I want to be in Adult Movies

By: Dave From Memphis

My name is Elizabeth, and I want to be in adult movies."

A true story:

After more than 10 years of writing adult film reviews, one develops a rather mechanical approach to reviewing this type of specialized entertainment. At first, I used to fast forward to the "good parts" and enjoyed watching the action. I have always admired pretty ladies, especially naked ones, but somewhere along the way, you have to get back to basics to understand the plot, especially if you are going to write about it.

All of this is routine for me, but I felt that perhaps I was getting into a rut. I was not sure what to do, but the thought came to me. What I needed was a second opinion---one from a feminine point-of-view---to get a better perspective on the review process. Next, I ran an ad in the Personals column of the paper for an open-minded lady who also enjoyed watching adult movies.

The calls were few. Most were just curious, but there was one who was very honest with me. She was not interested in writing reviews, she simply said, "My name is Elizabeth, and I want to be in adult movies."

I explained to her that I not only wrote reviews for a major adult publishing firm, but could contact a few people who could help her in getting a screen test, or maybe even an audition. She was very encouraged by this, so I set up a meeting and a photo shoot with her.

We spoke about her plans for this type of work and she said was serious about it. Several times during our conversation I sensed a change in her breathing --- something was going on that I was not sure about. When I asked her if she was all right, she said that she was a bit embarrassed to tell me what was happening. I suspicioned that she was turned on as we were talking, and sure enough, I was right. She said she was masturbating. I told her not to concern herself about it, I was doing the same. Damn, she had such a sexy voice, and when she began to tell me about herself and the things she liked to do in bed, I thought it was too much of a good thing not to enjoy.

Now that we were on common ground, we agreed to meet at her place the next morning. She asked me what she should wear for the photo session. At first, I thought about a bathing suit, perhaps some sexy lingerie, at least something provocative for some good T & Some poses. Then it hit me. Hell, man what a great opportunity to live out a fantasy and have some fun doing it---I told her that what I really wanted to happen was for her to be "TOTALLY NAKED" when we first meet. That was fine with her, and that's what happened.

When I got to her place and rang the bell, Elizabeth asked, 'Who is it?' I told her it was Dave. She slowly opened the door and invited me inside. She had taken the precaution of wearing a big beach towel around herself, but once I was inside, it fell to the floor.

Her body was fantastic! I stood there for a moment and just took it all in. This dark-haired lady stood there in all of the glory that Mother Nature had bestowed upon her. I told her not to move--- I wanted to keep that picture of her deep in my memory for the rest of my life. She did not mind, she enjoyed displaying herself before me as much as I enjoyed watching.

Elizabeth was 24, her breasts were firm and full, and her nipples were erect. As she moved toward me, I opened my arms to enfold her completely. Being taller than I, her breasts were full against my face. I kissed each of them gently, and she pressed her warm lips firmly to mine. We just stood there for the moment. Neither of us spoke. This was "quality time." No traditional sexual intercourse per se, but just as exciting. We were simply two people sharing a beautiful moment together.

She had just come from the shower and the fragrance she wore was sensuous. It stimulated me even more. We kissed once more and I stood back to admire her again. When God made women, he knew what he wanted to see, and I was enjoying it all.

I could not help but stare down at her pussy. It was neatly trimmed and I could tell that it was moist. I had felt its warmth as we were holding each other and I reached out and touched it gently. She pushed it firmly toward me. I asked her if she had been playing with it today and she said "Yes, I play with it many times a day when I am alone." She added, "Especially when I am alone and have the house to myself and can run around naked all of the time." That freedom of expression is one that I also subscribe to.

Getting down to basics, we watched a few adult videos and I let her review some of my writings just to prove to her that I was legitimately in the adult entertainment business. Not just some guy who was only trying to get laid. Also, after I had her show me a proof of age, she signed a model release for my records. I was not going to do anything with her without that. Too many people get into trouble with young girls who are minors. Remember the problems Tracy Lord caused? I was not going to chance anything like that happening to me.

Now that the preliminaries were over, she took me on a tour of the house. I wanted to get some still shots of her on the bed, but it was rather dark in there, so we were going to have to use the flashgun to get those shots.

I asked her where the best light was in the house and she said that the window over the stairs provided adequate lighting for some still shots, so we went there next.

