Making Love to You

By Mike Apthorp

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As you walk into the room I am laying on the bed in my birthday suit. You walk over and lay next to me. You lean over and kiss my lips. As our tongues dance together I feel your ass and rub it as you start to squirm. I am getting to you and turning you on, so I pick you up and take you to the table and place you on top, telling you to lie still. I take your arms and tie them to the table legs and then I do the same to your wrists.

and then I do something new to you I grab the shaving cream and spread it all over your pussy hair. I take the razor and start to shave your inner thigh and then I do the other inner thigh. I reach your lips and rub your pussy as I work the shaving cream. I am very careful shaving your lips, making sure not to cut you. After I am done shaving your sweet pussy I clean you up and then pour honey on you clean shaven cunt. I lick the sweet sticky stuff off your lips and, Oh it tastes so good. I pinch your nipples as I am licking your clit you are getting so hot now that you beg for me to let you up ... but ... I won't do that since I am driving you crazy.

I tease you until you are so horny. Then, I slide on top of the table and place my cock at the tip of your mouth and you grab it in your lips. I pull back and you suck me in and won't let go. My slave is very horny and I say, "suck my cock ... my slave." You grab it between your lips and suck like never before. I am going to cum deep in your mouth and as I cum you swallow every last drop. I let you up and bend you over the table and get out my favorite paddle. I slap your ass and you let out a little cry and I tell you that for every sound there will be another whack. You are silten as I paddle your ass until it turns a bright red. When you are good and hot I put the paddle to the side and I lick and kiss your sore ass. You push against my lips, whispering that you want me to fuck you, so I take my stiff cock and slip my prick deep in your pussy, fucking you doggie style. I pound you hard and deep as you buck against me with the most powerful orgasm you have ever had. I pump you so hard that I cum deep in you pussy.

Good night ... my love.

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