LOVERS ( Chapters 3 & 4 )

By: Gabriellet Xavior

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Chapter 3

Looking over he sees her head resting on the pillow her brown hair frames her face and neck. Her eyes closed, a blanket pulled up under her chin. A slight smile traces her lips. It's almost as if he had dreamt everything ...but that was not possible ... he knew it happened! A wonderful lady had just given him the most incredible fuck in the bathtub, and than in bed.

"Kathie", he softly whispers, "I don't know what to say. You are the most fantastic woman I have ever met." He leans over kissing her softly on the lips. Her only response is that her smile turns up slightly at the corners of her mouth .. but she say nothing. "I'll be right back", he whispers.

He puts on his robe and walks into the kitchen, picking up a bottle of wine and two glasses. This afternoon held even more promise, and wine would be the fitting accompaniment to what laid in store. As he makes his way back into the bedroom with the wine and the glasses, he can see her lying there with her eyes still closed the blanket covering her shoulders, tucked neatly under her chin. Breathing deeply, she looks so peaceful and serene; he's sure that she's asleep. "Oh well", he thinks, "guess I'll have to drink the wine by myself."

As he lies next to her, she stirs as his body brushes against her. "Sorry, Kathie", he whispers, "I didn't mean to wake you. I brought some wine for us, but if you are tired…..". His voice trails off.

"No, I wasn't sleeping", she whispers softly, "I was just relaxing, letting my mind wander. Thank you, Steve, I would love a glass of wine."

"Damn", he mutters quietly, as he spills some of the wine on his robe.

She smiles at him, whispering softly ..."You should do what I do so that I don't spill anything on my clothes."

"What's that" he asks. With a wicked smile on her lips, she slowly pulls the blanket down from her shoulders. Her bare shoulders come into view. As she pulls the blanket lower, her breasts jutting out at him, inviting him to squeeze them.

His heart starts to pound and his mouth is suddenly very dry. Teasingly, she asks, "Want to see more?" His mouth agape, he can only nod dumbly, like a teenager at his first strip show. He take a large swallow of wine as she slowly slides the blanket below her breasts…lower….lower, down her stomach, until the top of her pussy hairs peek from behind the covering. She pulls the blanket still lower, exposing all of her pussy to his awestruck gaze.

As her creamy white thighs are exposed, she drops the blanket to the floor. Her legs part slightly as she takes his hands in hers and places them on her breasts. She places her feet on the bed, knees high, spreading her legs wider apart. He can feel the hardness of her nipples as his hands firmly squeezing her breasts. "Why don't you remove you robe?", she whispers huskily.

Removing his robe, he kneels on the bed between her legs. His hands again reaching out for her breasts. As their eyes meet, her hands reach out toward his neck and pulls him to her. His face buried in the nape of her neck as his hands slide down off her breasts and down to her hips. Her fingers run through his hair, as his lips softly touch the nape of her neck. He can feel her warm breath on his ear, coming faster with each passing second. As he lays on her, his hands slowly caresses her hips…the outside of her thighs….the silkiness of her skin under his fingertips sends shivers through his body.

His lips find her soft shoulder….then sliding lower to her upper chest, where her breasts begins to swell. Feeling the passion growing in her body, her fingers in his hair pressing his face hard into her soft breasts. It is difficult breathing, but he doesn't care…..he could not pick a better way to die. He rises slightly, and looks down at her. He whispers as his heart beats faster, "I want to squeeze your soft breasts ...your hard perky nipples ... I want to eat your pussy .. I want all of you."

He lowers his head to her breast as his mouth greedily tries to take it all in. His tongue slowly licks the tip of her swollen nipple as his hand slides effortless up and down the inside of her thigh. Her hands in back of his head pulling him tightly to her chest, smothering him. Her legs part wider as he settles on top of her. Gently, he nibbles on the tip of her pert nipple and his hand continues to rub the inside of her silky thigh. A soft moan escapes from her lips as her back arches up to meet him.