She sat on the landing and began to pose for me. Her body was great and she loved showing it off for me. Her fingers slowly opened her pussy and I got a good look inside that moist and dripping wet love nest. Once she started rubbing it, she asked me if I wanted to put my finger inside of her. Of course I did, and as it closed firmly around my finger, I felt her clit becoming erect. So was my cock, but I did not want to show it to her just yet. I wanted to preserve that moment for later when my hands were not busy with the camera.

I asked her to show me how she masturbated, so she sensuously licked her fingers and inserted them into her pussy to get herself wet. Next, she took the handle of her hair brush and stuck it up inside of herself. She was a bit bashful as she told me that this obscure dildo was her favorite toy. I told her to go ahead use it to get herself off.

Watching someone play with themselves is very essential to learning how they achieve a climax. She just laid back and enjoyed doing it for me. Stopping just short of her release, she said, "I think you could do this better for me." That was my cue to take this lovely lady into the bedroom for some on-camera action.

We gathered our thoughts for a moment as we positioned her for the camera shot. She lay on her back and spread her pussy wide open for me again. Those soft pink lips were getting puffy, and I could see her nipples getting firm. Elizabeth was ready for love.

I suggested that she get herself into the "doggie style" position with her butt up in the air so I could get a good thrust shot of us both when I got into the scene.

She was already hot when we got to the bedroom and I did not want to waste any time for fear she might lose interest in us making it on-camera. Not to worry, she wanted to fuck and knew that it would be better for her if my cock was as long and hard as possible. Taking it gently in hand, she began preparing it for her own pleasure as well as mine.

Looking down at that beautiful ass and pussy, I was tempted to "eat her out," but hesitated since we did not know each other that well. Having safe sex is a must. You just can't be too careful these days, you know.

Elizabeth smiled as she expertly slipped a condom on my cock. We were now ready for love.

My cock was swollen like a rock and I pushed it gently into her pussy. I felt her warmth surround it, and she skillfully moved to receive it fully within her. When I hit the bottom, she moaned and I knew that I was going to be in for the ride of my life. She knew how to grab a cock and to hold on to it and just how far I could go on the up-stroke not to let the head come out. Elizabeth had fantastic control of her pussy.

I began to thrust her pussy harder with each stroke and soon, we became two well-oiled machine parts working in harmony for a common goal. We were not fucking. We were making love! Her butt cheeks rippled as I pushed myself firmly into her, and I watched her breasts responding to the impact. They swung like two pendulums and she began to moan. She was cumming, and I wanted to cum, but held mine back to be sure she got hers first. I kept up the rhythm until she was satisfied. Knowing where I was on my rise to heaven, she stayed with me and helped me get mine off too. After I shot off, I left my cock in her. I don't like taking it out of a warm pussy when I am done because a good woman can use her warmth to get it back up for another round. Why end a good thing? She knew how to do it very well, and we did it one more time. I always try for the second cum at every opportunity. When we were finished, we just laid there and held each other. In my opinion, "after play" is as important as "fore play" when making love. She told me she had a wonderful cum, and I told her she had done the same for me. It was a beautiful morning for both of us. It was time for me to go, and we made plans to see each other again. I really hated leaving her, but I wanted to get the photos processed quickly and told her I would be in touch soon.

Once the films were off to the laboratory, I called her to thank her for a wonderful time together. She really appreciated my efforts to manage her career for her. Later that day, I called some of my friends in the adult industry to see how receptive they were for some new talent. They wanted to see her on video tape, my next step.

Elizabeth was anxious to get on-camera, and the day the still shots came back from the lab, I called her to set up the video shoot.

The following day, Elizabeth came over to my place and we discussed specifically what she was and was not into. She agreed to about anything when it came to fucking, but when it came to giving head, she said she loved to suck cock, but had not been able to swallow cum yet. I told her to relax, that skill takes some practice and understanding and that we were not going to do anything she was uncomfortable with. Elizabeth knew that she was going to have to do a lot of things in due time if she wanted to be an adult film actress. She understood that making love to another woman or taking a cum shot in her mouth was eventually part of the process.

I thought it best at this point not to rush into things with her, and besides, we were becoming good friends and I certainly did not want to destroy that relationship.

Wanting her to become comfortable being on-camera, I set up the camera in the bedroom where she could see herself on the monitor. That way, she could better understand the camera angles with an occasional glance in that direction.

