LOVERS ( Chapters 1 & 2 )

By: Gabriellet Xavior

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Chapter 1

They make their way to the tub and get in. Facing each other they began to lather up their hands. Her hands start at his shoulders and began to move down. "God, Steve, your body is so breathtaking." she sighs as she slowly moves her hands down to his nipples teasing them. Making circles around them, the tips are so hard. He suck in his breath and moans . Looking down she see his cock growing. "God, it looks soooo good." Her hands move farther down his body and she reaches his cock .... taking it in her hand she begans to pump it up and down.

His hands play with her breast ... moaning as her nipples get hard. He moves down to her pussy she moans as he slides his finger in and his thumb makes circles around her clit. "God, you're making me so hot, I'm so close to cumming." she whispers, "But what I really need is your cock. She turns around and places the tip of his cock in her pussy. Slowly sliding him in inch after lovely inch, gasping as she feels him deep inside her. When he is in all the way she leans back on and enjoys the feeling of him filling her up. "Mmmmmmm" she moans, his cock throbbing and the veins pulsing inside her. They both began to move their hips matching each other stroke for stroke. As he play with her nipples, she massages his balls and plays with her clit. They move a little faster as they both are so close , deeper and harder. Her pussy clamps down on his cock and squeezes it.

He pinches her nipples, making her scream and call out his name. "Oh, Steve, I'm cumming." she shouts, shaking as waves of pleasure flow through her body, squeezing his cock.

He can't hold back any longer, wrapping his arms around her, holding her tightly. He calls out her name, "Oh, Kathie, I'm cumming," shooting his load deep inside her. Their juices mixing with each other. "God, that feels so good ," as her pussy squeezes his cock dry !!!

They lay there together till his cock slips out of her. She turns around and kisses him passionately. "God, you're FANTASTIC" she says. They finish their bath, getting out and slowly drying each other off.

He picks her up, carrying her to the bed. He lays her gently on the bed and lies down next to her. They hold each other falling asleep in each others arms. Wondering what the rest of the day will bring.

Chapter 2

She awakes and watches him sleep. God, he looks so good, even when he's sleeping. Her hand goes down his body till she reaches his cock. Touching it, seeing it response, she runs her fingers up and down it. Watching as it grows, "God, he looks so good." she thinks. She can't help herself, slowly licking it. Running her tongue around the head. She hears Steve start to moan. Looking up at him as he slowly wakes up. "MMMMM......I love your way of waking me up !!" he whispers.

She continues licking his cock, then slowly licking his balls, sucking each one, her tongue teasing them soflty. Hearing him moan, making her happy as she knows she is bringing him pleasure. Feeling herself shudder as she her pussy starts to tingle.

He places two fingers into her hot, wet pussy, his tongue teasing her clit, before he gently sucks it into his mouth. She starts to wiggle as his fingers slide in and out, sucking harder on her clit .

"Ohhhhh, Steve, it feels so good." she moans.

She takes the tip of his cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it . His tongue and fingers driving her mad. Not knowing how much more she can take, as her whole body screams for release, his fingers sliding in and out, his tongue licking her clit. As she feels herself about to cum, she takes his cock into her mouth, feeling his cock touching the back of her throat. She began to shake as a earth shattering cum over takes her body....drenching his fingers. Sliding his fingers out and replacing them with his tongue, he starts to lick and suck her pussy, devouring her sweet nectar.

He can't keep still, holding her head gently, his hips began to move, pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. She feels his cock swelling, knowing he's close to cumming. Reaching down she gently squeezes his balls, feeling them tightening in her hand. Hearing him groan as he explodes into her mouth. Feeling his hot cum slide down her throat, swallowing as much as she can. Still shaking and having after shocks she sucks his cock dry!

She turns around, kissing him, his tongue slides into her mouth, mixing their juices. "God, that taste sooo good!" she whispers into his ear, as she pulls him closer to her. As they lay there catching their breath, hands exploring one another, touching and feeling each other as they both began to feel the passion building up inside them once more. His cock throbbing and pulsing. Her pussy getting hotter and wetter. He lays her on her back, placing his cock by her pussy, rubbing it up and down, driving her crazy with his teasing. He raises her legs, putting them over his shoulders, just barely putting the head of his cock inside her!

"Ohhhh, God, Steve, I can't take any more.....Fuck Me Now!!!! Please !!!! ", she cries.

She gasps as he slides his cock all the way deep inside her! Going slowly at first trying to make this last forever. It feels so good! But the desire and passion burning inside them is to much. He starts to thrust faster and harder. Her hips move to match his, grabbing his ass and pulling him deeper into her as she arches her back. Her pussy tightening around his cock, feeling it throbbing, swelling within her. "Ohhh, God, Steve!" she screams, clamping her pussy around his cock as she cumms, thinking she will pass out from the intensity of her orgasms.

She can hardly catch her breath as she feels him shoot his load deep inside her. Her pussy squeezing his cock as he explodes. "God, I think I've died and gone to heaven!" he whispers into her ear. Shaking, he lowers himself on down on top of her, as they catch their breaths. They lay with their arms around each other, falling into a peaceful sleep ....


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