By Jason

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Chapter 1

Tossing and turning young Annie awoke from her dream. Once again she could only remember small parts. Every Sunday morning for the last year, Annie had been awakening from these wildly erotic dreams, and always with her tiny fingers slipped into her sopping wet pussy, and sometimes, a finger buried deep up her young asshole.

On each of these special mornings, Annie would lie in her bed with her fingers to her nose smelling her tart juices that came from her pussy and asshole, trying to remember the details of her dreams. Even though she could not remember all of her dreams, she so enjoyed this time because of the erotic images her mind so easily conjured up. These morning were almost like a ritual to Annie. This was her special time to let her imagination go, fantasizing about the most bizarre, perverse things - things far too perverted for any normal 13 year old girl. These fantasies had grown increasingly wilder in the last few months driving little Annie wild with erotic passion. Even more recently, in Annie's boiling state of lust, she had gone from simply smelling her fingers to slipping them in her mouth and tasting her pungent juices. Doing something as nasty as this turned Annie on even more. That was the way Annie's young mind was; the more perverted and degrading something was, the more it turned her on and the hotter and wetter her young pussy became.

Annie was a thin, long legged, teenage girl with long dark wavy red hair that flowed down to the middle of her back. Her young body was beginning to take the shape of a mature woman. Her small young breast had begun to bud and became easily aroused at a touch. She was especially proud of her newly grown, dark red pubic hair that was just beginning to show up on her pussy. Annie spent a lot of time in her room, naked in front of the mirror, admiring and exploring these newly developed erogenous zones of her body.

Annie lived in a small coastal town just north of San Francisco. She lived with her mother, two aunts, and wealthy grandmother in a very large, old Victorian style home that looked out over the ocean. Annie never knew her father, he died when she was very young.

Mid-way down the hall from Annie's room was the room of her twin sister aunts, Josie and Janie. Nether Josie or Janie were, or had ever been, married, even though with their beauty they could have had any man they chose at the drop of a hat. Josie and Janie were both 34 years old and incredibly beautiful women. Their voluptuous bodies were no exception, with their large firm D-cup breasts, slender waist lines, and round perky butts. Their golden skin was smooth with tiny tan lines that barely covered their thick dark pussy hair. Flowing down their backs was a thick mane of light brown hair with sun streaks throughout.

Directly adjacent to Annie's room, through an adjoining door, was the room of Annie's mother Maria. Maria, who at 30 was the younger of the three sisters. She had long jet black hair which she always keep rolled in a bun at the back of her head. Although many would say she was even prettier than the twins, with the mousy way she carried herself and the way she wore such drab, loose fitting close, few people ever notice her. But underneath her long full dresses, was a stunningly beautiful, petite body. Her small frame was almost the size of a small child, with small perky breasts and a tiny firm ass.

At the end of the long hallway was the room of Issabella, Annie's grandmother, the pentacle of this family of beautiful women. Issabella was a mysterious yet elegant woman with long black hair that was speckled with gray strands throughout. Issabella also were her hair pulled up on top of her head, but in a less conservative and more elegant fashion than her daughter Maria. The twins had obviously inherited their voluptuous figures from their mother. Issabella's breasts were even larger than the twins. Naturally through the passage of time they set much lower, but they were still a magnificent sight to see and often caught the eyes of many young boys. It was obvious that Issabella ran that family. Even the twins, as independent as they seemed, did absolutely nothing without first getting Issabella's blessing. Especially in their relationships. Issabella would never allow any of her girls to have any kind of lasting relationships with anyone, male or female. The ones they were allowed to see, could only be seen on week nights and they always had to be in early. Oddly enough, the girls all seemed quite content, even excited, about staying home the weekend nights.

This restricted social life was also part of little Annie's life. When she was not in school, Annie spent most of her time playing by herself in her room or running up and down the hallways. Maria would let Annie stay up late on most week nights in the summer, but early on every Saturday evening she would make her go up to her room directly after supper, while everyone else stayed down stairs. Not long after Annie would get up to her room, Grandmother would always bring her her weekly medicine and put her to bed.

Annie sensed the women in her family were a bit odd, yet this oddness intrigued her tremendously. Annie knew from her own perverse finger sucking pleasure on those special mornings, she had quite a streak of this oddness in her too.

Chapter 2

Late one night, as Annie was getting into her nightgown to go to bed, she heard voices coming from her mother's room. They were stern commanding voices, not quiet or hushed, but rather loud, almost as if they were trying to catch Annie's attention. Curiosity overtook her. She turned out her light and walked over to the adjoining door between her room and her mothers. Once in front of the door, Annie's squatted down to peek through the large keyhole. It gave her an excellent view of the center of her mother's room.

As Annie's eye adjusted to the light in the room, she saw her mother standing in the middle of her room with her head lowered in a rather submissive sort of way, facing toward someone sitting on the bed. Annie strained to see who this was sitting on the bed, but the bed was just barely out of the viewing edge of the keyhole. Annie's mom was wearing a very shear nightgown and nothing more. The way the room light shined across her mother's body, Annie could see directly through her thin gown. She could see the dark patch of pussy hair between her mother's legs and her perfectly shaped tits with their aroused nipples standing straight out.

