A Letter to My Fans

By Mistress Monica

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This is more of a letter in response to the many emails, rather than a story. I will add some experiences to make it interesting.

By far, the most asked question is:

Am I in love with Dungeonmaster and is he in love with me?

This may be an oversimplification of the question because readers also ask if I like the torture, the rings and the abuse. Let me state, unequivocally, that there is no abuse in our relationship. I have never done, now will I ever, perform or participate in any act that I do not enjoy to the fullest.

I was answering the Advice Column the other day and I explained our relationship the best way I can:

I want to be tortured until I beg.
Dungeonmaster wants to torture me until I beg.

This, my admirers, makes ours, an awesome relationship.

Along that line I am asked if I am really a (JAP). The answer is yes. I didn't come from a rich family but we were well off, I was, and am, very spoiled and I certainly consider myself a princess. My Daddy worked for IBM, I grew up in Laguna Beach, California, he always provided a good home, but, I was always a promiscuous.

One day, playing doctor with the kid next door. Let's call him Johnnie. I stuck his little pecker into one of those Mexican Finger things. You know, you put a finger in each end and you can't pull them apart. Well, I stuck this on his wee wee and tied a string to it so I could lead him around. Johnnie cried at first but then he submitted and followed me around my room. If I wanted something all I had to do was give the string a little tug and he would fall into line. One day I got a flashlight and told him to look inside me and see if there was anything in there. He took the light, searching between my legs, as I pulled on his string until his head was right next to my young crack. He told me there was nothing inside so I instructed him clean the outside with his mouth. He didn't want to but with a little tug he was lapping my smooth virgin lips with his nose rubbing my immature clit. "Now, lick your princess inside", I demanded and Johnnie stuck his little tongue through my lips and began to lick. That was my first experience in domination and Johnnie learned to enjoy being pulled about by his little pecker and he would lick me whatever I asked.

So what makes a nice Jewish American Princess pierce her pussy lips, shave her head, tattoo her body and engage in wild sex with a Master who is twice her age?

Because I want to. It had little to do with Dungeonmaster, in fact, he tried to talk me out of the piercing and tattoos it because they are permanently disfiguring. I did it anyway, because it is me.

I think the desire also started with Johnnie. I would give him a treat when he was exceptionally good and let him paint parts of my body. For a kid he was pretty good and he used to paint eyes on my little tits, a mustache on my belly and color my hairless lips red. One day he put one of my Daddy's cigars in my twat so I would look like someone smoking. Well the cigar felt good so that I had Johnnie push the cigar deeper inside me. I liked the feel and found the tin cigar case and had Johnnie push that inside me. It was pleasant and I got wet and the round thing went in and out easily. I would pull on the string and Johnnie would push. I would let go and he would pull. Push, pull, in, out, we would sing as we played and then something strange happened. Johnnie squirt off into the Mexican finger thing and his juice ran out the end. I squeezed the end of his little pecker and the fluid ran into my hand, which I tasted. The creamy white liquid was rich and sweet and I sucked all that was left in the toy. That was my first experience in sucking cocks, well almost. But, it was certainly my first taste of cum.

So you understand about the tattoos but you want to know about the rings?

Johnnie taught me that too. While I would pull him around by his little pecker and have him lick my twat, as he got older he started to turn the tables. One day he came in with some of his mother's clip-on ear rings. While he was down examining my twat he fastened the clamps to my lips. They hurt at first but I got used to the pain. In fact, I liked the pain. It wasn't long before Johnnie tied string to the clips and I would follow him as he pulled. If I did something he didn't like he would give a little tug and I would answer quickly. Johnnie made me wear the ear rings to school and I got to where I didn't feel them unless I saw him in the hall. Then I would realize I was clamped and I would want him to pull my string. It wasn't long before Johnnie would pull my string and I would follow straight to his pecker and suck on it until he would shoot his wonderful juice into my mouth. I never fucked Johnnie, or maybe Johnnie never fucked me, and we just played our games. As it turned out, he became the Master and I the Slave in our youthful play. Now that I'm older I call it foreplay, but then it was just playing. We never thought about fucking and really didn't know what it was. The play was important. Well, Johnnie and I played until he moved away, my mom and dad got divorced, dad got cancer and moved to Chicago. I went away to college, graduated and tried to get a job.

