The Fantasy ... The Flight

By Patty Cake Magenta

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I remember last night with Michael in the hotel. Just the sight of him makes my pussy tingle. I can feel the dampness seeping from my cunt. I put my finger in my panties and begin rubbing my clit. Hearing a sound of the jet engines lulls me to a fantasy until I hear his voice and quickly pull my hand from my panties. "It's all right", I think, " ... it's only Michael returning from a trip to the head. Michael stretched in the aisle, letting out a groan as the tension as he slides into his seat beside me. I smile inwardly at the groan as I had heard the same sound coming from Michael the night before as he had emptied his load deep into my cunt. I can still feel a tingle where his hands had been. It makes me excited all over again.

I carefully slip my hand below the map I am reading, under the waistband of my skirt and into my damp panties. "I hope that Michael can't tell what I'm doing"< I think nervously as I wiggled my hand down to where I can insert the tip of my index finger into my slippery wet pussy. Sliding my hand up a little I am able to massage my swollen clit. Wave upon wave of pleasure coursed through me as I finger myself. Michael is aware that I am tensing up in the seat just to his left. By leaning over he is able to see that my left hand under my skirt.

"No way", he whispers, " ... you wouldn't have the nerve to do that here!"

"Wouldn't I ... !

But ... he can't mistake the slight spasm, the jerks of my shoulders and the deep breaths I am taking. My unmistakable scent reaches his nostrils and excites him still further. Michael's cock is getting very hard and I am close to an orgasm. My wet finger rubs up and down between my labia, keeping my clit well lubricated, as I massage myself towards orgasm. Michael shifts in his seat as he slowly rubs his groin.

My panties are drenched in vaginal lubricant and my groin is aching for Michael. "It's too late now", I think, "I'm going to have to wait". The light had just come on for seat belts so I knew we would be landing soon. I pushed my hand quickly back under the waistband of my skirt , and pulled my panties tightly up into my crack.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is Captain Morgan speaking. We will be landing in Honolulu in approximately fifteen minutes. The temperature is a warm eighty-three degrees. There is some traffic ahead of us and we may experience a few little bumps, so please be sure to keep your seat belts fastened. Thanks for flying United Airlines."

I turned to Michael, noticing the tent in his pants, and placed the map over to his lap. I whispered into his ear, "Michael, pretend you're reading the map with me so I can relieve your tension before we land." With a smile on his face he leans back as I unzip his fly, letting his cock free. My hand is moistened with my juices as I reach under the map and grip his cock firmly.

As my hand wraps around Michael's cock, the jet bucks and surges, the movement is transmitted through my tightly fitting panties to my pussy lips that are spread by my undies. My hand is also jerked on Michael's cock and we both speak at the same time. "This could be fun," We both have a wonderful look of pleasure on our faces.

"Oh ... I'm going to cum, I can't help it", I moan as the stimulation continued. I'm soaking wet", I whisper as I stroke Michael's cock as moans of pleasure escape his mouth, exciting me even to the brink of orgasmic pleasure.

I am squirming cum on my seat as the stimulation rises to new heights. I can feel the tension rising in my pussy muscles and I know that I can't hold off my orgasm any longer. My breath is coming in short gasps, and I am straining against the seat belt as the wave of pleasure starts to rise. I want Michael to feel the same pleasure so I slip my head under the map and suck his stiff cock into my mouth, taking him as deep into my throat as I can. My toes curl as my orgasm begins and Michael's hips are bucking in the seat as his orgasm starts. His hot cum shoots deep into my throat as I suck his load from his wonderful cock. Struggling to maintain my self-control, I moan, Unnnh ... I'M COMING! ... OOOH! ... FUCK! ... I'M COMING! I LOVE YOUR CUM ... " I am arching in the seat ... shaking ... shuddering gasping with pleasure as I swing my head wildly in ecstasy. I swallow all the cum that Michael produces, my hands involuntarily slid deeper inside my panties as I plunged two fingers deep into my cunt. The fingers of my other hand massage Michael's balls, pumping the last of his cum into my mouth. I am completely lost in my orgasm ... in Michael's climax ... in our release ... and completely unaware that we are seconds from touch down.

The plane makes a terrible lunge as the wheels hit the runway and Michael's cock is thrust deeper into my throat as I gag at the sudden impact of the jolt. I start to laugh but his prick is in my throat so I make a sound like a fart. This embarrasses Michael as I pull my head from under the map, making the other passengers think that I was asleep in his lap and awakened by the sound of escaping gas. A few passengers chuckle. I look at Michael in puzzlement. With that we both laugh.

After the plane stops we quickly escape the cabin and run through the airport to a cab. I climb in he grabs my ass, pinching my cheeks until I squeal with delight. Michael tells the cabby to head for the Villa.

All the way to the there, his hand never leaves my thigh, squeezing, rubbing making me very wet.

As the cab pulls into the circular drive of the Villa, Michael asks, "Are you ready?"

"I'm waiting for you", I answer.

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