By: Anonymous

I checked my watch; it was 10:30pm. Even though his plane didn't arrive for another half hour, it was time for me to get ready. The bathroom was empty, and so rather than undress in one of the cramped stalls, I began unbuttoning my shirt in front of the row of sinks, under the bright florescent lights. I leaned down over my suitcase, pulled out a black velvety dress with red trim, and slipped it over my head. I took off my jeans and my panties too, and stuffed them into the suitcase. I slipped out of my loafers and into a pair of small black heels. I washed my face, put on makeup, and touched up my nails with the fuck-me-red nail polish that I put on before my own flight. Before leaving the bathroom, I examined myself in the full length mirror. The snug bodice and long sleeves of the dress accented my round breasts and thin waist, and the short, loose skirt gently touched my long, tan legs mid-thigh. God, I looked sexy. Just looking at myself turned me on.

I couldn't resist the idea so I reached underneath my dress and slowly inserted two fingers into my wet cunt. I brought my dripping wet fingers up to my mouth and licked my sweet juices off of them. I was going to have to remain soaking wet and unsatiated for a little while longer.

His plane finally arrived, and I went over to the gate, my heart leaping to my throat every time I saw someone emerge from around the corner, hoping that it would be him. I saw him emerge from around the corner, and my face broke out into a huge smile. He was wearing khaki pants and his blue sweater, the same thing that I first met him in, the same thing that I first fucked him in. When he reached me, he dropped his bags and we hugged. We kissed briefly and then headed towards the baggage claim area, our hands wrapped around each other.

After walking a short ways, I saw a empty gate, the lights dimmed. My wet cunt was burning with an uncontrollable desire, and I pulled him over behind the wall of the ticket counter, where no one could see us. He seemed a bit confused, so I kissed him and led his hand to my hot, wet, pantiless sex. He gasped as he realized that my cunt was open to the world, and that he could take me right there. I rubbed my hips against his hard cock as he fingered my clit and then thrust two fingers inside of me. I was desperate to have him thrust his cock into me, taking me from behind, reaching around with his hand to finger my swollen clit. I kneeled to try to free his cock from the confines of his clothing so that he could thrust it inside of me. But as his member emerged, huge and throbbing, right in front of my face, I grabbed it, caressing it with my lips and tongue. My lips moved up and down the shaft of his cock, my tongue exploring every sensitive area. I could feel his muscles shivering and shaking and his hands using my head to balance himself.

My cunt was still burning with desire to be penetrated and thrust into over and over again, and so I got up to my feet, my hand still massaging his cock, and motioned for him to move away from the wall. I bent over and placed my hands against the wall, my dress pulled up around my waist, my cunt open and ready for him to enter. I nearly collapsed when he first penetrated me, the feeling of him sliding slowly into my slippery pussy was so overwhelming. He thrust into me again, harder and faster this time, and again and again, faster with each stroke. He slowed down and wrapped his arm around my waist, his fingers reaching for my clit. He slowly massaged it, thrusting in and out of me, in slow, long strokes. As the thought of someone finding us fucking like animals in the airport crossed my mind, I could feel myself beginning to come, heat slowly exploding inside of me. I couldn't catch my breath, and so I whispered, "Oh God, don't stop, I'm coming... Oh God... fuck me harder... oh yeah... harder."

As my sex exploded in ecstasy, I could feel him coming inside of me, his muscles shaking and shivering behind me, roughly thrusting himself into me. He collapsed, his head resting on my back, his cock resting inside of me. He slowly eased himself out of my dripping cunt, reached down, and brought up his pants, slowly zipping and buttoning them. I rested my head against the wall, my dress still around my waist, my dripping cunt exposed. After a few moments, I reached down into my suitcase, my hands trembling from the lingering effects of the orgasm, and pulled out a small, soft, white cloth. I slowly wiped the cum dripping from my cunt into the inside of my thighs. I slipped on a pair of black satin underwear and smoothed my dress and my hair.

We kissed, slowly and lazily, and then headed back towards the baggage claim area, definitely more disheveled and sweaty than when we started.

It looked like it was going to be quite a weekend!