A Day of pleasure and pain

By Patty Cake Magenta

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When I first meet my husbands boss, he was just another man, until the night he cornered me and I found out he was kinky ... as kinky me. Our adventures have taken us a long way and they seam to only be getting more exciting every time we meet ... like our last meeting.

It started when I came into his office. He knew what I wanted. I was carrying a picnic basket with a few things in it for both of us. He moved to the door and put the Meeting In Session sign out, and locked the door. I stripped his clothes and moved him to his desk chair. Lifting his legs over the arms I began stroking the inside of his thighs, never touching his rock hard cock. I began removing my clothes slowly ... piece by piece ... turning to every possible angle until I stood before him totally naked. My nipples were hard ... sticking out about an inch ... pointing right at him. I slide my hand down to my bald wet cunt, capturing some of the juice from my excitement in stripping for him. I bring my finger to my mouth, my eyes watching his face. As I open my mouth he opens his and I put my finger on my tongue and slowly close my mouth around it. He closes his as well, sucking forcefully on nothing as I suck my finger as he strokes his cock.

I lower to my knees between his legs, I dip my finger into my cunt getting it very wet with my cum. As I watch him stroke his cock I gently press my finger into his ass, wiggling, pushing it in and out to the rhythm of his hand stroking his cock.

I lean forward and lick the pre-cum as it slowly seeps out of his cock, putting my lips just over the head and sucking hard, then lowering my mouth to lick and suck his balls, still stroking my finger in and out of his ass.

My tongue begins licking around his asshole with my finger buried deep, licking and sucking on the sensitive spot between his balls and ass. His moaning is getting louder as I keep stroking his ass making his breathing heavy.

I feel his balls tightening as I grasp them with both hands, pulling his cock deeper into my throat. I know his going to cum so I move back, keeping my finger in his ass, and wiggling it harder and faster. Then lowering my mouth over his cock again. I take his hand off, it's mine now, so I lower my mouth until his prick is all the way into my throat. His hands hold my head, pulling me until my nose is in his pubic hair. He smells wonderful as my head rises and falls faster and faster on his cock. He slides his foot between my legs and strokes my clit with his toe, making me moan over his cock. His stiff member begins to throb in my mouth ... he begins to cum ... his juice hits the back of my throat with such power that I gag over the quantity of rich cum ... trying to swallow ... his cum fills my mouth.

"AHHHHHHHHH", he moans and collapses back into his chair, his cock still in my mouth as I lick from the base to the head making sure I didn't miss a drop of his sweet nectar. I pull my finger from his ass and his groan again. As a little more cum slides down from the head of his cock, my tongue licks it up as I stare into his eyes and lick my lips, smiling.

As his foot is still between my legs so I lower myself onto it rubbing furiously till I cum over his toes. I lay back with my legs spread, taking my hand and rubbing my cum on my right nipple. I lower my head and lick the warm nectar ... sucking my nipple into my mouth I notice his cock rising again, so I grab his foot and begin licking my cum from his toes until none remains.

His eyes move to the left, spotting the cuffs, vibrators and dildo's lying in our toy picnic basket that I brought with me. That's my idea of a good picnic. He turns back to me with a very evil grin. A little worried, I begin to close my legs as he yells out, "DON"T MOVE ... I WANT YOUR ASS NOW."

I try to squirm away. I make it to my knees, crawling fast, when I think I'm out of his reach, I feel his hands grab my ankles pulling me back. He flips me onto my back dragging me under his desk. He is stronger then I thought, as I try and push him away, he slaps my hands away and continues pulling me under his desk.

The front of the desk goes all the way to the floor and has metal studs right a floor level. The weight of his body is cutting off my breath as he attaches one cuff to my right wrist, then to the stud. He reaches over and does the same with my left wrist. That's when my eyes widen, he is beginning to scare me, but it's exciting me as well. Then I feel him take my ankle in his hand and you force it under the desk. As he scrapes it across the corner of the desk I scream out ... "STOP PLEASE" ... I get no answer ... he continues with his task as I hear the click of the cuff as it goes around my ankle. With one leg over my head ... his face inches from my cunt ... I feel his hot breath on my clit ... I can't help but moan ... he looks down at me with that same evil grin.

"Not yet babe ... My works not done yet."

Then he grabs my left ankle and starts to bend it. I helped this time because I knew what he was doing. I am spread as open as anyone could be as he wraps the cuff around my ankle, leaving me alone under the desk.

"Just a few more thing to do here and the fun will begin", he whispers, as he bends down and reaches for my face, holding my jaw tightly,. He squeezes until my mouth opens and he stuffs a towel into it, filling my mouth completely. Now I am his prisoner and have no choice but to do what ever he could think of.

