The Fantasy ... The Elevator

By Patty Cake Magenta

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After the group session on the beach Michael and I go back to the Villa. All we want to do was shower and rest ... which we do.

After our nap we go shopping and buy some Hawaiian shirts and souvenirs for the folk's back home. We have a snack to regain some of our energy and return to the Villa. Passing through the lobby we get into the elevator and start our journey up to our room.

Michael's cock has been hard for some time, creating a bulge in his pants. I had noticed before and didn't want to say anything ... but ... as the elevator starts I can't resist ... so ... I go over and hit the "stop" button. the car comes to a jerking halt and I reach down and unzip Michael's fly, rubbing his hard prick in the process. He leans against the wall as I unbuckle his belt ... slip his pants past his knees ... lower his briefs and squeeze his cock so that the pre-cum oozes from the end.

I get on my knees and lick the cum from the tip of his cock ... softly I tongue the length of his stiff male member ... slowly I begin to suck him off.

"It feels so good", Michael whispers, as I push my mouth over his prick ... taking his length into my throat. He pulls my strapless dress down so that my breasts pop out. He reaches down and takes the tip of my tits in his hands and pinches my hard nipples ... real hard. I squeal in pleasure as I sit on the floor of the elevator car and spread my legs, showing him the wetness between my thighs. I had not worn panties for him and my cunt was cold on the tile floor. He squeezes harder on my nipples and rubs my tits as I begin to suck more feverishly.

I pump his cock with my hand and mouth until he fires a load deep into my mouth as I gulp ... trying to take all his juice ... but a small amount runs from my lips across my cheeks. Michael wipes his cum from my face and, using the slippery fluid, he rubs my breasts as if with cream. My own cum runs from my cunt, drenching the floor, as I hold him to me. We are both satisfied ... so ... finally ... we stand up. I pull the "stop" button as we straighten our clothes.

Michael moves his hand between my legs and starts rubbing my wet lips. I'm still so wet and I want his tongue back inside me so much.

the elevator stops and a couple enter ... holding hands ... looking very much in love. I look at Michael, wondering if they can smell the odor of sex in the small car.

Well ... maybe not ... but ... if they only knew!

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