The Fantasy ... The Last Day

By Patty Cake Magenta

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Michael slept for hours holding me as I pick at the ropes that hold me captive. Finally I untie the knots and we lay together ... holding one another. I must have slept for some time for when I open my eyes and look around ... standing next to the bed ... is our new lady friend from the beach.

"Michael ... look who's here", I call, rubbing my eyes to get accustomed to the light.

"I know ... I invited her", Michael answers from across the room.

There she stands ... wearing only lace panties ... as she takes my hand and holds it to the crotch of her panties. The silk material is soaked, and I can feel the dampness all over my fingers. I also feel the contours of her pussy ... the lips swollen ... wet ... Michael moves closer to the bed ... reaches out ... peels her panties down ... pulls her gently onto the bed with us ... Our hands travel her body as we leave no place untouched. I move her hand to Michael's cock as he turns on the bed and lowers his head to her wet cunt. I watch as he lightly flicks over her clit. She jumps and brings his cock to her mouth and begins stroking and sucking him slowly. Michael brings her to the edge of climax and when her hips begin to rise ... moving up and down ... he slows his slow ... changes his rhythm. After playing with her five or six times she is begging him to make her cum. "Please ... fuck me", she pleads, " ... PLEASE ... ", she screams as Michael's fingers begin pumping into her. "OH ... PLEASE ... FUCK ME!"

Michael is smiling as he turns his body until he was between her widely spread legs. His smile tells me what he wants ... and ... reaching down ... with a firm grip ... I push his swollen cock to her cunt. My face is inches from them both as I flick my tongue over her clit as his cock slides next to my tongue. She begins to moan as his hard cock penetrates her.

I am so excited that I crawl behind Michael, running my hands down his ass as I feel his body squirm and his speed increase. She is holding the headboard ... bucking her hips ... pumping up and down ... as my mouth holds to her clit and Michael rams at her dripping cunt. My finger touches Michael's asshole and he slams into her so hard that her head is bouncing off the headboard.

thoughts of me ... tied to the headboard ... run through my mind as she writhes under Michael's wonderful attention. With the pleasure he is giving her I want him to be just as strong with me ... if not stronger. With the noises she is making ... her thrashing ... I know she is in paradise ... so am I ... so ... I let go of her clit ... slide under Michael ... run my tongue down the crack of his ass ... my hand cups his balls ... my finger enters his ass hole and pushes him forward as he drives his stiff cock deep into her cunt.

Michael's ass is pumping as I pull my finger from his hole and my tongue slithers into his ass ... diving in deep ... hard ... I suck his ass as he pumps

She is screaming, " ... GIVE IT TO ME ... FUCK ME ... YESSSSSSSSSS", as his balls tighten in my hand as I squeeze ... pushing cum from his balls ... through his cock ... into her steaming pussy. Both cum screaming ... bodies quivering ... bed shaking ... headboard rattling ... as their gasping and breathing fills the room.

I slide from the bed and sit on the floor. Feeling a little left out but happy that our vacation turned out so well.

And ... we did make a new friend....

"DAMN!!! What is her name", I whisper?

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