Why was it that her mother was standing there with her head lowered so submissively, and why was it obviously exciting her so, Annie wondered.

Suddenly Annie heard the stern voice say, "Strip bitch, and drop to your knees!" Annie's mom instantly began to disrobe. She unlaced and opened the front of her gown, letting it slide off her shoulders, it dropped to the floor. She then took down her long beautiful hair and shook it out. Without any hesitation Maria dropped to the floor on her hands and knees with her head still bowed. Then a second and equally as stern voice came from the direction of her mother's bed, "Inspection time slut, assume the position!" On that command Maria spread her knees far apart and arched her back, pushing her tiny perfectly shaped ass high into the air. She then raised her head, thrusting out her breasts, lifting her erect nipples into the air, and letting her beautiful long black hair string down across her face.

Annie couldn't believe what she was seeing. She couldn't believe she was watching her own mother getting so wildly aroused by being totally dominated by her two mysterious masters. Annie was glued to the keyhole. She felt a flame boiling through her body as she watched her mother on the floor. Annie's young body was coming alive with passion. The very fact she was getting so turned on by watching her mother being treated and responding like this made her feel so nasty, and the feeling of being so nasty excited her even more.

Suddenly the two strangers stood up from the bed and stepped into the center of the room for closer viewing of her mother. Annie almost passed out. Her mother's two mysterious masters were her own Aunt Josie and Aunt Janie. They were each wearing black spiked heels, thigh high stockings, a garter belt, and a corset that pushed up on their large bare breasts, and both were clutching a riding crop in their hand. Neither sister was wearing panties, and Annie found her eyes immediately locked on to their beautifully trimmed pussies.

Annie was now boiling over with burning desires. Her young body was beginning to tremble with excitement and her breath was quickening as she squatted in front of the keyhole. Annie had never seen her aunts totally naked before, and only briefly had she ever seen her mother disrobed. The sight of her aunt's beautiful pussies stirred up feeling in her young body she never felt before. As Annie stared at her aunt's pussies she subconsciously pulled down the front of her panties with her thumb and buried a couple of fingers of her other hand deep into her sopping wet pussy. Annie's body shuttered at the rush of feelings that flowed through her body at the feel of her fingers sliding into her tight wet slit.

Josie and Janie circled around Annie's submissive little mother, staring at the petite little body under their command. "You're a nasty little slut, aren't you?," Josie said sternly as she slapped Annie's mom on the ass with the riding crop. "Answer her!," Janie said, giving her another quick whack on the ass with her riding crop. "Yes," Maria muttered. "Louder!," Josie shouted giving Maria's beautiful tiny ass another pop. "I am!," Maria spoke up. "I'm the nastiest little slut in this town!" "Are you?," Janie teased with another smack on Maria's reddening ass cheeks. "What are you going to do to prove this to us, slut?," Josie said with another pop. "I'll do anything you want me to... anything!... know matter how nasty." "Well my little submissive slut, tonight we're just here to warm you up for your worthiness training Saturday night - and you know who your audience will be then, don't you?," Josie said with an evil smile and another swift smack on Maria's ass. "Yes, mam... I do.", Maria answered with a slight tone of eagerness in her voice.

As Josie continued to circle and taunt Maria's ass with her crop, Janie squatted down directly behind Maria for a closer view of her tight little asshole and now dripping pussy. Every time Josie slapped Maria's ass, Janie's eyes grew wide with excitement as she watched Maria's little asshole pucker and her pussy twitch. This close-up view of Maria's crotch set Janie on fire. She reached down between her own legs and squeezed her pussy, shuttered, then started vigorously rubbing her clit. "Do you like the sting of my whip on your bare ass?," Josie asked. "Yes mam, I love it! Please, do as you please with my ass. I'm your slut and my ass is for your enjoyment. Treat me like the anal slut that I am." At that request, Josie, who was standing in front of Maria, grabbed Maria by the back of her hair and pulled her face up high. Then slightly bending and spreading her knees, Josie planted her pussy in Maria's face and ground around on it. As Janie watched Josie treat her little sister like this, Janie slid two of her fingers into her own dripping pussy, pulled them out, then forced them into Maria's asshole. This drove Maria insane. "Uhhmm!," Maria moaned into Josie's crotch. She truly was an anal slut and her response to being reamed up the ass by her big sister's fingers proved it. Maria began to lap and suck wildly at Josie's pussy, which in turn made Josie grind her pussy harder and harder into Maria's face.

