LOVERS ( Chapters 5 & 6 )

By: Gabriellet Xavior

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Chapter 5

As they walk into the house she turns around, kissing him passionately, her tongue exploring his mouth. "Hmmmm ..... dinner was divine, I loved it .... Thank You! Now for some dessert", she says with a wink. "But first we have to get you out of that suit"! She slowly take his coat off .... undoes his tie ..... unbuttons his shirt .... then slowly slipping it off. Her eyes devouring his half naked body. She moves her hands down and unzips his pants .... sliding them down .... his cock growing and throbbing. She slides his underwear off and his cock jumps out at her ..... her pussy is twitching. "God, I want you so much", she whispers.

"Now, its my turn", he says. He takes her into his arms and holds her close . She feels his hard cock throbbing against her body sending shivers up and down her spine. He slowly unzips her dress .... slides it down her body .... stopping to kiss her pert breasts and teases them ... letting her dress fall to the floor. "Oh, babe, you're so beautiful".

She stands back and tells him to go into the bedroom and that she'll be there in a minute. As he heads for the bath and she heads for the frig. She grabs the can of whipped cream and heads follows him. A smile plays on her lips, she look at him laying in the bed and smiles at him.

"Mmmmm .... It's dessert time!", she says with a impish smile. She takes the can of cream and squirts some on each nipple and then makes a line all the way to his cock. She moves up and kisses him then makes her way down to his nipples. Slowly she begans to lick off the cream. His nipples getting harder as she gently sucks and nibbles each one then start her way down his chest feeling herself getting more excited and aroused as she hears him moan. Licking the cream off till she finally gets to his cock. She takes the can of cream and squirts some on his balls and cock. She gets between his legs and runs her tongue up his thighs. She looks up into his eyes an sees how much he's enjoying it.

"God, your driving me crazy", he groans, his breathing becoming more rapid .... his heart racing .... his hands gently running thru her hair.

Smiling at him, she gets back to finishing her dessert. She licks his balls clean of all the cream. Then she places them into her mouth and sucks them, making sure she hasn't missed any. Then she makes her way up to his cock. "Mmmmm, my favorite part of dessert", she moans, licking it up and down cleaning it off. She doesn't touch the tip, yet, saving that till last. Feeling her body getting hotter, the passion grows deeper as her pussy starts to tingle and get wet.

He moans and starts to move his hips. Telling her how good it feels, she loves hearing him say that knowing she's giving him pleasure. She places the cock head into her mouth and sucks it clean. He sucks in his breath ..... "Ooooooohhhhh! Suck it ... honey", he moans. Hearing him say that makes her so happy because she knows she is pleasing him. She takes his cock in slowly, inch by inch, until it touches the back of her throat. Moaning, she sucks it and swirls her tongue around it as it throbs in her mouth. She knows he's about to cum so she massages his balls ...... sucking his prick harder .... going up and down, faster and faster his hips move and he holds her head gently. "Oooohhhh, My God , I'm cummming!", he groans.

His hot cum shoots deep into her mouth and slides down her throat! She sucks it till she knows she has gotten ever last drop! She moves up his body kissing him, tasting his cum. "That's the best dessert I've ever had!", she whispers.

Smiling at him, she can see in his eyes that he wants his dessert, so she hands him the can of whipped cream. "Mmmmmmm ...... Now its my turn!" He rolls her onto her back and squirts some cream on each breast. Straddling her, he licks the cream off her breast, but not all of it. He leaves what's on the nipples. Looking at her he can see she want him to suck them. He smiles and starts to slowly lick the cream off .... making circles around her nipples. Finally when they are hard he sucks on them.

"Oooooohhhhh, God, Steve , that feels sooo good", she moans softly, as he nibbles at each one, then slides his body farther down hers.. He takes the can of cream and makes a line down to her pussy . Slowly he licks his way down, "Ooohhh, Steve", she says, starting to squirm and wiggle. Her pussy is getting so hot and wet. He get in between her legs and spreads them, squirting cream on both sides of her pussy and the insides of her thighs.

