By "Patty Cake" Magenta

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I'm out driving I love the feel of power under my foot. Looking up ahead on the side of the road stood this guy ... He was tall tanned and built. I started to get closer his thumb went out ... well that did it I have to stop.

"Want a lift or not", I say as he stands and stares into the car.

"Yes I do", he answers with a booming deep voice as he opens the door.

"Well plant your ass and let's go." He climbs into the seat after throwing his stuff in the back. I shift into low and go through the gears. When I'm finished we are sizzling along at eighty miles per. Then I turn and look at him and wink.

I get excited sitting next to this handsome piece of meat. My nipples begin to stick out through the thin material of my dress. My skirt had crept up into my lap and he can see my thin panties ... and ... he was staring. I pushed my pelvis slightly forward in the seat. The taut material of my panties digs into my cunt outlining the firm pouting lips.

He never says a word ... just stares ..... and ... I know what I was doing and didn't care ... I love to tease.

I laughed a little and put my left hand in my lap. With my index finger, I started stroking the indentation in the crotch of my panties. He was watching spellbound, as my fingers slid over my abdomen, and down between my wet waiting pussy lips. He sees my middle finger arch and bury itself deep inside.

His hand reaches out for me. "DON'T", I say as he pulls back. "We are going eighty miles an hour and I am running this show. You seem to want a show ... well ... I'm giving you one, but don't reach for me. It could kill us both."

His eyes were riveted back at my wet pussy so I lifted my ass off the seat and pushed down my panties. My bare lips come completely into his view. My hard clit peeking out from between the lips.

"Isn't it pretty", I asked softly? "It tastes even better than it looks. I may even let you have some later, but right now I just want you to watch it. Now ... I'm going to ask you to do something for me, but I don't want you to get carried away. I want you to take these damn panties off ... but that's all. Don't try and touch me or we may both wind up dead."

He reaches forward and slowly hooks his thumbs beneath the elastic of my panties and pushed them down, past my knees, toward my feet. I pull my feet free and spread my legs. He sits back in his seat and watches as I thrust two fingers into my dripping cunt. I sighed as they come out wet ... run the glistening fingers across his lips ... dip them inside my cunt again ... back to his lips. This time he opens his mouth and sucked all the juices from my fingers.

I couldn't just sit there any longer playing with my cunt when he could be doing it. I take my foot off the accelerator and slid it onto the brake. A side road was coming up fast on the right and the tires scream as I bring the car to a stop. I jam it into reverse and back around just past the turn ... out of sight of the main road. I kill the engine ... open my door and slid out. Flopping on my back in the tall grass at the side of the road I look up and he needed no invitation. He was out and around to me, in two seconds.

I close my eyes and smile, held out my hand to him. He drops to his knees beside me and slides his hand softly up my thigh. His fingers touch the lips of my cunt which drips with excitement. I reach down and scoop up my dress, pulling it off and over my head. He just stare's ... lurches forward .... grabs me by the ass ... pulls my cunt to his mouth ... buries his face in my wet pussy. My thighs close around his head and it feels like he stretched out his tongue as far as it would go ... sticking it deep inside my wet cunt. His tongue runs back and forth across my throbbing clit ... then ... sucking the lips ... then driving his tongue deep again and again. My fingers go to his head, pulling him closer.

Finally he tears his head from between my legs .. clawing at his clothing in a frenzy to be free. In no time he is nude and his cock is a stiff rod. His giant prick found its way, piecing the lips of my cunt and sinking deep inside. My cunt was eating his cock alive as I arch wildly, thrusting my pelvis up ... wanting all of him. He pounds at me for a short while when I feel his hot cum begins filling me. I scream and sink my teeth into his shoulder as he collapses on top of me. After a long time he rolls but pulls me with him so I'm on top ... our wet sweaty bodies pressed tightly together ... as we fall asleep.

Now ... that's my kind of drive.

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