My Lesbian Encounter

By Simi Sumishi

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Hi Friends, I'm Sumi:

I'm a fair gal, married just for three years and have no kids. My hubby is a very loving man, with a well-endowed dick and I do enjoy a healthy love life with him. I live in Delhi. This is my maiden venture in posting a story ... a true story, It happened in my life about eighteen month's ago.

It was a very hot evening. I was alone, doing household chores, leisurely at home, expecting the arrival of my hubby. We had plans to go shopping and a late night dinner in a cozy restaurant. I had almost finished everything and proceeded to the bathroom to clean up. I had a nice bath and dabbed perfume to entice my hubby, expecting to have a quickie before going out. He usually falls into the trap. I pulled out a transparent nightgown and put it on and I was humming a popular song when I heard the door bell.

When I looked through the peephole, I saw my neighbor's daughter, Vinoo, a nineteen-year-old, college student, standing there with some books. I opened the door to let her in.

The girl, a very friendly one, used to address me as sister, maybe because of the age difference, and my hubby as uncle. She was a pretty, buxom girl, with sharp features and curves. She used to come to my house quite frequently in some context or other. She used to taste the dishes, especially the South Indian, and compliment. In exchange she would bring me delicious items prepared by her mom. She used to compliment me on my appearance and had told my hubby that he is very lucky to have such a sexy wife.

Expecting some sort of such an gift from her, I let her in and asked what she wanted. Entering, she let out a hissing sound and inhaled heavily the perfume lingering in the air and said with a wink, "Wow ... Sis ... You look gorgeous. Is Uncle in? Or ... have I disturbed you both?"

"No", I answered abruptly.

"If I have ... I'm sorry ... I'll come after some other time."

Hearing this, I blushed and held her hands and pinched her cheeks and said, "You naughty girl ... your uncle is not home. We have plans to go out shopping and dinner."

She looked a bit disappointed and told me that she knew that I would be available for the evening and she had to prepare for her examination She needed my help. She wanted to come in for a while ... but as we are supposed to go out, she was about to return to her home.

I apologized to Vinoo about my being busy and asked if she would like to have some coffee. She said she would join me for a cup. I went to the kitchen to make coffee and she followed to me to the kitchen. While I made the coffee she stared at my ass through the slinky nightgown. I poured a couple of cups and we went to the living room and sat down on the couch.

Vinoo was wearing a short skirt and a loose tops which revealed that she was not wearing anything underneath. Her tits were well formed and the nipples, sharp and thick, were quite visible through her blouse. Sipping the coffee, I asked her if the lessons could wait till the next morning, so that I could help her then. She told me that the exams are around the corner and she had already prepared well for them; only a few topics that are somewhat difficult needed my assistance.

When I was about to give her a reply, the telephone rang. I knew it was from my hubby so I picked up the receiver and immediately blushed. He kissed me over the telephone and apologized for not keeping up the appointment and told me that as he had to meet a client from abroad and would be tied up for about three hours. He said that we could go for shopping the next evening. He suggested that I need not wait for him and should have dinner by myself. I sounded disappointed but told him that it was all right with me. I returned the kiss and replaced the receiver on the cradle.

When I returned to the couch, Vinoo seemed to be very happy. She told that she happened to overhear the conversation (and since the appointment has been cancelled, she asked me to help her and maybe we could have dinner together. . I told her since my hubby was expected around eleven that evening I would have time for both.

Vinoo went out to tell her mom that she would be with me for a while preparing for her exams and she would have dinner at my place. By the time she came back I had made some sandwiches and some milkshakes.

She came in and sat by the table. When I got up to change into a jeans and a T-shirt, she asked me to keep the nightgown and said, with an evil grin, that she liked to see me in that attire. She told me that I need not feel embarrassed and again, in a husky tone, said that my hubby is quite lucky to feast on such an angel. I told her to stop the crap and returned to the table to assist her in her lessons.

