Lucky in the Library

By Lee Handenbush

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Here is one for now! Thanks, Lee

Most people think libraries are very ... well ... secluded and not very stimulating ... other than the amount of knowledge found. But, I experience differently!

I attended a small under-grad college in the northeast. One night I had to go to the library to do some late-night research for a term paper. I learned and experienced a lot more than I had expected.

The place was practically deserted. At the card catalog, I picked up the curious sensation that I was being watched. Sure enough, from behind the reserve desk, the tawny-hair librarian was staring at me ... well, not at me, actually ... she appeared to be staring at my crotch! This really got me hot! At the time I was in really good shape, and sometimes woman or girls did take a look at me, but I never had one stare at my cock like this one did, especially a librarian. This chick was definitely not your normal high school, old maid, book sorter! Before I knew it, she sauntered over to me.

She was wearing a two piece business suit with a semi see-through blouse. Her red high-heeled shoes assisted in pushing her peach halves and accentuated her shapely rear end, pushing it up high. She asked if she could be of help and I told her what I was looking for.

"I think we've got just what you need downstairs in the erotic-fiction section," she said. As she led me to the basement, I was too busy admiring her "pooper" that I nearly stumbled and fell down the stairs! On the way, she said something like, " ... we don't keep it on the main floor because some people find eroticism ...well, too hot to handle ... you might say." I tried to tell whether she meant to be as suggestive as she sounded.

At last we came to a small sign that read, "EROTIC FICTION". I saw titles of books you would never see at the public library and as I was looking over her shoulder at the shelves, I decided to risk a move. After all ... there was no one around.

I leaned forward to remove a book and brushed my swollen crotch against her ass cheeks. I hesitated an agonizing few seconds, then felt her ass muscles tighten as she returned the nudge. Still holding myself against her, I took her face in my hands, tilted it toward me and stole a kiss on her lips. Without breaking off the kiss, she spun around, put her arms around my back as our tongues probed deeply into each other's mouths. She started wildly undulating her pussy against my trapped cock, while grabbing my ass with both hands.

I had the buttons on the librarian's blazer down to her skirt in a flash. Her perfect tits glowed through her blouse, revealed she wasn't wearing a bra. I couldn't help myself, so I ripped her blouse open to reveal her unleashed breasts. I brushed my fingertips across her round pink nipples, which quickly became hard and eager. She undid my jeans, and they fell to my knees. My cock was so hard it could have been a baseball bat jutting from between my legs.

"Mmmmmm", she said, caressing it softly. Before I could sigh, she had my hot cock in her mouth. Anybody could have found us down there, but she didn't seem concerned as she worked her tongue on cock like a teenager with a lollipop. I could have cum in her mouth in a second, but I didn't want our meeting to end so quickly. Her mouth was so warm and soft on my hot skin as she took my entire cock into her mouth without a sound. I felt her hand on my ass as she pulled me deeper inside her luscious mouth. It was her other hand that I enjoyed immensely, caressing my balls and base of my cock. She had a way of alternating, tickling my pouch and sensitive area between my legs.

I felt her apply pressure to my bunghole, finding it stimulating. All of a sudden I felt the most intense feeling as she stuck a finger into my ass. This feeling was new to me was incredible! She found a spot that made me shutter! It was then I knew that I would blow my wad right down her throat. The rush I felt grew even stronger ... and she knew it! It was then she took my cock from her mouth and stood up.

She mumbled something like, " ... I will not let you get off so easily", and, being hot and out of my mind, I wanted nothing more than to cum in this bitch's mouth.

She took a few steps back from me and I came to my senses. I looked nervously down the length of the book stacks, supposing that someone saw us. The thought actually excited me and made my cock throb. The librarian stepped out of her clothes, she wasn't wearing any panties either, and her body was compelling She placed her legs spread wide, her stance straight and her backside toward me. She had kept her red high-heeled shoes on, making a stark contrast to the creamy whiteness of her ass. I could see the outline of her protruding cunt and reached out to stroke her pussy-lips. That's when she bent over, spread her ass cheeks apart and I could see her little red bud of her delectable asshole.

"Give it to me!" she moaned. "I want your cock up my ass."

I put my hands around her waist. With every slight move, her tits would wave in dual motion, swinging in mid-air. Her ass was round, her thighs firm and tight and I let my right hand slide between her legs. Her pussy was wet and glistened with her juices. I couldn't resist so I eased my cock into her cunt from the rear, pushing my rod deep inside her beckoning cunt. Ah, it was great ... wet ... tight and pulsating.

"Oh," she moaned, "NO " .. I .. uh .. I want you in my ASS. Please, I need your cock in my asshole!" She took one of her high-heeled shoes and ground it into the top of my foot to make her point. With her heel sending pain up my leg, I pulled my cock from her grasping pussy. My rod was hot and slick with her juices as I slowly penetrated her tight asshole. Inch by inch I entered her until I had my full manhood buried to the hilt. She gasped, almost collapsing, while I held her up by her waist.

Finally, I couldn't stand it any longer. I started to bang into her with my cock like a maniac. I reached down and rubbed her clit as she expelled words unknown to me. The tight feeling of her poop chute felt amazing as it engulfed my shaft. The floor was so slippery from her dripping cunt that I had to grab the bookcase to steady my pumping on her tight ass to keep from falling.

Suddenly, two coeds ...a tall brunette and a short blond ... walked down a book lined aisle toward us. We'd been discovered, but it was too late for my sperm to stop! I closed my eyes and shot my cum into her ass like an exploding rocket. As my orgasm filled her bowels, the librarian let out a delighted squeal and orgasmed herself in several compulsive movements. She fell limply against the bookshelves as I held her from falling to the floor altogether. I opened my eyes and saw her smiling at the tall brunette, who had beautiful Latin eyes and an olive complexion. Instead of turning away in horror, as I had expected, both girls were smiling!

