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She Loves Fucking Her Husband

By: Marsha Durbin

The music is soft and slow and it matches the rythmic beating of our hearts as we rock in eachothers' arms, our bodies warm against one another. I feel your soft cheek against mine and your sat-in-smooth hair brushes against my neck. I smile at you and kiss you gently, our lips making a soft smacking sound as you meet my kiss with yours. I close my eyes and let you lay your head on my shoulder and I lean down to place a sweet kiss on your neck.

You shiver as my lips caress your sensative skin and you feel tingles as my fingertips run through your beautiful hair. I rub my cheek up and down yours, loving the soft feeling of your skin against mine. And then we kiss again, deeply and passionately, our tongues stroking one another. I moan into you and you moan with me as we feel sparks jumping between us. I run my hands down the curves of your body, making the smoothe silk of your dress rub your skin. My hands move down your back, around your waist, and over your voluptuous hips, and around to your backside where I squeeze you affectionately, making you squirm with arrousal.

You can feel my body getting hot in your arms and I rub against you, giving you more chills as you feel me. I break our kiss, only to move my lips down over your chin, and under it, where I kiss you again and again, moving lower and lower, the smell of your skin enchanting me, I kiss down the low neckline of your dress to your cleavage, and very slowly stroke you with the tip of my tongue. You sigh in pleasure and you are surprised as I pull you down into my arms and lift you up in them. I look down and kiss your lips as I carry you back to the bed and lay you down on it softly.

You close your eyes and feel my warm hands running up and down your body. I cup your breasts lovingly and squeeze them gently, and then run my hands down your belly and over your hips. They slide down your long legs and then under the fabric of your dress, slowly pulling it up, revealing your lovely legs. I slide your dress up just below your panties, and then I beging to kiss your legs, softly rubbing every inch and every sweet contour of your muscles, rubbing and squeezing them.

I do this for a long time, just kissing and massaging your legs, and then I begin to pull your dress up more, uncovering your black panties and your belly, and I continue up, over your full breasts and I pull the garment over your head. I roll it up in my hand and smile down at you, and I press my nose into it, inhaling your lovely scent. I then let it fall down onto the floor and I slip off my shirt as well, letting you rub your hands over me softly. I then pull off my pants, and my underwear, quickly undressing before you. And then I move on top of you gently, our skin touching together a little bit, and I kiss you deeply, caressing your cheek with my fingertips.

I soon break our kiss and begin to move my lips down over your body, from your neck down to your cleavage, down to your belly. I then slip my fingers under the straps of your panties, my lips nestled in your groin, and I pull them down, slowly, over your legs. You are shivering with anticipation as I slowly and teasingly undress you. You feel my breath brush against your center as I move up over your body once more. You feel my wrap my arms around your waist and my neck rubs over your moist spot between your legs, and I begin to lick and kiss around your navel, giving you sexy chills as I rub your back and your ass gently. I then move up farther and you feel me removing your bra. You feel your breasts uncovered and my kisses moving up toward them slowly.

I then place my hands on your breasts and softly rub them together, my lips rubbing over your nipples slightly. Then I take your nipples into my mouth one at a time and gingerly suck on them, bringing up soft sighs of pleasure from you. I feel your fingers running through my hair as my belly is rubbing between your legs, your pubic hair tickling me softly. I continue kissing and sucking your nipples and massaging your breasts in my hands for several minutes, and then I look up at you smiling, and I kiss your neck softly. I then kiss down through your cleavage, letting my tongue stroke your skin, making you shiver. I move down your stomach, and then between your legs, but I don't touch you. I pause above your sweet place for a moment and then I begin licking around your inner thighs, and up around your center, not touching it but licking around it slowly.

I smile up at you and hold your hand as I lick hot circles around in your pubic hair, titillating your most sensetive places one at a time. Then I place my fingers on your soft, warm pussy, and I spread you open slowly and then you feel my tongue licking your insides. You shiver and moan as I lick up and down your pussy, briefly sucking on your clit every time. I move my hands under your ass and I pull you down to the edge of the bed and let your legs drape over the edge, and then I tenderly spread you open and continue licking and sucking you into the hot depths of pleasure.

After minutes of making you moan and writhe underneath me, I stop, and I move up your body, my soft hands cupping you close to me. You feel my body warm against yours, and my groin softly touches yours as I look into your passionate eyes. I hold you close and kiss you deeply, french style, and then I kiss slowly down over your ears, and down to your shoulders, and I sit up, taking your hand in mine, and I kiss it softly, stroking your arm with my fingertips. You feel my hardness rubbing between your legs as I move my hips up and down slowly, and I slowly begin to rub your neck with my hands, and then I rub down over your shoulders, over your breasts, and over your stomach. As my hands reach your hips, I take hold of them and pull you in as I enter you slowly.

You moan and arch your back and I moan with you, our bodies joining together slowly and erotically. I lean over you, putting my arms around you as I sink down inside of you, my hardness pulsing with passionate energy inside of you. I look lovingly into your eyes and I kiss you on the lips, my hardness sliding all the way into you. I then move it out again, slowly, only to push it back into you. We moan and sigh with bliss as our bodies rock together. Our hips gyrate together and our hands explore each other as we make love slowly and happily. We kiss each other softly and sweetly, our tongues flicking each other erotically.

We close our eyes and begin to move faster and harder, your pelvis grinding against mine as our lovemaking gets hotter and more passionate. I push into you hard and deep with every thrust. You wrap one leg around me and I run my hand down your raised thigh, and down under you to hold your cheek. I pull you into me with my hand with every meeting of our bodies and we roll back and forth on the bed. I pull you up off the bed with every roll, making my cock slide deeper than every into you and you are moaning loud and passionately as our bodies heat up. You wrap your arms around me and hold me close as you feel your orgasm coming close. I move faster and faster, and our rythmic tumbling get more frantic and we are both moaning. You begin to cum and your body shivers under me.

I stop rolling you and let you lie on your back, just kissing you lovingly as you come down from your orgasm. My cock is still buried deep inside of you and I begin to move it again, in and out, slowly and easilly, bringing your passion back up. Then you feel me suddenly speed up, pushing it in and out of you rapidly, making the bed shake and your body quiver all over with tremors of pure ecstacy. My cock is harder and bigger than ever inside of you and I feel my orgasm getting closer. I take your legs by the ankles and raise them above my head, going in and out of you madly, my moans loud and long. I let go of one of your legs and hold the other close over my shoulder, pushing down and pulling up, and pushing down again, in and out of you, and I reach down with the other hand to rub your clit.

You suddenly feel fire pouring through you as your second orgasm is upon you. I cum with you and our moans cry out together. We hold each other close and you wrap your legs around me, pulling me deep inside as I begin to pour my hot jism inside of you. You feel my lips meet yours as my orgasm fades into yours and our bodies calm down. We lie forever, just holding and whispering to each other..

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