Not being familiar with the jargon of the trade, I taught her the basics, like what to do when we said, "the camera is up," "we are rolling," and the various "action" cues. She caught on quickly.

We went over her "lines" so she could get used to speaking on-camera. She was not shy at all, and being a free May 31, 1996 spirit who loves being naked, we had a winning combination.

She got on the bed with her clothes on and introduced herself to the audience: "My name is Elizabeth, and I want to be in adult movies."

In a rather provocative voice, she told them what she liked to do when she was alone and began to undress herself.

As she slowly unbuttoned her top and began to expose her pretty breasts, I could see that she was getting turned on by what she was doing. Not only was she doing it for herself, but for her audience as well. The lump in my pants was evidence that Elizabeth was a natural for this business.

Once she was totally naked, she started playing with her clit and rubbing her nipples. Her fingers gently opened her pussy lips and invited her viewers for a look deep inside of her. I zoomed in for a close-up with the camera to capture that moment.

She needed a prop, so I sicked up a pink vibrator I bought as a gift for her and handed it to her off-camera. She had never used one before, but knew where it was supposed to go, and once it began to hum, so did she. Forget about that hair brush handle Elizabeth, this dick-shaped toy is going to make you very happy. It was a joy to watch her thrust it in and out of her pussy like it was the real thing.

A few scenes later, yours truly was ready to get a sample of her for myself. She took the cue and spoke in sultry tones about wanting a real cock to play with.

I played the role of her boyfriend who just happened to be over for a visit. Quickly, she dropped my pants and pulled my underwear down to my ankles. My cock sprang toward her eager open mouth.

Knowing exactly what to do with it, her warm, wet mouth engulfed it. Her tongue did a dance on the end of it. Elizabeth was loving every moment of being on-camera.

Taking me deeper into her mouth and closing her lips around the shaft, she gently pulled her head back and locked her lips tightly around the base of the head so as not to let it outside of her mouth. Her hands massaged my balls. It was all I could do to keep from cumming down her throat, but I respected the fact that she was not yet ready for that to happen and took control of myself and enjoyed the loving. It was wonderful having her suck on me and I wanted to save this "live prop" of mine for other action as well.

After some great moments together, and a lot of self restraint on my part not to cum, we decided that we had better get to some fucking action for her "promo" tape.

At first, we concentrated on me playing with her pussy and slowly "finger-fucking" her while she played with my cock. Next, we got some good shots of me fucking her from behind "doggie style."

When she got ready for a cum shot across her face, I brought my cock into view on the monitor and watched as her eyes looked anxiously for it to give its release to her. We did not speak, I just let her natural moves and expressions tell me when she was ready for me to cum.

The moment her tongue found its mark on that little piece of skin under the bottom of my cock head, I let everything go. My load shot out like a mortar shell and left its trail across her face. This was the "cum shot" we needed to close out that scene. It was worth all the waiting we had done since we started the taping, and she looked up at me and smiled. I knew it was good for her too, and I took a towel and wiped her face.

Earlier, we had discussed that she needed to become more comfortable with a cock in her mouth, and now that I had shot my load, she did not have to worry about it happening again for a while.

It did not take long before I was firm again and she took me inside of that warm mouth of hers. She gave me everything I needed for the video and she began to enjoy watching herself sucking on my cock in the monitor. She was really getting turned on with all of this action, and I was enjoying it too.

Before too long, I felt another load about ready to shoot, so I gave her advance notice that it was about to happen and she continued to lick the shaft while I shot off. She was really becoming quite professional at this.

With my cock dripping wet, you could see the love juice droplets coming out of the end of it and she was smiling as she kissed it. We now had our "promo tape," and it was a good one.

After several weeks I found a market for the video and kept in touch with her in case she was called for an audition. Unfortunately, in this business, so many girls want to be movie stars, but only a few ever really make it. I had given it my best shot and we continued seeing each other at every opportunity, but beyond that, we only made a little money with the tape.

After graduating from college that summer, she moved to the Mid-West and I never saw her again.

I'm still writing adult movie reviews by myself as before. No one else ever answered the ad.

I think about Elizabeth quite often, she was a pretty young lady who brought a lot of pleasure to my life, and now and then, I play back the tape that we made together. If nothing else, when I get too old to remember how great it was being with her, I at least have the tape to remind me of a very talented lady with whom I shared some wonderful times. I wish her well wherever she may be.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for being a part of my life.

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