By Patty Cake Magenta

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Scott and I had been working on this idea for a long time and finally it was coming true. I was to bring this student nurse home with me on the pretense that Scott is a retired Professor of anatomy. He has enough training to pull this off and we both are excited about what is about to happen. She doesn't know about our relationship, nor that Scott and I are involved at all.

Now our story begins. Linda and I knocked on the professor's office door. A maid let us in and told us where to go. Scott opens the door and asks us to come in. We sit down as he continues. "Hello Magenta and Linda is it. What can I do for you?"

I begin because Linda is a little shy, "Professor, we know that we are failing anatomy. We want to know if there is anything we can do to improve our grades. Perhaps you could give us some special tutoring."

Scott quickly follows my lead and starts asking some questions to break the ice. " I realize that it is difficult being away from home for the first time. Tell me, are you comfortable discussing the human body?"

I answered first. " ... Of course not ..."

Linda answers, "no."

"Are you embarrassed by looking at the human body?" Scott asks.

"Sometimes", answers Linda.

"Linda, do you explore your body? Do you caress your breasts in front of the mirror? How often do you play with your vagina?"

"Now, I am getting embarrassed, those things are personal", replies Linda.

"Linda, when did you lose your virginity?"

"I've never done it, I've just petted heavily with my steady boyfriend."

I knew this bit of news about Linda being a virgin, but Scott didn't. I loved the surprise look on his face when she told him.

Scott says, "Magenta, come over here please."

As I move toward him I'm tingling with anticipation, I wiggle my hips as I walk over, exciting him further. As I approach, Scott reaches out and begins to unbutton my nurses uniform. As he finishes unbuttoning it, it slips off my shoulders and falls to the floor. I am not wearing a bra, my breasts are firm and creamy white. My areola's are dark and I have very large, pink, erect nipples. He reaches down and removes my bikini panties. My cunt is freshly shaved, my thighs are slim and firm. I do a short bump and grind as they both watch.

"What are you doing professor", asks Linda?

"Linda, we need a body to study anatomy, don't we?, Magenta is our specimen, unless she has an objection."

"Sounds good to me", I reply.

"Linda, come over here and palpate Magenta."

Linda comes over, Scott takes her hands, and touches my tits with them. He helps her fondle my breasts. They stroke both tits before Scott moves her hand from the full tit to the nipples, lightly helping her pinch them between her thumb and forefinger. Scott moves her hands from my tits down to my flat stomach, down and around my ass, where they both squeeze my cheeks. Finally they come around to the front to feel my wet cunt. Linda pulls back at the touch of the wetness.

"There is nothing wrong with Magenta being wet", Scott assures Linda. Magenta is becoming aroused. "Her body is reacting normally. Does this excite you Linda?"

"Well, yes, it does. But I've only done some touching with one other person before, not a group!"

"Try it you will like it", I answer.

Scott reaches out an unbuttons Linda's uniform. I begin to remove Scott's shirt and pants. "Must you get undressed too professor", questions Linda as she blushes bright red?

"It looks like the professor is getting excited too", I remark.

Linda gasps, "Oh my, I've never seen an erect penis!"

"Where have you been Linda, you have never touched your boyfriends cock."

Linda's dress falls to the floor as Scott unhooks her bra and lets her large tits spill out into the room. Scott gasps then bends down and removes her panties and discovers that she is a natural blonde.

Seeing that I understand the nature of the tutoring session, I take hold of Scott's throbbing cock and begin to lick it gently from the tip, working down the shaft and back up. I send a few minutes licking and sucking his balls.

Linda looks down at me with a puzzled expression on her face. "I had heard about what you're doing, but have never done that either.

