The Fantasy ... The Ice

By Patty Cake Magenta

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We leave the other couple in the elevator after it stops on our floor. Michael and I hurry to the room anticipating what comes next. I unlock the door as I feel his hands pulling the zipper down on the back of my dress. By the time we are inside I have shaken my body so the dress slides down and to the floor. Wiggling my ass ... in a little tease ... I don't turn back ... I head straight for the bedroom.

I turn around in the doorway and wiggle my finger ... this time at Michael ... looking him dead in the eye ... thinking he may be dead by now!

"Come here baby ... we have only just begun ... to fuck", I say, laughingly as I go into the bedroom and flop onto the red and black comforter covering the giant bed. I lay there ... waiting ... waiting ... and .... waiting as I look at the door and watch Michael as he removes his clothes ... throwing them on a heap in the corner. He is a silhouette as he approaches the room ... enters ... and ... moves to the bed. Michael's hands are behind his back as he comes closer. I reach out but he stops. "Not yet ... Baby ... Not yet."

"What is it", I ask, reaching for the light ... but ... he tells me to leave it off because he likes the dim glow from the sunset.

"Come to bed ... Babe ... I want to feel your hands on me", I whisper as he stands just out of reach.

"I will if your close your eyes. Put your hands over your head and lock your fingers", Michael whispers.

I close my eyes tightly ... waiting ... waiting ... until I feel the mattress sink as Michael gets on the bed. I reach forward ... my hands clasped ... until feel his hands grab my wrists and wrap something around them. "Keep them closed", he says as he pulls whatever he has tightly ... holding my arms together as they are pulled over my head. I squint and see that Michael has tied my wrists with a black rope and secured the other end to the headboard. I am lying ... helpless ... as his hand covers my cunt. I thrust my pussy upward against his palm as he rubs me viscously . I grind and he moves up my body ... kissing my flat stomach ... my breasts ... my nipples ... neck ... lips ... and his tongue lingers in my mouth ... until he speaks. "You are mine!" Michael spreads my legs with his thighs ... then ... it happens ... "OHHHHHHHHH ... WHATTTTTTT ... WHAT THE FUCK", I yell as Michael pushes his hand ... a very cold hand ... between my legs. It is freezing ... he stuffs ice into my hot cunt. It's God damn cold ... but ... God Damn ... wonderful ... it feels fabulous! Then he takes my nipples between his fingers and twists the pink peaks as I clinch my teeth in pain. Michael is on his knees ... ramming his stiff prick into my now hot cunt ... twisting my nipples as I raise my hips higher ... riding his cock. His moans are as loud as mine are as he pumps warmth inside me.

"I'm melting ... I'M CUMMMINGGGGG ... FUCK ME ...", I yell as he keeps slamming his cock furiously up my wet cunt. Writhing on the bed ... pushing him away ... then giving up ... holding my hands ... pulling at the bonds ... my tongue reaches out for his mouth which is now covering my throbbing cunt.

Michael's tongue is inside me as I pull at the ropes while he spreads my thighs with his shoulders ... sticking his tongue deeper into my cum filled cunt.

"FUCK ME ... ", I yell as his hands grasp my ass cheeks and he slides forward ... ramming his stiff cock deep into my yearning pussy.

I explode ... Michael explodes ... our cum mixes inside my gut.

I pull at my bonds to no avail as Michael slumps over my helpless body.

My eyes are closed as I hear the soft snoring next to me.

I fall asleep wanting to hold Michael.

Yet ... I feel wonderful ... just to be his.

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