Love Bunny

By "Sexy Kitten" Kittenger

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"Fuck it!" She muttered as she snagged her hose on the car door as she climbed out.

She was late for work as usual. Luckily, Toni's boss was a middle aged guy with a, not so secret, hard on for her. He wouldn't give her shit about being late. Her office was usually busy and due to her extreme competence and blatantly seductive style, Toni got handed the lion's share of work and was able to do it well. That really wasn't so hard to believe, given her ample, yet firm proportions and her good looks. After all, getting eighty-five convicted felons to do your bidding isn't that hard. They are only men and crave any female contact, even if it's only a glimpse of a slender calf or the silhouette of a curved full ass.

Today was going to be a bitch of day. Toni needed to screen and interview sex offenders for a newly developed program. She interviewed several rapists and child molesters without incident until, reluctantly, she reached Byron Fields. Fields had raped and tortured several women in Chicago. He was into the date rape scene. After drugging the women he would tie them splayed to his bedposts and fuck them relentlessly for hours. He'd torture them with live cigarettes, burning small circles into their breasts and vaginas. Fields liked to force them to tongue his ass hole while he shoved his fist up their butt. He was an especially nasty scumbag and was escorted to Toni's office in full restraints.

Two guards shoved Fields roughly into a chair opposite Toni, when Fields spat a mouthful of semen all over her desk. He had just blown his lover and had carried his cum in his mouth so he could watch Toni react. As a trained psychologist, she was no longer shocked by much. "Is that all your tiny little prick could offer me, or did you get fucked in the mouth for a pack of cigarettes, Field?"

Having failed to excite her, Fields became immediately contrite. "Please, please miss, just let me look at you. I want to remember this when I'm back in my cell tonight jacking off".

"Screw you, you sick fuck! I don't care if you never get off again. I wanted to tell you personally that I'm denying you a community release program. I think you need to think more about those women you tortured while different inmates are fuck you up the ass every other night. That is, whether you like it or not".

Toni had the guards drag Fields into a new cell block, reserved for aggressive homosexuals and asked them to forget about him for a while. She had her own style of therapy.

Fields was her last appointment for the day so, after he left, her secretary quickly stepped into her office. Maria was still a beautiful women, even if she was in her late thirties. "Oh miss, what a horrible day you've had! Please let me relax you. You know how much I love to do it for you."

"Yes, Maria , you may but lock the door first."

Maria locked the office door and stood behind Toni as she stretched back in her chair. Maria slowly began to rub Toni's shoulders, quickly lowering her attention to her soft full breasts as she gently flicked her long nails over her nipples. When Maria was hired, she knew Toni had special requests that would be demanded of her. She was always eager to please her mistress.

"Enough of that, bitch. Eat me .. you cunt ... suck me hard and fast."

Without pause Maria fell to her knees in front of Toni and spread her knees apart and over the arms of the chair black leather chair. Toni's cunt was beautiful, her pussy lips framed with the pink panties and matching hose. Maria was wet just looking at the pretty pussy, and wrapped her lips around Toni's swollen clit. She darted her tongue inside her hole trying to fuck her with her tongue, wanting only to swallow every drop of sweet nectar. Maria sucked her clit hard and when she felt Toni begin to writhe in her seat, she slipped her tongue along her cunt lips and gently lapped at her asshole. Maria loved the musky taste of her ass and couldn't hold back from plunging her long slippery tongue deep inside her mistress's ass.

"0h yes, baby, you are a good suck cunt, aren't' you? You fuck me so nice with your slutty mouth slave." Maria's chin was dripping with cunt juice as she crept her fingers inside her own panties to finger her aching hole.

"Enough in the ass, bitch! Make me cum on your face now!" Maria reluctantly slid her tongue out of Toni's ass and furiously sucked her hard clit. She flicked the end of her tongue over the top of her clit in small gentle circles gradually increasing the speed. Toni was clutching her ears and grinding her pussy on Maria's face as she exploded her cum down her throat.

"Lick it all up, bitch. Don't you dare miss a drop. Lick me clean and don't forget my ass." Maria sucked her pussy and asshole dry and waited to see if her boss would reward her for a job well done.

"Fuck it .... I'm through", Toni almost screams, pushing Maria with her foot.

"Will there be anything else tonight?"

"Not tonight."

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