entire cock into her, and she screamed out loud, her nails scraping his back as she tightly wrapped her legs around his muscular hips and, with great vigor, he began to fuck her like crazy, the bed shaking and her body filling with tremors. It was not but a minute that she began to quake with thundering orgasms, her moans turning into hoarse cries as they writhed in their ardent lovemaking, sweat pouring down in streams over both of them.

Then he came again, so long and slow, his hot sperm pouring out inside of her and she was instantly filled with ecstacy as he poured his essence inside of her. And they rolled over in each others' arms, exhausted, and trully one.

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