She moved by my side to point out the lessons in which she had some trouble. When she stooped down, I got a clear view of her young tits with the pointed nips and the titillating cleavage. The valley and the mountains did excite me and an urge to touch them started erupting. My heartbeat and pulse rate went rapid. Because of such nervousness, I dropped her book on the floor. She saw jumped and tried to retrieve the book. In order to hide my feelings, I bent down to floor to pick up the book and I got a nice view of her legs and well shaped thighs. To my surprise, she wore no panties, and her bushy cunt was clearly visible. My mind was lost in the deep dense forest between her legs.

She was mumbling something about her lesson, which I could not grasp, since my mind was elsewhere. The previous encounter, my only lesbian encounter, had been in Bangalore few months ago. This flashed in my memory and I wanted to experience another ... again ...with this girl. But, I was a bit apprehensive with her being my neighbor, it may even spoil my reputation if she felt offended. Vinoo shook me by my shoulders and asked me if I was all right. She told me that she could see something was wrong with me and asked what was the matter was. I hid all my feelings and told her nothing, but my hands were shaking and I was very nervous.

Vinoo saw my nervousness and the palpitation. She reached out and held my hands for a while, coming close to me. I felt her tits brush against my cheeks and could not control myself. I closed my eyes, bit my lips to gain some inner strength and clear all the thoughts. To my utter surprise, she started caressing my cheeks and neck, tracing her fingers to my lips. When I started to stop any further advances she told me that she had been waiting for such an opportunity for a long time. She had been showered by the Almighty with a blessing so that she could gain an access with my inner self. Vinoo went on blabbering sweet nothings about my physical specialties and I lost my self-control, extending my hands. She came very close and gently pecked a kiss on my cheeks and traced her tender fingers over my tender lips. I did not resist since I was in the fire of passion. I responded to her gentle kiss on my lips and returned the kiss with my tongue. She thanked me for being so responsive and hugged me close.

The clocked chimed ...the time was eight and she held me too close and was hugging me with more strength. Her hands were moving freely behind my back tracing their way from the nape to the hips. She whispered in my ears to be nice to her and love her.

Her long pending dreams were about ready to come true. I was becoming bolder. I, too, was hot and horny so I started caressing her cheeks and shoulders. My hands started roaming here and there all over her body feeling the curves and mounds.

Vinoo told me that she had been waiting all along to have such an encounter with me, from the day she met me, only that day her wish was unfulfilled. today was different as we passionately kissed each other on the lips, cheeks, neck and bosom.

Vinoo suggested that we should get rid of our clothes and we did. I did not gather enough courage at first, but after shedding her clothes, she came forward to remove the nightie. We both were stark naked ... eyes feasting on other's bodies.

Generally, when my hubby and I have sex, invariably, I would be the aggressive one. My hubby used to relax, being a passive lover. But, with Vinoo, I let her to be the active one and I remained very much passive. She laid me on the bed and let her tongue travel from my neck to my bosom leaving a trail of saliva. I wanted to kiss her and taste her sweet mouth. I pulled her above me and kissed her vigorously on her lips, pushing my tongue deep in her mouth, licking and biting, savoring her sweet taste as she pushed her tongue into my mouth. Entangling and kissing me hard on my mouth while her hands fondled my breasts.

I gathered enough courage and let my hands freely wander over her body, sliding down her back to clutch her butt, feeling her soft, warm cheeks. I felt the fleshy mounds, caressed her thighs, all the while kissing and licking her lips. Vinoo was caressing my fleshy breasts and pinching my pointed nipples. Our hips ground against each other, our clits came into contact, making the pussies wet and slippery.

I pushed her down and straddled her. I started kissing her breasts and took one nipple at a time. I munched and bite as her hands groped between my thighs and rested on my pussy. She caressed my clean strip, rolling my clit between her fingers and sending electric sparks all over my body. I start hissing, moaning and making sounds. Unable to control my emotions further, I take a full turn, licking Vinoo's body from neck, to breasts, to stomach, to wet navel pit with my tongue, leaving a trail of saliva. My mouth found her snatch while my pussy was just right above her mouth. Vinoo pulled me down to her puckered lips as I ground my hips on her face. I let my tongue slip over the length of her cunt, up to her bunghole. Her pussy lips are vibrating. Her hole became so wet, her cum just started flowing.