Steve looks up into her eyes, grinning and licking his lips as she squirms. Slowly licking the cream from her thighs, then up, licking the cream from the sides of her pussy . Her hips start to move and she puts her hands on his head, trying to get him to eat her pussy. Her body is on fire and screams for release. He gently takes her hands and holds them . Holding them with one hand, he squirts cream all over her pussy. He lowers his head and starts to lick and suck the cream from her throbbing and erect clit. She gasps as his mouth touches her clit and she cums, shaking and shuddering. "Ohh, Steve, I love it, it feels so good", she moans as she drenches his tongue and face with her cum.

He licks up and down her pussy, licking and sucking off the cream and her love juices. Then, sticking his tongue inside her pussy, he starts to lick and suck her cunt faster and harder as if he can't get enough of her.

"I'm cumming, ohhh ... my God", she screams, she can hardly catch her breath. Cumming again, an orgasmism so intense, she drenches his tongue and mouth. She grabs his head and lifts her hips, grinding her pussy into his face. He keeps sucking wanting to get all her cum.

He finishes, then moves up her body and kisses her passionately, "Mmmmmmm. .... That's the best dessert I've ever had", he whispers softly. "But, I'm still hunger for more of your body. I can't get enough of you."

Smiling at him, she kisses hiis mouth. Her hands gently caress his cheeks. "I feel the same way", she whispers.

Chapter 6

He holds her in his arms, both of them getting their second wind, knowing that they'll need it. She starts to run her fingers up and down his chest. As he caresses her breasts, they kiss enjoying the feel of each other She looks down and sees his cock growing as her pussy starts to twitch and tingle.

She takes his cock into her hand and feels it throbbing, pulsing and growing. He moves, his hand down and plays with her clit, sliding two fingers into her pussy, slowly pushing them in and out. Feeling her getting wetter, her pussy tightens around his fingers. Thier moans fill the room as she takes his cock in her hand, gently caressing it with her fingertips. Sliding them up and down, she feels the fire within her igigniting once more.

He rolls on top of her and he asks her to guide his cock into her pussy. She moans softly as it enters, ever so slowly. "Ohhh, it feels so good", she moans as her pussy pulses around his cock and with each stroke the flame is building within her.

He pumps it in and out so slowly, wanting it to last forever. Her hot, wet pussy squeezes his cock. "Mmmmmm, you feel so good", he moans as she starts to move her hips to match his. Thier passion and desire for one another grows deeper and hotter. She wants to feel the sweet release, yet she's not wanting it to end. He starts going a little faster, raising her legs and putting them over his shoulders.

Hearing her moan, his cock goes deeper into her. "God, I don't want this to end. It feels so good". She can feel the fire building, burning hotter. She knows it won't be long. She reaches down and plays with her clit, while her other hand caresses his balls.

Faster and harder they thrust, knowing they are both close to cumming. She can feel his balls tightening in her hand. She feels his cock swelling and getting bigger. Her pussy squeezes it tighter, their breathing becoming more rapid, hearts pounding in thier chests.

"Oooooohhh, God, I'm cumming", he shouts and with one final thrust he explodes inside her. His cock jerks as his hot cum shoots deep inside her, filling her full.

"Oh, my God, I'm cumming", she gasps her hips moving wildly as she explodes ..... grabbing his ass pulling him into her. Her whole body shakes as she cums. She can hardly breath as wave after wave of pure pleasure runs from her body, drenching his cock. Her pussy pulsing around his cock as thier juices mix together and start to flow from her cunt, coating his balls. She clings to him, never wanting these feelings to stop.

He lays on top of her, kissing her softly as they catch thier breath. Words can't describe how they feel! Niether of them had ever felt this wonderful. They didn't want it to stop. "This must be heaven. Have I told you how fantastic you are, my sweet. I love you", He whispers sloftly into her ear, as he gently caresses her face.

"Yes, but, I love hearing it. Y you are fantastic ... too. I love you", she whispers as she looks lovingly into his eyes. She brushes the stray hair from his forehead, and kisses him sloftly on the lips.

He reluctantly rolls off her. His arm slide down her waist and pulls her to him, never wanting to let go of her. Her head is on his shoulder, snuggling into him. Each thinks what tomorrow will bring .... as they both fall asleep content.

They know that the love they have for each other only grows stronger each day.


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