He moves away from the desk so I can only hear him moving around. I hear the chair move and look between my legs. All I see are his legs as he slides the picnic basket under the desk beside me. He sits in the chair, moving it up till he is inches from my cunt.

Dragging his fingers down my slit I hear him say, " ... you better be quiet, I'm having a meeting with your husband. He will be about five feet away from you as I have some fun ... I'm going to make you cum as your husband sits in front of the desk", he continues as he zips his fly and straightens his clothes. "Your old man doesn't know that his slut of a wife is under my desk ... getting her ass fucked with the biggest dildo I can find. Getting her cunt filled with ... oh ... let that be a surprise."

I struggle but there is nothing I can do as he walks to the door. He has me! I have to control my pleasure ... My husband thinks I'm his innocent shy wife who knows nothing about sex. My hubby thinks he taught me everything ... Surprise ... what I could teach him.

He tells his secretary to ring when the appointment arrives and returns to the desk and reaches into the basket and brings out the large butt plug that vibrates. M my eyes widen as his hand goes back in the basket ... out comes orgasm balls ... another vibrator ... and a jar of anal cream.

I know that I should be scared that my husband may find me cuffed and being fucked under his bosses desk ... but ... I'm getting so excited, my clit is throbbing for attention.

"The gentlemen are here for your meeting, Sir", I hear through the intercom and he pushes his chair back and sticks his head under the desk between my thighs.

"Let the game begin"< he whispers as his tongue slides across my clit, making my hips thrust forward as much as they can. I want him to keep licking my hungry cunt but he moves away and I hear the door being unlocked. I listen to his greeting and it sounds like four men enter, one is my husband. He tells his secretary to come to take a few notes.

My mind was spinning through a world of my own ... under that desk ... the excitement of the game ... the temptation ... being fucked while no one new was making me so wet. I feel his sit down ... pushing his shoe between my legs, inches from my cunt. My mind blocks out the meeting as his fingers start rubbing my pussy lips, circling my clit. Then a finger slides deep inside me my now dripping pussy ... then another ... and another ... his hand is pumping my cunt hard ... filling me ... he is spreading his fingers apart ... stretching me wide open ... I try hard not to moan as I begin to cum hard ... soaking his fingers ... feeling my cum run down my ass ... between the crack. His fingers move from my dripping pussy to my ass ... pushing hard against the opening ... his finger enters as he pushes it in deep ... then another.

Abruptly the fingers are gone ... I feel a different pressure ... I twist to look ... it's my butt plug ... the big white one ... spreading my ass ... he's pushing hard ... very hard ... the huge cock slips inside ... tears run out the corners of my eyes ... I want our game to end ... my ass is hurting ... my legs are cramped ... we have to stop ... "Please", I whisper into the town ... my plea's go unnoticed.

"Lisa", I hear the secretary's name, " ... come in here. Sit at my desk and take notes ... I want to stand for awhile", he says offering her the seat.

"Lisa doesn't know about us ... why is he doing this", I think as I pull on the cuffs as the white cock stuffs and tears my ass. I want to hide ... there is no place to go ... no where ... Lisa sits ... rolls the chair close to my gapping cunt.

"Lisa ... use the tape recorder. It will be easier and leave his hands free to answer the phone. That way you won't miss any of the meeting."

"Yes Sir", she answers looking down at me in utter terror.

The meeting continues. After a short while Lisa can't contain herself and her hands move to my pussy-lips, tracing her finger softly like a feather through the wet cum running down my thighs. My cunt and ass are contracting ... the butt plug feels so good now ... I wanted her fingers inside me ... she keeps teasing me ... I moan softly into the towel ... my hips move trying to let her know I like her ... she takes the hint ... slides her finger inside the out the in ... fingering my cunt ... pushing on the butt-plug. Suddenly the dildo starts to vibrate quietly ... softly humming. "OOOHHHHHH", I moan into the towel. I can tell she can hear me because her fingers stop moving ... her fingers start pumping into me again ... two ... three ... my cunt was grabbing them ... wanting them deeper. I'm crying hard ... I want to scream ... my orgasm hit me like a train ...every muscle in my body is jumping ... cramping ... Lisa is dragging her long nail across my clit ... down my thighs ... long red marks ... I can't be quiet any longer ... I screamed into the towel ... collapsing back on the floor ... feeling her fingers continue their assault... I hear the meeting end ... he comes back around the desk ... looking down at me.

"Wasn't that fun."

I know revenge is sweet ... his time is coming..

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