Riding the Night Away

By Patty Cake Magenta

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Hi ... I'm Magenta and this is a true story that happened to me eight years ago. I was dating this guy Paul, he was a wimp and you will find out why I say that a little later. We went to a carnival, after a lot of walking I had a few nasty ideas and wanted to go on the Ferris Wheel. It was after midnight and not to many people were left in the park.

I told him I would get the tickets and little did he know that I bought twelve. I asked the man operating the wheel to keep it going until the tickets ran out. He smiled, agreed and said to have fun as he winked at me.

Well ... we got in and it began to move. So did my hands as I reached over and unzipped Paul's fly. He was embarrassed and tried pushing my hand away but I told him to sit there and enjoy. I stroked his cock and pulled the head through the opening. He was hard, not very big, but his prick had a large head. I leaned over and buried him deep in my throat as my hand squeezed and I rolled his balls between my fingers.

I get very wet when I give head and by the time we got to the top my clit was throbbing for some attention. Paul was only interested in his own pleasure so I slide my hand under my skirt. I hadn't worn any panties, since I was thinking ahead, and I started rubbing my clit with my thumb, inserting two fingers into my very wet cunt and pumping in and out as we kept going around and around.

Little did I know we had an audience. It was the operator of the ride and someone else ... but ... more about him later.

My skirt was up and my bare pussy was feeling the cool air as the wheel went around. The night breeze was blowing on my clit and the cool feeling made me pump my fingers faster and faster, as I sucked his cock harder and harder. Paul was moaning so loud that I hear him over the music coming from the ride. Just as I thought of straddling him, he began to cum. His hips arched and he began shooting rich sperm deep in my throat. His hips were bucking so hard that his balls slapped my cheek. When he went limp he quickly and pushed my head away and zipped up his pants. Well that's Paul, another night of boredom.

My fingers were still buried in my cunt as the ride began to slow so I pulled them out, looked Paul right in the eyes, as I stuck my fingers in my mouth and sucked my cum and licked them clean. Paul turned his head away as I thought, "Damn that was going to be the end of him." I straighten my skirt as the ride stopped.

The operator reached for my hand, helping me off, and brought my fingers to his face ... sniffing them. He let out a loud. "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH", and after a few seconds, leaned in close to my face and whispered, "I needed that smell to cum ... baby ... thanks. I haven't cum in years without touching my cock ... that is ... until tonight ... great show."

The ride operator winked again, kissing the palm of my hand, and I could feel the pressure of his tongue slide up my fingers.

I turned to say something to Paul, but he was gone. I guess I scared him ... fucking wimp ... So ... there I was ... in the carnival ... no date ... no ride home ... and ... still wanting a cock inside my cunt.

I looked back at the operator.

"Fucking jerk", I thought as I walked away.

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