Rough Trade

By Patty Cake Magenta

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I pick you up to go to this new club ... I haven't been there before ... but I have heard a lot from a few girlfriends ... it's all going to be a surprise to you. On the way there I reach over and rub your thigh. We don't talk much but my hand has a lot to do with that.

As we arrive, the valet parks the car and I lead you inside. There is a little alcove and a large sign that says "REMOVE CLOTHES ... CUM INSIDE". You look a little puzzled, but follow my lead, as we strip and lay our clothes on the counter. The lady at the check station is had giant tits with large nipples. You stare as she gives you our ticket to redeem out clothes. Your cock is so hard it is making me wet. I feel my juices starting to flow as the door opens and we go inside. There are bodies everywhere doing every possible sex act. The room was mostly full of women, and, as we walk by their hands reach out to stroke your stiff cock and feel your tight ass.

Pre-cum begins to leak from your prick and I lean down and lick it off. Standing back up, looking you in the eye, I say, "Can't waste any ... babe. It's going to be a long night." I wink and as I turn and start walking I feeling your hand holding my ass ... sliding a finger in the crack. I begin to wiggle, but keep walking. I see the door I had been told about and look at you whispering, "Come on ... babe ... I found what I'm looking for." Pulling your arm we go inside and the room is empty of people but full of toys, chains, and paraphernalia.

There are studs in critical locations in the walls and ceiling. Your hands encircle my body ... pulling my nipples hard ... pulling them out from my body.

"Hey not this time. It's my turn to play rough", I say with stern demand ... removing your hands ... placing them at your side. You just stand there as two large men come into the room. They both are wearing only a leather G-strings with silver studs. I can see the fear in your eyes as I pat your ass ... pointing to the two men. Before you can do anything a gag goes in your mouth and a hood over your head. "Put him there", I say, pointing to the center of the room. "I want to have some fun. " They drag you to the spot I have chosen and hold your arms as I put wide steel cuffs on your wrists. The two guys raise your arms over your head and hook you to chains hanging from studs in the ceiling.

"Anything else Mistress", one of the guys asks.

"Yes ... spread his legs and cuff them as well. Then you may do the rest."

Yes ... Mistress", he answers ... spreading your legs and cuffing your ankles ... connecting the cold steel to hooks in the floor.>P> So there you are ... my babe ... my prisoner. I walk as close to you as I can ... rubbing my hard nipples against your hairy chest ... looking down at your cock ... touching your prick which has shrunk ... pinching the red head as your cock starts to rise. "Not so fast", I say ... flipping the head of your stiff prick with my finger as you flinch. I walk to the table on the far wall and get a cock two rings and a leather ball tie ... return ... slip the tight rings over your prick ... I stoop in front of you ... licking the head of your cock with my tongue ... watching the growth ... the tightening of the rings ... I kiss the tip ... slowly wrapping the leather harness under your balls and clipping the strap. You moan through the gag as I lick around your cock-head. I watch as your prick grows stiff.

The rings are tight as your cock swells. You pull at the restraints as I lick around the rings ... up your shaft ... across your stomach ... up your chest ... biting each nipple as they push forward. "Babe ... the fun is about to begin", I whisper, reaching up to remove the hood. You open your eyes you see several women ... dressed in leather ... one holding riding crop ... one holding a vibrator ... one a dildo ... one a paddle ... one nipple clips. "Ladies ... remember the rules ... if you break them you have to leave. Do you understand!"

"Yes ... Mistress ... we do", they answer in harmony

"Then ... You may begin. OH ... yes ... remove his gag. I want to hear him." Moving to a couch I sit down crossed legged as the show begins. As the women begin to move toward you I hear you say, " ... Patty ... please ... this is not what I want. Please let's leave. Let's do this in private."

"AWWW ... babe ... you'll love it."

As the women begin touching you, your face gives you away. One gets on her knees and is rubbing the vibrator up your thighs ... another is sucking your balls ... another licking your cock ... two are sucking your nipples and the last is behind you licking your asshole. You smile ... pulling at the wrist and ankle restraints to little gain as the woman with the riding crop lays a strong blow across your ass. You tighten your ass as she licks where she has struck. Your body is now squirming and your eyes are rolling back in your head ... you are making little purring noises ... another slap ... another ... another ... it's the riding crop spanking your ass ... the paddle blisters your stomach ... the ladies enjoy the spanking ... they continue a steady slapping ... you let out a loud scream ... you twist in your bonds ... plead ... beg ... as the paddle and crop do their job well.