You might wonder how I met Dungeonmaster.

After college I wanted to be a writer and the only job I could get was proof reading fuck novels for a porn publisher. I would read the shit during the day and go home and write the shit at night. Soon I was writing novels under several pen names and my work sold very well. I was in my mid twenties when I met Dungeonmaster. He was in his fifties and authoring a book on the history of bondage in America. My assignment was to proof his work and help with research. By that time I had a tongue pin, a ring in each of my pussy lips and a small tattoo on my inner thigh. I had long black hair, a beautiful black furry cunt, a nice body and interesting face. I don't think I'm beautiful but I am certainly interesting.

During our research we realized that there were two main categories of persons practicing Bondage and Torture.

One profile is a weak person who uses by force to satisfy a need to humiliate and abuse to achieve sexual satisfaction. Marquis De Sade, Hannibal Lector, Donald Harvey, Wayne Gay, Jeffrey Dahamer are a few of the names that fall into this oversimplified category. The results of their abuse is usually pain and death.

The second profile is the strong person who uses torture as a means of gratifying and giving pleasure to the recipient. This profile, and the practice, appealed to me because I have always liked to be in total control, or to be totally controlled. Dungeonmaster soon became my master because his power overshadowed my strength. He knew right off what I wanted, how to push me and how far I would bend to please him. Each lesson was an exercise in control. With each lesson, I became more submissive and I demanded more dominance. Dungeonmaster and I belong.

I guess, by now you would like to know about the first time I got fucked by my Dungeonmaster.

It was during the time that we were working on the bondage book. Dungeonmaster and I were along in the office. In addition to the porn novel business the shop also made movies and the studio was set up for an S&M filming. Until that evening Dungeonmaster and I had played around and teased a little, but he was a perfect gentleman and treated me like a princess. At the time I thought it was his age and he was unsecured but now I know he was just playing with me. He was stimulating my interest and weaving a web that he knew would attract and catch me. He was truly the spider and I the fly. As the evening went on I was begging to be pulled into his web. I didn't say anything but my every move suggested that I was ready.

"I want to play a game", I suggested, throwing my long hair back and leaning over so he could see my cleavage. "I want to play. Let's make a movie."

"Are you sure", Dungeonmaster replied sitting with his feet on the table with his arms crossed. He looked at me with the superior glare that I had grown to love.

"Yes, Master", I answered rather sheepishly, "I want to make a slave movie."

"Undress", he said sternly and without moving.

I knew I had crossed the line of no retreat so I slowly unbuttoned my blouse and let it fall to the floor. I reached back and unclipped the bra and let it fall with the shirt. I expected some sign of encouragement or pleasure but he just sat there as if he were watching a door open. I untied the string to my sweat pants and slipped my thumbs into the band and slowly pushed the pants and panties over my hips and down to my knees. In the office light my pussy rings sparkled and bounced with excitement. I stepped out of the sweats and stood naked with my long hair falling over my shoulder, my thighs held close together. I remained motionless for several minutes of silence wondering if I should say something. I could stand it no longer so I playfully said, "Let's make a movie."

"Spread your legs", he said, yet I continued to hold them closed. "Monica, do as I say." Dungeonmaster didn't add the, or else, but I understood from his tone that it was something that I had better do so I slowly slid my feet apart. "Further", he said and I pushed them out until it was hard to balance. "Finger yourself and come here so I can see if I want to play with you." I pushed two fingers into my now dripping pussy and rubbed them around the inside. When they were good and wet I walked forward until I was standing right in front of him with my hands clasped at my sides. "Well", he said, "raise your hand and let me smell." I raised my fist and extended my arm forward. "Open your hand, slave." I did as he asked and my fingers were just under his nose and he took a long sniff. I expected some recognition, a smile, a frown, some response. I got nothing and DM just sat stone faced and smelled my finger.

