I Love to Suck Cocks

By Mistress Monica ( 1966 - 1999 )

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Some of you who have read my essay on Sucking Cocks have asked if I really like a stiff prick in my mouth or am I just trying to impress the readers of Blowout.

Let me tell you! I would rather suck a hard cock than anything in the world. I would rather suck cum from an erupting prick, swallow the rich juice and feel the stiffness shrink between my lips than drink the best glass of wine in the world ... and I love wine ... and I drink the finest.

Sucking a good cock is the most pleasurable of experiences.

If I have been asked once I have been asked a thousand times:

Readers ask: Is my cock too big ... too small ... too long ... too short ... too wide ... too narrow ... too ... too ... too! Let me tell you. Any cock is a good cock!

And ... that goes for women too! Women use a cock to suck ... to stroke ... to swallow ... or fuck ... or ... or ... or! If they can't find the real thing they use a rubber cock ... plastic cock ... vibrating cock ... pulsating cock or a Coke bottle!. The best ... of course ... is a warm ... alive ... emotional ... stiff prick.

So men and women ... don't fret. What you have is just fine. All you have to do is learn how to use it.

I learned when I was about fifteen. I was taught to suck cocks by a Master in Chicago. He started me on a rubber dildo, about five inches long, of medium diameter, which was hollow and had realistic scrotum sack attached. When I came down for breakfast, the forth day I was in his training, he explained the theory of sucking cock.

"Many girls talk about licking the head, teasingly sucking the tip into their mouth, licking up and down the underside of the shaft", he said, " ... and that is all bull shit. Men want their cock in your throat until their balls rub your lips. If a girl is really good she will take the cock ... balls and all ... and I expect you to be very good."

With that short explanation he filled the training cock with warm milk, rammed it into my mouth, down my throat and squeezed the balls shooting the warm fluid into my throat. I gagged, ejected the foreign object from my throat and threw up on the floor. My Master was furious as he ripped off my robe, pushed me to the floor in my nakedness and fucked me in the ass while I licked up the excreted milk.

The next morning I made a training cock of my own with a piece of rubber garden hose, pushed it into my throat and poured water until I could finish a pint without gagging. The next week when my Master continued with his lessons and I could take the training cock with ease. I was graduated to a six incher, then seven and up. He also increased the viscosity of the fluid my filling the scrotum with cream and finally a cock full of oyster juice. By the end of the month I could easily handle a ten-inch dildo, three inches in girth and swallow as much slime as they wanted to include.

It was then that I graduated, becoming the favorite among the men and I would handle a line every Friday night, sucking twenty cocks in an evening with ease. It wasn't long before I was asking for more cock ... larger cock ... wider cock ... and expecting to be the first in line to drink their cum. It was simple ... the first girl to bring them to orgasm got the most. I almost lived on cum for the next months of my training.

So ... what is so good about cock sucking? Basically it is power. Once a girl can suck any sized cock ... swallow cum with pleasure ... drain a stiff prick in your throat ... massage a cock with your lips ... a girl is valued. Be she a slave ... Mistress ... or just another one in line ... sucking cock makes a man weak. It is an exercise in power and emotion.

Now, sucking a cock is like drinking a glass of milk. There is no emotion .... no pleasure ... nor displeasure ... no anxiety ... nor fear. I just take a deep breath ... allow the man to push as he wishes ... suck air around his prick and let his cum flow into my stomach.

What I look for now is emotion. Dungeonmaster has that. He is a brilliant ... emotional ... powerful Master.

But ... when I suck his cock ... I control him. When his cock flexes in my throat ... his toes curl ... his hands pull my bald head against his stomach ... my lips suck his balls ... my tongue licks his sack ... his teeth grind ... he pumps ... pumps ... deep inside me ... his balls tighten ... his eyes close ... his cum shoots from his cock into my throat ... I own him at that moment. He is mine alone.

That is why I love to suck his cock. I love Dungeonmaster's cock! It's not as large as some cocks ... small as some cocks ... fat as some ... slick as others... or as full. What makes his cock so wonderful is the emotional orgasm I create in his soul. His total being erupts through his cock ... his soul shoots into my throat ... my mouth is full of his love.

Love ... my reader ... is not a strange word for me to use. Love is kind ... demanding ... painful ... penetrating ... hurtful ... caring ... and above all ... emotional. It's all about love. I happen to get mine from the end of a cock.

Which brings me to cum. The wonderful male juice that shoots from the end of a stiff prick. Girls talk about men cumming on their stomach ... cum dripping from their mouth ... too much cum to swallow ... fuck that stuff. Men like to cum in your throat and have you gulp every drop like their cum was your most valued possession. Cum is just that ... you know. Cum is half the existence of life. Your egg is the other half. Put them together and there is nothing more valuable in the world.

I'm running off at the mouth, so they say, but, I can't say enough about the joy of sucking cocks.

If you girls want to be in demand ... if you want to be cherished ... if you want to be needed ... wanted ... protected ... loved ... then practice The Art of Sucking Cocks and you will have men at your beck 'n call.

Men will line up for your mouth. Men will pay for your mouth. Men will die for your mouth. Men will kill for your mouth. You are in control when their cock is sucked between your lips into the bottomless tube called your throat. The throat is everything to a man. You can forget your tits ... your cunt ... your asshole ... if you can suck cock.

You will be the princess ... slave ... Mistress ... queen ... the person of choice among men. Just suck his cock better than anyone else and he is yours.

I could go on forever talking about the subject of cock sucking and there are ...

This is all that Mistress Monica wrote before she went into the hospital a month ago. She wanted to finish the essay but the tests, pain and finally her death prevented her writing more. I thought of adding to her writing, but found that her words expressed what she wanted to say.

I guess that the end is ... when the end comes !

I knew her well and would say that Monica was, without a doubt, the best Cock Sucker I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She was absolutely wonderful and her memory will be with me forever.


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