By Toy Babee

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Ooooooo, you make me want you ... sooo fucking bad! What you wrote turned me on sooo much.

I am sitting here stroking my cunt. I miss the sound of my wet pussy sloshing as you fuck me with your fingers. I want to hear that popping sound you make as you suck the pussy juice from your hand. Oh man ... I'm getting more hot even as I type. I am pink and wet for you baby. I want you to force my legs open and suck my sweet pussy. I want the flavor of my cunt to soak into your mouth so that we can share my sweet taste as we kiss. I want to fuck you hard and fast. I want to make you cum for me.

Ooooooooo, I'm cumming. I'm sucking my cum from my fingers ... thinking of your tender mouth. I want to lick my sweet juice off your cock. I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to feel your cock head on the back of my throat. I want to feel myself swallow your stiff prick until your cum runs down my throat and into my stomach.

Oh man ... you got me too horny to concentrate on anything else.

I want you now. All I can think of is you, on your knees, sucking my hot cunt while I beg you to fuck me from behind. I want you in my wet pussy baby. I love watching your cock slip in and out as we fuck. Mmmmmm ... I love to rub your ass as your cock goes sooo deep inside my hole.

I love it when we taste each other's cum. That is sooo sexy! My cum on your cock in my mouth from my cunt.

Squeeze my pussy and slip your finger in my ass ... baby. Two ... three ... close your eyes ... dream that it's my cunt wrapped around your cock.

Ohhhhh ... I gotta finger myself some more before I go crazy.

What am I saying? I want ... I love ... I need ... is all I can think when I read your tender words.

But is it all I ... what of you? What do you want? You are so far away ... yet ... in your words your are so close.

What do you want ... what do you love ... what do you need?

Is it my love ... my cunt ... my ass ... my rolling buttery tits ... maybe ... you want ... love ... need ... my cum?

I am so hot ... I am so alone ... I am ... I am!

Please come home baby ... I am sitting in a puddle cum... typing with cum soaked fingers ... sitting in a cum soaked chair ... my cum soaked thighs spread for you ... baby

Please cum home to me.

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