"You don't want to make a movie, Slave. You want to get fucked", he whispered cracking a slight smile. "You want Dungeonmaster to fuck you." After a short silence he said loudly," Don't you!"

"I don't know", I answered almost crying. "I don't know."

"Then put your clothes on and get out of here", was his answer as he rocked in his chair. "If you want to get fucked then get your sweet ass onto the set and we will have some fun. Otherwise, get the fuck out of here!"

I hesitated, looking at my clothes and the set and finally walked across the room and onto the set. "Are you going to join me", I asked as I entered the stage and saw various instruments of torture.

"I'll be in when you make a choice. Where do you want to play?", he said and I heard the strong tones of Beethoven playing through the stage. There was a wooden rack, a triangle shaped horse, a table with a hole in it and several ropes hanging from the ceiling. I imagined how these items of torture would feel and how they would be used. "Have you decided?", I heard as Dungeonmaster turned up the music and the violins played louder. At that moment I thought of my father and wondered what he would think of his little princess contemplating which method of torture she preferred. Not preferred, wanted ... needed! "I think the table", I said.

"I think the table ... what?", he asked.

"I think the table is better", I replied.

"Is better ... what?", he asked again.

"I think the table is better, Master", I replied.

"That's better, Slave. Remember how to answer me. Now get on the table and I will make you happy." The table had two holes on one end and a hole in the middle. I got on the table and lay with my breasts in the holes and my pussy over the third hole. "If you lie like that I'll have to fuck you in the ass. Is that what you want, Slave?", my master questioned. I quickly turned over so that I was lying on my back. "It doesn't matter. I may fuck you in the ass anyway."

Dungeonmaster walked around the table slowly, moving his finger across my skin, up my leg, over my waist, across my breasts, my throat, circling my mouth, running through my hair and repeating on the other side as he circled. My eyes were closed tightly but I knew where he was by his breathing. He was very gentle and his voice was soothing as he asked me to give him my hand. He took my hand in his and I felt a soft rope circle my wrist three times. He tied the rope lose but I knew it would not come off since the wraps would tighten if I pulled. My hand was pulled over my head and I think he tied the other end to one of the legs of the table. He repeated the process with my other wrist. He tied my two ankles and I was spread eagle on the wooden table.

I remember like it is today! My eyes are still tightly closed when I feel the softness of a scarf being tied around my face. Opening my eyes I see darkness, experience a moment of fear and feel my masters breath on my breast and the pinch of his teeth on my nipple. "Yes, Master", I whisper as the pain heightens my excitement and my breath comes in gasps.

"Tell me what you want, Princess", my Master whispers, rolling my nipple between his teeth and moving his finger in my cunt. "Tell me ... and be explicate. I want to know exactly what it is that you want me to do."

"I don't know, Master", I whimper, trying to guess for an answer. "I really don't know, Master." "Then I will tell you", I hear, feeling pressure on my ass as his thumb gropes and enters slowly. "You want me to squeeze your inside skin", he says rubbing his thumb and fingers together inside my ass and cunt. "You like this, slave, because your juices are starting to flow and it makes your holes slippery." The sides of the hole in the table push into the cheeks of my ass as my master massages my openings until his fingers slip in and out with ease. My nipple burns from the touch of his teeth and my mouth is open and dry. "I have a present for you", I hear as he removes his hand from inside me and releases my nipple from his teeth. A moment passes and I feel his finger holding the ring in my pussy lip and I feel a tug on the skin and a steady pressure. My master takes the other ring and I feel the same pulling sensation and I feel his warm breath on my open cunt. "I like your rings", he whispers, blowing softly into the open hole and licking my clit which is sticking up like a small cock. "I like the way the rings open your cunt so that I can see how red and warm and wet it is. I love your cunt, slave", he whispers, taking my clit between his teeth and rolling it as he did my nipples. This causes a new pain/pleasure sensation that makes the juice gush from my pussy. "I love to drink your cum", my Master whispers, licking my thighs and sucking my open hole in a long, deep steady slurp. There is a moment where nothing moves and I feel his soft blowing on my clit, cooling my hot, throbbing mini-cock.