Slowly, his lips make their way down her soft stomach, stopping only to lick her navel. Her breathing becomes more rapid her legs open wider as a soft moan comes from deep in her throat. He slips his hands beneath the cheeks of her ass and lifts her hips up slightly. He raises slightly, admiring the naked body before you.

As he takes in her sensual body, his mouth turns it's attention back to her body, devouring her soft pussy as if it were dessert. He places his hands on her knees and open her legs wide for him. The juices from her pussy fills his tongue as it slips inside her wet, warm, slippery pussy. The tip of his tongue licks her clit…back and forth as his hands slowly slide along the inside of her soft thighs. Her juices flowing across his tongue, stirring his throbbing cock to it's hardest and fullest.

His tongue traces a path from her clit to her pussy. The exotic aroma of her juices driving him wild with anticipation and desire. As he lick her back and forth, his right hand slides its way up to the lips of her pussy and his finger penetrates her pussy, sliding deep into her hole. His left hand reaches out for her tender breast, taking the still swollen nipple between his thumb and forefinger, squeezing it gently, but firmly…a moan escapes her lips.

He feels her excitement heighten as his finger…now joined by another rapidly slides in and out of her pussy. Her head thrashes left and right as she bites her hand to keep from shouting out. A low moan escapes from deep in her throat. He can sense that she's about to cum…he wants to bring her the same pleasure that she brought to him. More rapidly his fingers move in and out of her tight pussy. Her juices flow freely over his fingers and hands. He can feel her pussy muscles tighten around his rapidly moving fingers. Her body is pushing upward to meet his fingers inside of her. Suddenly, her body tenses, and her fingers dig into his hair, holding his face tight against her pussy. "Oh, my God, Steve, I'm cumming" she shouts as she shakes and trembles, exploding into his mouth. As her orgasm subsides, he continues to lick her pussy, cleaning every drop of cum from her pussy lips her clit ...her inner thighs.

He raises his head, moves his body up and kisses her passionately. She slips her tongue inside his mouth tasting her juices as her tongue explores his mouth. She feels his cock throbbing and pulsing as he lies on top of her. Putting her arms around his neck, she tells him how much she wants to suck his beautiful cock and give him as much pleasure as he had given her. Gently pushing him off her onto his back. Taking her hands, moving them down his body lightly touching him. Going up and down his chest with a feather touch.

"Oh, Kathie, that feels so good", he moans. She starts at his neck and began to kiss down his body, stopping at his nipples and making circles around them with her tongue. When they're hard, she gently nibbles them. Moaning, looking up at him as her tongue starts to go down his chest till she gets to his crotch. Her fingers are busy going up and down his cock every so slowly, feather touches...As her tongue goes to the inside his thighs and kisses and licks them, making him squirm.

"Oh, God, It feels so good, you're driving me insane ..... Suck Me ...", he moans.

She looks up at him and licks her lips. Her tongue now licking his balls, seeing the pleasure She's giving him in his eyes. Her fingers wrap around his cock , loving the feeling of him pulsing in her hand. she takes each ball in her mouth and sucks them gently. "God, I want him in my mouth." she whispers softly. So she slowly lick her way his cock. "Mmmmmmm I love it!!!"

She looks at him and sees how much pleasure she brings him. She goes up and down him with her tongue never touching, the head she wants this to last forever!!!! She sees the pre cum seeping from his cock, her tongue flicks out to taste it. It tastes so good. He gasps as she puts the head into her mouth.

"I love it, God your mouth feels so good, so hot and wet.", he moans as his fingers softly run through her hair.

She loves giving him pleasure as she slowly go down on his cock inch by inch till it touches the back of her throat, her tongue swirling around it.

He starts to move his hips and gently hold her head and fuck her mouth as she suck it harder and faster. Her pussy is on fire, moving her hand down, she begins to play with her clit wanting to cum when she feels his hot cum slide down her throat!!! She looks up at him lovingly with a pleading look in her eyes, cum for me, they seem to say. He's getting close to cumming and pump his cock into her mouth faster.. "Ohhhh, My God, I'm Cummming", he shouts "God it feels sooo good to cum in your hot mouth!!!"

