The Fantasy ... The Villa

By Patty Cake Magenta

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When we arrive at the villa and check in Michael says, " ... you go up to the room, I will be up in a few minutes." A wonderful smile crosses his face as I nod and enter the elevator. I take a quick shower, change into a sexy eggplant color nightie, no panties, just stocking and I throw myself face down on the bed. I wonder how long Michael will be as I close my eyes and try to take a nap. I must have dozed for when I wake up I feel Michael's moist soft lips, pressing onto mine.

I return the kiss, using my tongue and increase the pressure. The response is immediate as I feel Michael's hand exploring my tits as the other slides down my belly and rubs my cunt. Michael moves slowly onto the bed, our tongues intertwine, as I slowly push Michael onto his back. I unzip his pants and pull them down his legs, kissing his hairy skin as every inch is revealed. I toss his pants on a near by chair, remove his shorts, kiss the head of his wonderful cock and I do something I have always wanted. I reach down and get a firm grip on his shirt, pulling as hard as I can, making buttons fly in every direction. Michael is smiling up at me, and motions for me to move closer. I climb over him and straddled his hips as he reaches under my nightie and gently strokes my clit pussy. Then, carefully, he slides a finger into my willing hole. I gasp with pleasure as my vaginal muscles tighten, holding his finger in place.

Michael pulls my nightie over my head, tosses it on the same chair and whispers, "I've been wanting all day for your hard nipples ... now they are mine ... all mine." He pulls me forward until my nipples are rubbing his face and he softly licks first the right then the left. I go purely crazy with pleasure as his mouth sucks and his fingers play, gasping and moaning while wave after wave of intense pleasure jolts and radiate to my extremities.

In no time I am on the edge of another climax as I gasp, " ... Oh ... yes! I'm coming ... don't stop! ... I'M GONNA CUMMMM! ... don't stop ... yes! ... ooh! ... I'M CUMING! ... YES! ... UNGHHH! ... OOHYES! ... FUCK! ... I CAN'T STOP CUMING! ... I CAN'T STOP ... CUMING! ...

Slowly ... I come down from my orgasm, panting and moaning, to find Michael gasping and rubbing his hard cock. I take his hand and pull it away, leaving his prick standing like a flagpole. I look into his eyes as he whispers, " ... Do me now ... Patty Cake ..."

I reach my hands around Michael's stiff cock and pull him forward so I can reach my prize with my tongue. Taking a deep breath, I slide his prick way in until the tip of his cock touches the back of my throat. I then start to move his member in and out slowly. With the pressure building at the base of his cock I know that he wouldn't last long with the way I was deep-throating ... expertly. "I'm going to cum", he warns as I pull free of his cock and smile, whispering, "No doing that until you're in my cunt."

Michael needs no further prompting as I roll onto my back and raise my knees, spreading my thighs. I am mounted as his cock slips into my hot moist cunt in one long slippery movement. "Aaah!" he groans, " ... that feels so fucking good!" Furiously he pumps into my cunt, sending waves of intense pleasure through both of our bodies. Michael pulls almost all the way out on each stroke, so that I gasp and dig my nails into his ass to keep him from pulling all the way out. He rams into me each time with enough force to drive me back against the headboard, making me arch up to meet every thrust.

"Oh ... yes ... Michael ... fuck me ... cum now ... in my cunt ... fill me up ... fuck me ... make me cum ... you cum ... I want to cum ... fuck me harder ... yes ... oh ... yes ...", I gasped as the pace increases, driving into my cunt on each stroke. Pre-cum oozes from your cock making my pussy slippery as Michael is determined to make me come before him. My cunt constricts around his stiff cock and I know that my orgasm is not far away. Lifting my legs over his shoulders his cock drives into me until I feel his prick bumping into my cervix. I loose control as I feel the pressure against my pelvis and start to buck and moan spasmodically as my orgasm takes over. My nails rake deep scores in his ass as I scream and shake with the intensity of my orgasm. My vagina contracts so forcefully that Michael must feel as if he is in the grip of a hot wet vise. The resulting pleasure pushes us suddenly over the edge. Michael cums into me so forcefully that I feel a blaze of heat inside my womb as I am rammed up against the wall behind the bed. Michael pumps spurt after spurt of hot cum deep into my cunt, I groan in almost unbearable pleasure, his balls release their load into me as I am lost in ecstasy. My head thrashes as I gasp and shake with pleasure. It seems like neither of us will ever stop cumming.

Then ... suddenly ... it is over and we are panting, gasping, looking into each other's eyes in exhausted delight. Moving down ... I lay next to Michael who is breathing heavily. I wrap my arms around him tightly, laying my head on his chest, feeling his arms incase my body.

Ever so slowly we drift into blissful sleep

Dreaming of the days to come.

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