"Fuck me, Master", I whisper as I raise my hips toward his mouth. "Please fuck me, Master". I feel the soft tip of his tongue moving around and through the dripping skin and licking the length of my clit and mouthing the skin under my ass. My heart pounds and my breath comes in hard gasps as I pull at the ropes that hold me tight. I scream, "FUCK ME ... PLEASE, MASTER, I AM YOURS."

I feel the ropes on my ankles loosen as my legs are set free and my Master climbs between them onto the table. I feel his body move up my legs and the head of his cock pushes at the opening of my gushing cunt. I feel his breath on my face his tongue enters between my lips and pushes into my throat. I close my lips on his skin and suck him deep. I taste the rich flavor of my own cum and smell the strong odor of my own feminine orgasm as my master slips around my face. I feel the head of his cock push at my open pussy, slipping through the fur as I pull my hands. I want to grab his ass to pull him inside me but the ropes hold. So, I bounce my hips on the table and the weights pull the rings as my pussy lips open wider while the head of his prick rubs the skin around my cunt and my hole begs to be entered.

My tongue pushes his from my mouth and I yell, "Push your cock inside me, Master. Push it", I beg lifting my hips as the weights pull my lips ider and his cock-head slides under my ass. I start to cry and the tears run down my cheeks, mixing with the pussy-cum on my face. I pull at the ropes and bounce my hips, raising my knees. I struggle as his cock-head slides from under my ass and pauses in front of my pulsating hole. I feel it moving forward and my cunt opens and gulps the stiff member as it slides inside and stops. "No, Master, don't stop. Push it in. Fuck me!"

I feel my masters breath on my face. His tongue licks the dryness of my lips which close around and suck it into my throat. I whisper around the plug-tounge in my mouth, "Please take me. I need you inside me, Master." His tongue moves in and out as if he were fucking my mouth but his cock is still and the head rests next to my clit. I raise my hips as he moves away and when I collapse he follows without entering or leaving while the rings bounce at the end of their weights pulling my cunt open wide.

"I know, I know", I whisper to my Master, "I really know. I want to be your slave. I want to obey your every wish. I want to suffer under your weight. I want your cock to be my cock. I want my cunt to be your cunt. I want your tongue to lick me. I want your mouth to suck me. I want you in every hole, in every way and every manner. I want you to do everything to me, with me and for me. You are in control. You are in total control", I whisper as his cock-head slips further into my cunt. I raise my hips to meet my Master's plunge as the rings pull with their weights. My master drives deep into my gut and pumps and sweats. He drives his tongue deep into my throat and his cock pumps in my pussy. I pull on the ropes as my Master drives in and out of my body. There is a sharp scream in the room and my Master gushes orgasm inside me as he shakes, pushing his cock to the hilt.

A drop of sweat drips onto my parched lips. I feel the scarf being slipped from my head. I see a big smile on my Masters lips and brightness in his eyes. His hand reaches for my hand and pulls on the rope. It comes lose, as does the second wrist and my arms are free to I hold his sweaty shoulders and I wrap my legs around his waist. I pull his cock deep into my body as my Masters cock slowly shrinks within my slippery cunt. Listening to Beethoven we we fall into a restful sleep.

So, the question:

Am I in love with Dungeonmaster and is he in love with me?

I am sure you can answer this for yourself. Love, Monica.

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