She sucks harder, massaging his balls and sliding two fingers into her pussy, as she cums with him. Oh, God It feels so good, she thinks. Her pussy twitching and drenching her fingers as she feels his hot cum glide over her tongue and slide down her throat .... I love it !!!

He's still shaking and shooting cum, she can't get enough of it sucking it harder as she doesn't want to miss a drop. She takes her hand from her pussy and bring it up to his mouth, watching as he licks it clean. He gently raises her head and brushes her hair away from her face .. "That was fantastic!!!!",, he whispers.

"I love giving you pleasure !!! I love the taste and feel of you! you are sooo good.", she whispers back to him.

She moves up to his face and they kiss, his tongue exploring her mouth. They sit up and have some wine. Each of them thinking of how wonderful this day has been so far and how much more pleasure they can give to each other. Sitting wrapped in his arms, her head resting on his shoulder.

Chapter 4

After all the lovemaking, they are exhausted and hungry! Steve suggests "Why don't we take a shower, get dressed, and go out for a nice dinner. I think we deserve it."

"What an excellent idea", Kathie responds, "I am famished!"

As she heads for the shower, he thinks back to the afternoon of lovemaking that they enjoyed. His mind is filled with the sights of her lovely body the thoughts of them fucking the afternoon away as they spent themselves.

Finishing her shower, he goes in. The water is nice and hot as his body soaks up the steam. He towels off, he thinks of which restaurant might be best for dinner. After the afternoon they had, he thinks they should have the best. He remembers a terrific Italian restaurant where the lights are dim, the wine nicely chilled, and the food is outstanding.

When he enters the bedroom, he sees that she is already dressed. She looks so fine in her low cut red dress. He will be the envy of the restaurant when they walk in. Dressing in his best suit, soon they leave for the restaurant. All the way to the restaurant in the car, she is very quiet, but seems to be smiling, as if she's enjoying some private thought.

They enter, Steve asks the waiter to seat them in the back of the restaurant where the lights are dim and it is more private. The waiter seating them in a large booth in the far corner of the restaurant; it is perfect…candlelight…linen table clothes that reach to the floor. A fitting setting for a perfect day.

Steve orders a bottle of wine as they sit in the booth, he looks deeply into her eyes. His passion for her has no bounds. After making love to her all afternoon, he still can not get enough of her. He can picture her body under the sexy red dress. A smile plays on her lips like she is enjoying some secret. "A penny for your thoughts", he whispers to her.

She smiles "I was just thinking that I want you right here in the restaurant", she says.

"I would like that too", he stammered, " but what will the waiter think!".

"We won't tell him", she says with a twinkle in her eye. "Here, I have something to show you!" With a quick movement of her hands, she reaches below the table and lifts up her skirt. Raising her skirt higher above the tops of her stockings, he can see that she has no panties on! The outline of her pussy is for his eyes only since they are hidden from view by being in the back of the restaurant and the tablecloth in front of the table reaches to the floor.

"Do you like?", she ask with an impish grin.

"I love it!", he responds.

She takes his hand and guides it to her hot, wet pussy. Spreading her legs wide. "You're also a horny little devil, aren't you?", she whispers into his ear as her hand covers his bulging cock through his pants.

Startled, he glances back at her face as he can see the wicked grin on her face and the twinkle in her eye. "I'm sorry", he stammer in a whispered voice, "I was just thinking of the fantastic afternoon that we had together, and I just couldn't help myself."

"Don't be embarrassed", she whispers, "I enjoyed it just as much as you did." Their eyes meet as he kisses her tenderly on the lips, their lips barely brushing.

"I have an idea", her voice rises in hushed excitement, "but you have to do exactly as I say....OK?"