"Enough", I scream at the two vixens. "Leave ... you broke the rules."

They give me an evil look and leave the room while the other's continue. By now your butt is red as one of the woman slides a vibrator up your hole till it is buried deep in your ass. Another lady pushes a large vibrating dildo into your mouth as you moan around the rubber prick plug. The head finds your throat and you gag as your hips buck wildly ... two vibrators working your openings ... while ... another lady licks the tip of your cock which has grown huge.

The head is blue with the pressure of the cock ring ... tight around your cock ... your veins bulge on the sides ... tighter it gets ... as the head swells. Your body is covered with sweat. As I watch I'm going so excited ... my clit is huge ... my cunt-lips wet ... dripping over my spreading thighs ... I spread more as I watch ... fingering myself ... my cunt ... my clit ... my ass. With both hands I roughly spread my holes open as you twist under the abuse of the vixen ladies.

"Look over here ... babe ... ", I scream as your head turns in my direction. My fingers slide into my dripping pussy ... others into my wet ass ... peeling my cunt-lips wide open to your view. You look at my stiff clit as you try to talk ... only to gag as the dildo vibrates in your throat. You shake your head but the cock in your mouth sinks deeper into your throat and you accept ... dropping your head as the rubber prick is twisted and turned by the skilled lady.

My nipples pointing at you ... calling you ... I rise ... approach ... stand next to you. Tears form in your eyes as you watch me bring my nipple to my lips ... sucking the pink rose tipped flesh into my mouth ... my fingers pump in and out of my cunt ... as you hang limp ... watching.

The woman handling the vibrator in your ass moves to the front and slides her mouth onto your cock ... reaching around your thighs ... pushing the pulsating prick deep into your ass ... she pulls it out as she engulfs your bursting cock ... she pushes it in your ass as your cock slips from her mouth. You smile uncontrollably as your cock pistons in her mouth as the dildo vibrator follows and retreats in your ass ... in ... out ... again ... as you roll your head and begin sucking on the prick in your mouth.

I can't take any more ... I need to be fucked ... I need it now.

"Ladies", I yell, " ... leave ... send in the guys."

The women stop their torment and leave the room as you are limp. The two guys return and remove the chains from the shinny cuffs and wrists and drag you to a framed mat on the floor. They place you head down on the mat ... secure your wrist cuffs to the sides ... bring your ankle cuffs forward and rope them to the sides ... feed rope around your arms to hold you down ... rope through your knees ... spreading your ass as they pull you open ... securing your position.

I crawl toward you as you cry to be released ... only to feel the cool end of another vibrating cock as I push it into your well-lubricated ass hole. You struggle to no gain as I push the prick rapidly in and out of your ass.

"Want to fuck", I whisper in your ear as I push the stiff dildo deep.

"Please", you whimper, pulling at the secure ropes.

"Wanna fuck me ... babe", I whisper.

"Please ... you whine", as I release the slipknot and your knees are free. You close your ass on the vibrating cock as I release your ankles and you bring your legs ... limply ... to the mat. Your arms are next ... your wrists ... you are free as the vibrator pulses harmoniously in your ass.

You roll over and I see the wetness of your cheeks as I softly kiss your lips. Your cock is straining against the rings as I rub your swollen prick with gel and slip the metal rings from your slippery prick. Both rings are gone and the leather ball harness is removed as I slip another ring over your well-oiled prick. I turn the control knob and the cock-ring starts to vibrate as I straddle your cock ... rubbing the head against my clit ... my lips ... as you enter my cunt ... and ... I slam down till your in deep ... deep ... inside me and the vibrator on your balls is simulating my cunt-lips on every down thrust. You are so week you can't lift your hips so I do all the work ... riding you hard ... fast ... deep ... I'm on the edge ... you are over the edge ... I reach down ... undo the clasp of the pulsating cock ring ... pull the cock from your ass ... your hips stab upward ... your cum shoots like a shot ... we both scream from the pressure ... we both experience our release ... my cunt ... your cock ... contracting ... your cock pulsating in my cunt ... my cunt squeezing your cock ... we cum ... and cum ... and cum together.

I lay ... exhausted ... on our chest ... your cock deep inside me ... my pussy throbbing ... my cunt-lips sucking ... your prick softening.

Exhausted we lay..

"Oh ... Babe ... ", you whisper.

"Shhhhhhhh ... ", I answer, toughing your lips with my finger.

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