The Fantasy ... The Beach

By Patty Cake Magenta

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After our arrival and nap at the Villa Michael and I head down to the beach. I am wearing a hot, green thong, bikini in which the top barely covers my luscious breasts. My nipples are very hard pulling the material tighter. I go ahead because Michael loves watching my taut ass as I walk. The beach is secluded and it is just the way we like it. That's when our fantasy vacation begins ...

Lying in the sun I start to feel horny, more so than usual. I slide my hand into my thong ... fingering my clit and sliding one finger inside my now wet pussy ... Michael begins stroking his prick, which is hard from watching my ass. I'm fingering my clit, moaning softly as he pulls off his trunks and slides his huge cock along the lips of my hot cunt. I try to take his cock into my mouth but he won't let me ... so ... he pulls my top off ... exposing my breasts to the sun ... my nipples get hard as the sea breeze blows across them ... My tits are standing like sand castles on my chest.

I grab his cock ... my finger still in my pussy .... he is twisting my nipples ... making me want his cock more ... I beg for a stiff prick ... yet ... he only lets me take the tip into my mouth .... I run my tongue all over the head trying to take the stiff member deep but he pulls back as he pulls off my thong. I'm so excited, I spread my legs wide, fingering myself deeper ... "

"My naughty ... wonderful ... girl", Michael says as he flips me onto my stomach, grabbing my hips and raising me to my hands and knee's. He runs his cock along my ass .... then I feel a slap. I let out a yelp as the sting tingles and I realize that he is spanking my ass over and over again. He fingers my clit as he teases my pussy with his stiff cock and then he rams it into me ... hard ... grabbing my hair and pulling my head back as he fucks me. I squeeze his cock tight with my bald pussy ... he pumps into me harder and harder as I begin cumming so hard that my cunt is milking his prick. "OOOOHHH ... Michael ...", I scream lowering my head into the sand as he pumps me from behind. He keeps pumping into me while I feel his hands on my hips begin to grip tighter and he cums in me like a river ...his hot juice fills me and runs down my thighs.

I lay down on my back ..... it's then that we realize ... the beach is not as secluded as we thought .... "Baby ... I must say your pussy felt so hot and tight. You milked me like never before", Michael whispers as we lay there exhausted from the intense orgasm. The other people just stare, telling us, you guys were great.

We lay there for awhile .... catching our breath ... I recovered faster ... I want to play some more. Rolling on top of Michael I kiss him ... slowly ... slithering my tongue into his mouth until he can't resist. I begin teasing him with my tongue ... my mouth ... licking his lips ... biting the bottom lip ... then the top ... then sucking it into my mouth.

I lick my way down to his chest .. biting his nipples and stabbing my tongue into his navel. As I reach a hard cock and roll my tongue around the tip, licking the remainder of our combined juices, savoring the taste. Michael takes my head, helping me take his cock all in as I give his one hell of a blowjob. My mouth feels so good around the stiff cock as I suck harder and harder, moaning as his cock get harder as I am about to get showered with hot cum. "Oh baby!!!", I groan, as he pulls his stiff prick from my mouth and fires his load hot juice through the air into my open mouth. I give a thankful look that he sees in my eyes as he pushes his cock deep into the cum-saliva mixture in my mouth and shots more of his load into your hot ... willing ... open ... deep ... throat. I gladly concentrate on taking all Michael's cum into my mouth as I slide up his body, kissing his to show my appreciation. You lips meet and he sucks his cum on from my tongue, rolls me onto my back, kisses my eyes, licks my chin, my neck and on your way to my tits, sucks my ear lobes.

Michael begins sucking and flicking my nipples, making them so hard, making me feel like they will burst. His hand moves to my wet pussy, sliding a finger inside ... then two. I'm so wet that I soak your hand immediately with my cum. He licks down further until his tongue is in my cunt and he plays with my hard clit. His other hand is on my butt as his finger finds it's way to my ass hole. He wipes around the hole, gathering the slippery cum which drips from my overflowing cunt, before he pushes his finger inside my tender ass. His finger pushes as he sucks and he doesn't stop until I cum. I orgasm till I can cum no more.

We are tired ... but ... we get up and run into the warm ocean. We are covered with sand and cum. The water feels so cool on our hot bodies as we dive under a wave, surfacing on the far side. We hold hands, turning to look at the beach.

A large group is playing nearby.

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