"Lola, who's your friend", the librarian asked? She was eyeing the short blond lustfully and, from the looks on their faces, it was obvious that Lola and the librarian knew each other ... well.

"This is my friend Kathy," the Latin lovely said. "Is this a private party or can anybody join in?"

"The more the merrier!", said the librarian, bringing her hand to her mouth and wetting her finger with her tongue.

Lola, the Latin beauty, smiled and gave me the eye. Then, to my amazement, the girls exchanged eye signals, and they both started peeling off their clothes. Both of them seemed to get a charge out of undressing in front of me, and I must say, I liked it too. Kathy was about eighteen and Lola was a little older ... maybe twenty ...

As their clothes fell their breasts bounced merrily. Lola, who seemed to be the dominant partner in their relationship, pulled down Kathy's jeans and panties as she slid out of her own. The skin of their asses was just as smooth and creamy as the round mounds of their tits. I felt my mouth watering as Lola helped Kathy lay down on the floor, straddling her as she might a favorite pony. Lola squatted and they began licking each other's pussies. Soon Lola arched her back and sighed while Kathy fingered herself and moaned with self-induced pleasure. While they worked at each other with concentrated fervor, I looked at the librarian, who was smiling and rubbing her own tits. I was hard again, watching all the action and thinking how I was to fuck the three of these lovely bitches.

When Lola and Kathy saw my stiff cock, they stopped playing with each other and slid across the floor towards me. They quickly had me flat on my back, Lola got on her hands and knees, managed to swing my legs up over her shoulders and spread them as wide as they would go. She started massaging my balls and tonguing the length of my stiff prick as Kathy, the cute little blonde, put her knees on either side of my head and gently eased herself cunt down onto my face. I gratefully licked, sucked and munched on her downy golden mound. During my ecstasy, I managed to get one of my fingers up her ass. Lola turned her attention to my ass, probing her tongue in and out of my hole while jacking off my cock. I could see the pre-cum glistening on the tip of my prick as I snuck a peek at the beautiful Lola.

I went back to work on Kathy. She moaned and rocked back and forth, and eventually gave a small squeal as she came with a lurch. She started to fall backward, completely exhausted, but the librarian hurried over and seized her in a passionate kiss, gently pulling her up off my suckling mouth, holding the weak-kneed Kathy in her arms.

Lola tongue had left my asshole and her mouth was working the head of my prick as if it were a large Popsicle. She pushed her mouth over the top slowly, keeping her lips taut and slick. Her long black hair formed a tent over my cock. When she had it full in her mouth, she let her tongue flex back and forth on the aching underside; then she slowly withdrew, keeping her lips as tight as she could. My cock was so wet that it made a smacking sound as it plopped out of her mouth. No sooner was my prick free from Lola's sucking mouth that I was squeezing it back in ... swollen, aching, burning.

My legs were still up on Lola's shoulders, and the blood was rushing to my head, making me see stars.

Meanwhile, cute little Kathy had revived and left the librarian's embrace. Suddenly, I heard Lola give a suffocated moan, without ever removing her mouth from my prick. I lifted my head to get a better view and saw Kathy crawl behind Lola, grasp her hips and start eating her cunt! I could tell in a movement that Lola's cunt was not the only thing receiving attention. Kathy was working her fingers in and out of Lola's asshole as she sucked the black haired pussy. Lola returned the favor, fingering Kathy's butt vigorously. I looked over and saw the librarian watching all the action, three fingers up her cunt and a couple deep in her ass.

I reached out to her with my inviting hand, pulled Lola's fingers from Kathy's ass, replacing them with my hungry cock. Kathy lay back as I rammed my cock deep into her asshole, the librarian slid toward my unoccupied mouth as I planted her cunt over my hungry lips, Lola examined Kathy's blond pussy as the four of us got a love chain going.

The librarian squatting down, facing me, and pushed her dripping pussy onto my lips. I plunged my tongue into her wet slit, flicking faster than I thought possible. I had the big toe of my right foot rubbing Kathy's furry little blond pussy while she was eating Lola's dark cunt. Kathy began rotating her pelvis in slow, pulsating thrusts as the sultry Lola was exciting my cock to full pleasure with her hydraulic lips. Before long, the librarian, in a deep orgasm, came with a big rush into my mouth, her cum flooding my face, drenching my cheeks and ears with the juices of her womanly love. She screamed, digging her fingernails into my shoulders, scratching my arms until blood was nearly drawn. It was such a shock that I couldn't hold back my orgasm any longer so I ejaculated like a fountain into Lola's mouth. I heard Lola gag a bit, followed by sounds of slurping ... sucking ... swallowing ... seeming that she loved the taste of cum and could not get enough.

Kathy crawled forward, between Lola's legs, and licked up the overflow that trickled down my tingling shaft. Lola and Kathy quickly cleaned my cock while I sucked in the librarian's warm, flowing juices. All three girls began to kiss each other, each taking a turn with me. It was then, that I realized my sperm was being shared among them ... and myself. I had never tasted sperm, not even my own, and the way it was shared was a real turn on.

Finally, I closed my eyes as we all collapsed onto the floor. It was incredible experience ... three lusty ladies and one lucky man ... fucking in the basement of a college library. All of us were exhausted!

I barely remember getting dressed, except for the kiss my cock received from each of the girls. They giggled, put on their clothes, and disappeared down the aisle of books.

The "EROTIC FICTION" section was certainly well named. When people say the library has a lot more to offer than just books ...

They are not kidding!

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