The Rest of the Night's Ride

By Patty Cake Magenta

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I really wanted to fuck someone but the ride operator was a carnie creep. Bad teeth, foul breath and dirty beyond belief.

As I walked toward the gates I heard a man's voice yelling, "Miss ... stop ... I need a word with you".

I turned and there stood a very tall security guard. He must have been six foot five, broad shoulders, dark brown hair and brown eyes. I began to say something and he grabbed my arm and said, " ... you're coming to the office. I saw what you were doing on that ride and I'm going to call the police." He began dragging me and I kept tripping and he pulled hard on my arm. He seemed to be enjoying this a lot as I stumbled after him. When we reached the office, he opened the door and pushed me inside. He pushed so hard I landed on the floor.

My skirt was up around my waist and he had a view of my bald wet cunt as my legs were spread. His eyes never left my pussy as I wiggle a little, trying to close my legs. Then I felt his hands under my arms lifting me until my feet left the floor and I just kept going up. He lifted me until my feet landed on a desk. There I was, standing on this desk, in front of the huge man, the bottom of my skirt right in front of his face.

He stepped back, telling me, " ... Stay there ... don't move ... I'm calling the cops" I noticed that the front of his pants were sticking way out ... so ... I knew there was a way out of this situation.

I was to fucking horny by then that I didn't want to let this moment pass. Nor did I want to end up in jail, get a ticket and still be horny. I knew what he wanted me to say ... so damn it ... I said it. "Please wait ... sir ... I'm sorry about the ride ... I was just having some fun ... I didn't think anyone saw us ... please ... don't call the police ... I will do anything ... please."

That's all he needed to hear and he moved so fast that I never expected what came next. One hand reached under my skirt while his other hand was pushing my legs apart. He roughly pushed a finger deep inside my already wet cunt. His finger was the size of a small prick and he pulled it out as fast as it went in.

He said, " ... take your skirt off", so I did as he commanded. As I undid snaps the skirt begin to slide down my hips until my cunt is in full view. His hands lifted my legs to help it off and he tosses the skirt on the other desk, never turning his head, his eyed glued to my dripping cunt.

He said abruptly, " ... spread your legs", and I felt the back of his hands pushing on the inside of my thighs. My legs were spread wide, my knee slightly bent. He moved closer until I could feel his hot steady breathing on my open cunt. His hands slide up the back of my thighs and, taking both cheeks into his hands, he pulled me forward till his face was tight against my open pussy. His tongue dives into me, fast and hard, and then he does a slow lick around my clit. I began to squirm as his hands tighten on my ass so that I can't move. I grab the back of his head with both my hands and hold him tight against me. His tongue never stops. It just keeps moving until, all of a sudden, he began to suck my clit hard, biting, as I let out a loud scream. The sound of my cry didn't stop him and I tried to move his head away, by pulling on his hair. I was going to cum ... his teeth were dragging against my clit ... I came with so must force that I passed out ... falling into his arms as he caught me.

When I recovered he was slapping me gently on the face. As my eyes adjusted to the light he was standing between my legs, I was on my back, lying on the desk, my legs over his shoulders and he was totally naked ... and ... so was I. "Wake up baby ... I want you awake for this. I lifted my head and looked down my body and between my legs.

"OHHHHH ... NO ...", was all I could say ... as I saw his stiff member ... he was huge ... eight inches long ... or more ... his cock was as big around as my wrist. "NOOOO ... please don't", I whispered but he didn't listen. He began stroking his cock-head up and down my slit until his monster cock was well soaked with my cum. "NOOOO ... please ... you're too big ... you will rip me apart .... ", I whined as he kept stroking my cunt. He leaned over, taking my right nipple into his mouth, and began flicking it with his tongue while holding it tightly between his teeth. He then bit and sucked the left tit and kept that up until I began to moan because it felt so good. He bite down hard on my nipple , and, at the same time, I felt the head of cock enter my yielding pussy. The pain from my nipple took my mind from the stretching of his cock and I wanted him inside my throbbing cunt. I raised my hips as he pushed inside roughly ... it felt wonderful ... my cunt hurt ... my tits hurt ... but the pain was pleasure as the emotions took over and the pleasure had began. That's the first time ever I enjoyed pleasure pain.

Then ... with one final thrust ... all eight inches of his massive prick was buried deep and I began to cum. He fucked me like I always wanted to be fucked, with powerful and hard strokes. I bucked wildly against his strength as he plunged in and out of my cum soaked cunt as I experienced multiple orgasms of cosmic strength. I just kept cumming ... and cumming!

We must have fucked for hours before I passed out again and when I awoke, we were on the floor ... naked ... covered with cum. I was totally exhausted ... and everything hurt ... I was drained of every emotion.

The sun was up, and so was he. He put his hand between my legs ... cupping my sore cunt ... slipping a giant finger inside ... feeling the soft folds of my pussy. His mouth came down to my neck, and licked till he reached my ear. In a gentle whisper he said. " ... my name is Eric."

His finger was making me so wet ... so excited ... all I could say was, "I'm Magenta ... FUCK ME ... again ... Please!"

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