Scott explains that oral sex is very pleasurable as he is lowering Linda to the floor. When he has her on her back he spreads her legs wide, moving his head between her legs, looking at her inviting, virgin cunt. He runs his tongue along her inner thigh as Linda gasps at the first touch. That's when Scott knew he had her. Gliding his tongue up to her large cunt lips and gently strokes his tongue along the length of each lip he kisses her sweet pussy. She gasps again and her juices leak from between her lips. I have crawled between Scott's legs and taken is hard cock between my lips and he begins pumping his prick into my mouth. When the tip rubs against the back of my throat it sends tremors through his cock and my body. I am so excited I roll Scott onto his back and climb on top of him and take a firm grip on his cock, guiding it into my wet dripping cunt. Then I lower myself down onto his shaft and begin to ride up and down.

Scott grabs Linda and positions her so that he can eat her cunt. He gently opens her large lips to reveal the pink hide away that only his eyes have seen. Scott reaches out with his tongue and lips her lips, spending time on her clit, which makes her moan loudly while a small scream escapes her lips. With his tongue driving her crazy his hands slide up her body and he squeezes her tits. Her breasts are large but firm and the nipples are so hard, she moans as I see his fingers pinching the nipples. Scott pushes his tongue deeper into her cunt and I can tell he is getting overwhelmingly excited because his cock is pumping deep inside my cunt.

My pussy is so wet, red hot and tight that I almost strangle Scott's cock. The sensation of moving his prick in and out drives us both wild. Scott turns Linda around so that she can watch what I'm doing to him. She gasps and more juice flows out of her cunt, covering Scott's face faster then he can suck it up.

Scott's cock is straining and he can't hold back any longer. He begins pumping his sweet cum deep inside me, spasm after spasm flows through my cunt from his cock. The cum begins to leak out and I reach down and stick my fingers in the juice. I bring my hand to my mouth and lick my fingers clean. I reach down again and get another group of our sticky cum mixture and bring them to Linda's lips. She hungrily licks the cum off my fingers. Even though Scott had just finished an orgasm, the sight of our finger licking make is cock immediately come back to life.

I move out of the way as Scott rolls Linda on her back, and moves between her legs. With his cock in hand, he positions his cock at her moist opening of her cherry cunt. He presses gently until it runs in about an inch. He stops there, wraps his arms around her, gives her a passionate kiss and with one quick thrust he is passed her cherry. He is now fully buried in her wet, warm cunt. I could hear her scream into his mouth as he starts to stroke in and out slowly, very slowly at first, then faster and faster. Linda learned the lesson fast, as she began to hump up against Scott.

Seeing that both of their mouths are free, I move so that my cunt is in Linda's and Scott's faces.

They both reach out with there tongues and began to lick my wet pussy. They can taste mine and Scott's juices blended together. Their tongues are driving me insane and I push my cunt against their tongues harder. Scott is pumping as fast and as hard as he can inside of Linda. She continues to lick my cunt. I'm moaning and screaming right along with her. Scott body tightens as I look at his face, its telling me he is coming deep inside Linda.

Linda screams into my cunt sending us both over the edge as my cum drips all over her face and she keeps licking bringing me off again.

Scott is spent, but then again we all are ..... We collapse on the couch, breathing heavy and covered in sweat.

Scott has enough strength to utter, "If you girls continue to preform at this level, you will both get A's."

As Linda and I are getting dressed, Scott tells us that we should cum at least twice a week for more tutoring. Linda smiles and says, "you got it professor, I can't wait."

Linda and I leave. She has her car so I tell her I will see her at the next tutoring class and she drives away still with the smile on her face. When she is out of sight I return to Scott who is still laying naked on the couch. I remove all my clothes and curl up next to him.

"Professor, how about a private lesson", I ask. As the words leave my mouth, I see his cock rising to the occasion. I roll on top of him, licking his lips the slowly sticking my tongue deeply into his mouth as our tongues dancing together.

Scott rolls so that he is on top, his fingers slide between my cunt lips and press inside deeply. He leans down and whispers into my ear. "Okay baby ... lesson 1 ... the art of finger fucking."

"OHHHH ... PROFESSOR", I whisper.

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