"Anything you say, I promise", he replies, his heart starts beating faster. Under the table, he notices her raise her hips, lifting her skirt above her hips to her waist. Her fingers unzip his pants and remove his hard cock from its confinement. Her fingers slide up and down the length of the shaft softly, barely touching his throbbing cock. His fingers reach between her legs and caress the hair of her pussy. As she spreads her legs, his fingers slide easily between the lips of her pussy, surprised to find that she are already wet and slippery. They sit that way for several minutes, under cover of the table, each of them using their fingers to bring pleasure to the other. Their breathing becomes more rapid as his cock becomes harder (if that is possible) under her soft and sensuous touch.

She whispers, "I am going to face forward and straddle your lap, sliding down all the way on your cock. But so that we don't attract too much attention ...... sitting very still on your lap with your cock deep inside me ...... keeping my movement to a minimum ...... I want you to just sit there as still as possible under the circumstances". With a huskiness in her voice, she continues ..... "that way, if someone should happen to notice, it will look as if I am just sitting on your lap." He does not think that anyone would believe for one moment that she was innocently sitting on his lap, but at that point, he would agree to anything. "Yes ... yes", he eagerly agrees.

She slips her left leg over his leg, slowly, carefully and lowers herself down on top of him. Guiding her, he places his hands under the cheeks of her ass .... his hands spread the cheeks of her ass and the lips of her pussy ..... he feels her warm pussy against the head of his erect throbbing cock. His cock slides into her pussy easily as she settles down on his lap, driving his cock deeper inside of her. His face is buried into the back of her neck, as his hands encircle her waist and pull her down tightly on top of him.

"Remember", she whispering over her shoulder, "don't move. Let me do the work as I watch for any interruptions." Not moving was proving a most difficult promise to keep, as his cock was deep inside her. He begins to notice that the muscles of her pussy were contracting and expanding around his erect cock, giving him a sensation that he had never felt before. Without moving up and down, she was controlling the muscles of her pussy to tighten and then release around his cock.

He was feeling the most erotic sensations that he had ever felt. Each time her pussy muscles massaged his cock, a new wave of sensations coursed through his body. She was almost motionless on top of him, and yet he was feeling your pussy give sensations to his cock that he had never thought possible. His hands slipped beneath her dress and rubbed her back, slowly up and down. He felt her back arch beneath his hands as her pussy contacted and manipulated his erect cock inside her. His hand slid around her, and grasped her breasts firmly and gently. He could feel her nipples get hard under his touch as his thumb and forefinger gently pinched her nipples. A gasp escaped her lips as her hands covered his, pushing his hands deeper into her soft breasts.

His hot breath was upon her neck as her pussy muscles worked their magic. He could feel her getting wetter and wetter as her juices flowed down his throbbing cock, slowly seeping down and covering his balls. Her breath was coming faster and faster, but her body barely moved. His right hand ... still encircling her ... drops down to touch her soft silky pussy. His fingers slip between the lips of her pussy and slowly massages her hard clit. He can feel her juices flow even more freely as her pussy muscles increase their tempo on his cock. He didn't know how much longer he could hold out. He wanted to cum inside her, but he don't want it to stop.

Slowly, she slides ever so slightly up his cock, her breathing and his rapid. Not a sound is coming from either of them as she slides up and down slowly on his erect shaft. Her juices cover his cock as she easily slides up and down .... faster ... faster. He cannot hold off any longer. "I am cumming .... I can not wait another second", he whispers in a throaty moan.

"I am cumming too, Steve", she whispers. He feels her body stiffen as they both reach an orgasm, their love juices mixing.

"I said it before and I will say it again, my lovely, you are fantastic". His hands cupping her breasts as she lay back against his chest, exhausted ... spent.

"I had better get off your lap before someone sees us," she whispers through grinning lips. Slowly she slips from his lap and pulls her dress down over her hips. Sitting next to him once more and lays her head back upon his shoulder. He reaches below the table and tucks himself in as best as he can and zips himself back up.

They sit there quietly, neither of them saying anything as the waiter returns. In his hands he has a bottle of wine and two glasses.


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