The Fantasy ... The Group

By Patty Cake Magenta

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After our nude swim Michael and I returned to shallow water and watch the group we had seen earlier. There are four couples, all engaged in sex acts of one kind or another. One couple ... the woman is on her hands and knees taking it in the ass ... another ... are doing sixty-nine ... two guys are jerking each other off ... a threesome of one girl is sitting on a guy's face and the other girl his riding his cock as she leans forward and sucks the other girls nipples. Our guess is that we started all this ... who knew ... all these horny people on the beach at the same time.

Michael moves behind me as we watch. His hands move to my tits ... squeezing tightly ... then pulling my nipples that are so hard. He pulls and twists until I moan loudly as my clit throbs with every new pinch or violent twist. His cock is hard and pushing into my ass. I rub my wet pussy between my legs, spreading the juice on my ass hole and the end of his cock as his hands separate my cheeks, opening my hold. "Are you getting hot watching them .. do you want to fuck me in the ass ... or ... join them ... do you want me to fuck my ass as we watch them ... what do you want", I whisper in his ear as his cock enters my tight ass? "Oh ... yes ... I want to watch them as you fuck me ... yes."

Staying behind me, Michael grabs my legs behind the thighs, telling me to bend my knees. As I do he lifts me by my waist and slides me down onto his cock as it goes deep. I let out a loud squeal as my ass hole is spread by the width of his cock ... It feels so good.

Then, to my surprise, he begins to walk us out of the water ... onto the beach ... his prick still embedded deep in my ass ... he stops every few feet ... pumps his hips ... his cock makes my ass tingle with every thrust .. he begins walking again ... forward ... right to the two guys jerking off ... we get closer ... his hands still hold my thighs ... both men look to see your cock deep in my ass ... my cheeks are clamped around the stiff cock ... ... one of the men reaches out ... begins rubbing my clit ... gently ... harder ... Michael's hips begin moving faster ... pounding his cock deeper with every stroke. The man tells his friend to stroke faster as he begins a great orgasm ... cum spurts from the hand into the air as I lean forward trying to catch the rich juice before it walls to the sand. Michael pumps furiously into my ass as he screams in a wild orgasm, shooting his hot cum into my colon.

Michael's cock begins to shrink as it oozes from my ass as cum drips from my hole, running down my leg. I nuzzle his neck, " .... baby ... put me down ... please ... I can't take anymore ... please ... baby."

"Not yet", Michael whispers, " ... I have another idea." Slowly he begins walking toward the three some. The two girls are still riding the guys cock and face as they writhe in ecstasy, not noticing our approach.

"NO ... BABY .... STOP", I cry .... knowing what he might be thinking and I don't want it to happen. "Please ... stop ...", I ask nicely as we stumble forward, your stiffening cock pushing against my butt. "Please ... "

Michael pushes me from behind. My pussy is so hot ... my ass drips cum as we approach the threesome. One of the girls eyes my hot pussy as she reaches out to get some of the dripping cum on her finger, erotically licking it off. She looks really horny and unsatisfied by her "friends". She leaps off the guy, tears her pussy from the other girl's mouth and runs to suck my tits. She surprises us both, knocking us on our asses onto the sand. As we regain our lusty senses, exhausted from our hot sexual fantasy of the day, we know she needs to join us.

She reaches out and immediately begins pinching my nipples with a pleading ... begging smile. I can't resist as she grabs my tits ... brings the rosy nipples to her mouth ... sucks them ... bites them ... as Michael settles to the sand. I know that he is exhausted, but, I figure why not enjoy the moment.

The lady moves her hand down to my pussy and begins long strokes with her fingers. She has tiny hands, compared to Michael, but she knows how to use them. She finger fucks me as Michael leans back watching. Her other hand finds my ass hold and her fingers enter the opening and I can feel the hands meet through the very this membrane separating my ass from my cunt. I wish Michael as in one of my holes, rubbing finger to cock with the woman. My hand wanders over the ladies soft skin, down her flat stomach and into the soft hair around her pussy. As my fingers search the wetness of her thighs I feel a ring between the lips of her cunt. Lowering my face I see the silver sparkle in the sunlight and softly stick my tongue through the round opening, licking the soft ... wet ... hot ... pussy. I have always wanted a cunt ring and never got up the nerve. Maybe I could ask her about it ... but ... my mind is not there ... not now. I was eating her sweet juice and that was what I wanted. My eyes close, shutting the glare as I fantasize about the flight ... the fart ... the chuckling ... if only they could see us now. I started to laugh!

I feel another orgasm ... and ... as I cum I see Michael's face inches from my pussy, watching the lady finger fuck my ass and cunt. Our new friend begins licking Michael's face, pulling his cock between my legs and slowly guides his stiff prick into my dripping pussy. When we are again fucking she crawls behind us and starts licking us both. I can tell by the Michael's clinched teeth that he isn't going to last long. The lady's tongue licks his cock as it slides in and out of my hot cunt, licking his balls of the cum dripping down the sack. Then her tongue enters my ass and I know I am going to cum. Her finger follows her tongue as he eyes meet Michael's as her fingers rub his cock.

Our new found friend rolls you off my body and slithers between us ... kissing us both ... first you ... then me ... "What's Next?", I ask the two as we all begin to giggle. I had to grin as I looked around ... four tits ... two hot pussy's ... three mouths ... one soft cock ... What could be better?

I love it ... I can't wait ... "We want you to come to our room later", I whisper into the ear of our new found friend.

"Anytime", is the answer!

Michael and I get up and walk from the group toward the Villa.

"By the way", I ask. "What's her name? ..... "

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