Wiggle Beach

By Patty Cake Magenta

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I roll over on the beach ... basking in the sun ... showing you my shaved pussy as my undies ride up my crack ... you lick your lips ... softly rub your stiff cock as you finish taking off your clothes.

I make believe that I don't know you are examining my bare pussy. I act shocked as you reach over ... ripping my panties from my hips. I slap your ass and I run down the beach ... wiggling my bare ass ... diving into the surf ... you ... dive right after me.

You catch me before I can go to far ... spin me around ...kiss me hard ... your hand moves to my naked ass ... the water is up to mid thigh ... I lift a leg over your hip ... take you in before lifting the other leg.

When the footing was good you could dance as you carried me ... but on the sandy bottom you just stood, swaying, as I ride your cock. You cradle me with your hands laced together behind me. My hands were free to finger your nipples, pulling them hard, watching you squirm. I smile as I rock gently on your prick. I admired the look on you face and the shape feel our bodies, savoring the feeling of your cock deep inside me.

After a while, I reach up and lock my fingers behind your head, letting you take a turn at touching me. You slide your hands up my sides to my round tanned breasts ... across my pink nipples. My nipples ... you gently circle my nipples with my thumbs ... leaning down you take one into your mouth and sucking ... you make me want to cum so bad ... you bite down hard ... I squeal with delight.

You feel my cunt contracting around your cock as my body slowly slides up and down as your hard stiff prick drives you to the edge of orgasm. I hold you there until you have to kneel on the sandy bottom to avoid loosing your balance. The feeling of the water around our joined bodies sets you back, briefly, then I let go and let the water carry my weight. My yellow rose is tattoo is visible through the clear water. I am smiling ... my long hair glinting in the sun ... my pink nipples alternately finding your mouth above the placid surface of the water ... sliding back under as we keep fucking.

The water is splashing between our bodies and you can feel it as I cum ... my cunt clamps down hard on your cock ... my ankles clutch around your waist ... clinging to your ass ... I leaned back ... gasp ... orgasm.

After initial climax I begin massaging your cock ... pumping with my pelvic muscles as the waves of my orgasm drive you over the edge. You have my hips tightly in your hands ... straining to drive your cock deep into my cunt as the explosion sweeps through your body. You feel a surge within me as you pump yourself dry.

We stare at each other for a few moments before I drift free and stand up. "Now ... look what you did! I have sand in my ass. What am I going to do", I say pouting. I run back into the water ... washing the sand .. the cum ... from my body. I return to the beach you are lying on your back with your legs spread. It's so tempting! I move between your legs ... letting the water drip from my hair over you cock. Your eyes open as you point at your cock ... smiling. I get on my knees, pushing your thighs wide. I bend my head low and begin lapping at your balls getting them wet with my saliva ... tasting the salt from the sea ... then ... I suck on your testicles gently as your hips wiggle. My hand moves to your cock as my head lowers to your asshole. You bend your knees as my tongue circles the pucker ring ... quickly pushing inside ... you moan loudly ... my tongue fucks your ass ... my hands stoke your cock ... fondle your balls.

My pussy begins to get wet with the excitement of your pleasure. My finger finds your ass hole and replaces my tongue as I move to the mouth of your cock. Your eyes open wide as my lips engulf your cock-head ... my mouth presses tightly against the underside of your stiff prick ... my tongue vibrates like a tuning fork ... more and more your cock slips deep into my throat. Your hips raise as I suck you deep ... my cheeks pull in as my finger pumps in and out of your ass ... your cock is swelling in my throat ... you erupt ... shooting your cum into my mouth ... sweet rich cum which flows through my lips around your strong prick.

I pull you forward ... sucking your cum ... rich ... hot ... strong ... cum My tongue keeps stroking your cock ... cleaning your soft skin of any remaining nectar.

I lay down between your thighs ... cuddle you as the passion subsides ... our desires yearn for more ... but ... our bodies are spent.

... at least for the moment.

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