Both our heads were bobbing up and down on their respective feasts, sucking the overflowing fluids, occasionally stopping to catch breath and to let out ecstatic moans. All the while our hands caress as we are in a frenzy of lust and passion. Cumming in gushes, sending streams of sweet creamy cum, Vinoo's face was covered with my sweet orgasm. Vinoo too came like a well flowing river, giving me more than I wanted to drink. Our hands were caressing each other's body as if they are fighting for life. The feeling was so wonderful, I find it very difficult to express it in words.

We lay, side by side, exhausted from the fun we had. I could not see her face. I felt to shy and weak to face her. But, she was so jubilant and slowly winked at me, letting out a satisfying moan. I too smiled, albeit weakly, at her.

She asked me about the experience and whether I liked it. I told her that I did and she asked my permission to let her use the loo. I also wanted to urinate so she invited me to the loo for some water sports. I readily accepted.

We went to the bathroom and urinated Vinoo got in the bathtub and told me to squat on the edge. I did and she reached up and rubbed my ass while I tried to relax. Soon I was calm and my piss started to flow in a golden arch which Vinoo caught in her mouth, letting the warm fluid flow down her chin and over her sweet tits. When I was finished we changed positions and she squirt amber liquid over my body as I lay in the bottom of the tub. We then washed ourselves with soap and freshened with dabbing some perfume.

Hugging tightly and holding each other, we moved in to the bedroom once again for some more play. This time I initiated the rules and her tongue in my cunt was not enough. I went to the fridge and removed a fresh, green, long cucumber, about a foot long and three inches thick. I washed and wiped it clean, brought it to her and told her that we would fuck each other with the help of the cucumber. We did, inserting one end into her wet cunt and the other end into my snatch. We buried the vegetable deep enough so that our clits came into contact. We started humping and pumping, all the while brushing our tits and lips, kissing on the lips, caressing the nipples, ass, fingering the navel, massaging the firm thighs, inserting one finger in the bunghole, finger fucking the ass, exploring all sorts of fantasies and holes. We orgasm again violently.

When we were exhausted, we slowly got up and had our dinner and the milk shake for our dessert. We kissed each other's lips having some milkshake in the mouth, transferring the contents to the other and played.

I told Vinoo that it was time to get dressed. I had to get ready for my hubby as the time was nearing ten. I went to the living room to get my nightie and she followed. She just put on her skirt and T-shirt when I heard the screeching of the main gate. When I peeped out of the window lifting the screen, I was shocked to see my hubby entering. I was scared. I motioned Vinoo to be silent and directed her to the table.

My dear, Vinoo got the message and went to the table and she did something, which I never expected. I waited for a few seconds to hear the doorbell ring and I deliberately delayed to open the door as if I was asleep. Naturally, the delay is justified, and I went to the door as if I was walking in my sleep. I opened the door to let my hubby in.

Immediately, he hugged me, kissed me softly on my lips, and told that he was so sorry for canceling our date and promised that he would make up the lapse the next day. He continued to tell me something and he noticed Vinoo, sleeping on the table with her book wide open. He raised his brows and turned towards me. I told him, "Oh, poor girl ... Her exams are around the corner and she asked me to help her with her lessons. I helped her and she arrived at excellent solutions for very difficult problems. I let her continue with her studies and I had my dinner. She was reading and gradually fell asleep."

"Ok, darling", my hubby whispered, " ... let me wake her up and send her home."

Vinoo woke up from her pretend sleep as if having a nightmare. She smiled at my hubby, apologizing for falling asleep. My God ...what a show it was ...I could not believe my eyes. She was a talented actress, I must say.

Vinoo thanked me and my husband, bade good night and went out of the house. I walked with her to the gate to see her off. On the gate, she told me to wait for the next occasion.

I told her that I would have a hard time controlling myself in the meantime.

Vinoo winked and left.

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