The sight of Annie's Aunt Janie pumping her fingers in and out of her mother's asshole made Annie shudder with excitement. Annie's young asshole was begging for the same treatment her mother's was getting. Without missing a stroke with the fingers stuffed in her pussy, Annie slid her other hand down the back of panties and stuck her middle finger straight up her own little asshole. Annie tried hard not to moan out loud, but she couldn't help herself. As she bobbed up and down on her fingers, she quietly whimpered and moaned. It really didn't matter that she was moaning aloud, because everybody was moaning - Annie with two fingers in her pussy and one up her ass - Josie as she fed her beautiful pussy to Annie's mother's hungry mouth - wide eyed Janie squatting close behind Maria, ramming her fingers in and out of her little sister's willing asshole while finger fucking her own pussy with the other hand - and then of course Maria, being sandwiched between her two horny sisters.

It was suddenly obvious, that Josie was cumming in Maria's face. Josie's eyes rolled back in her head as she raised her face to the ceiling and made a guttural grown. Her knees began to wobble as she clenched tighter on Maria's long black hair. Faster and harder Maria sucked at Josie's pussy. Suddenly Josie froze stiff like a statue. She was cumming. Her body then began to quiver. "Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhhhh!" she groaned as the blood vessels in her neck grew. Then suddenly she relaxed, opened her eyes, and looked down at Maria.

With a devilish grin Josie pulled her pussy away from Maria's dripping face. Josie then squatted down in front of her and wiped the wet strands of hair out of her face. Josie leaned forward and slowly began to lick her own pussy juices off her little sister's face in a perverted and demeaning way. While Josie was tongue washing Maria's face, Maria's eyes were still wide open with anal pleasure as Janie continued Maria's ass-fucking.

Maria started breathing heavier and groaning louder, for she was approaching her anal climax. She began to thrust her ass back against Janie's fingers as Janie stabbed her finger deep into Maria rectum. Pushing and pounding, Maria forced herself back against her sister's probing fingers. Josie continued to lap at Maria's face until finally Maria shuddered intently then relaxed as she released her orgasm.

As Josie finished licking the last drop of her pussy juices off Maria's beautiful face, she raised Maria's chin slightly and said, "You've been a really good slut tonight, but you know what a really nasty anal slut would do after a good ass-fucking like this, don't you?" As those words left her lips, Maria's eyes grew wide with excitement as a wild slutty look came over Maria's face. When Josie saw this excitement in Maria's eyes she smiled at her and nodded her head. With that nod Maria reached behind her and grabbed Janie's wrist. Staring straight into Josie's eyes, she raised an eyebrow as to say "watch this." She then gave a wicked smile, rammed Janie's fingers up her ass as far as they would go, then wiggled her ass around on them. Maria then slowly slid the fingers out of her ass, raised up, then laid down on her back. With Josie now positioned between her legs, Maria spread her legs wide, exposing her beautiful wet pussy lips to her. As Josie watched her nasty floor show with anticipation, Maria began to rock her hips and finger her pussy with one hand, then with the other hand she pulled Janie's ass-fucking fingers over her face. As she watched Josie watching her, she pull Janie's fingers into her mouth and began to suck them clean, one by one. At this point everyone in that room, including Annie next door, was masturbating as they watch the nasty little slut show. This went on for several minutes as Maria laid on the floor fingering herself from one orgasm to another, while sucking Janie's fingers clean.

Josie then rose to her feet, stood over Maria, and said, "Yes... very good my little slut. I think you're finally ready to test your total submission and obedience with your master. I think it's also time to see how well your little Annie will respond to actually being involved in your training. We will all see tomorrow night, won't we?" Josie then snapped her fingers at Janie. Janie stood up and followed Josie toward the door. They both stopped at the door and turned around for one last look at Maria lying spread-eagle on the floor, then walked out closing the door behind them.

Annie couldn't believe what she just saw. She was still fingering her little pussy and asshole as she stared through the keyhole at her mother's beautiful naked body laying exhausted on the floor. She just couldn't believe the wild sexually depraved animal Aunt Josie and Aunt Janie had unleashed in her mother by dominating and humiliating her in the way they did. Annie could see the hungry look on her mother's face grow wilder and wilder as Josie's commands became increasingly more perverse. With all these thoughts and visions racing through her young mind, she let herself roll back onto her bedroom floor. She pulled her knees up to her body and then parted them, then continued to finger fuck her wet pussy and tight little asshole thinking about what she just witnessed. Her driving fingers had brought her to an orgasm several times while she watched the humiliation of her mother. Why did this sight turn her on so much, she wondered. Rethinking these thoughts brought her to yet another orgasm as she pounded her pussy and pumped her asshole full of fingers. Annie thought about how it excited her mother so to suck Aunt Janie's finger clean after she pulled them from her ass. She couldn't believe the same perverse thing that she had got so much pleasure out of on her special mornings was also something her mom obviously enjoyed immensely. As Annie laid there thinking about this, she slid her finger out of her ass, drew it to her lips. Slowly she began to suck on it while fantasizing she was her mother on the floor in the other room, and it was she that was being treated like an anal slut by her Aunt Josie and Aunt Janie.

Annie woke up and found herself in the same position on the floor later that night with her finger still in her mouth. She raised up and checked the keyhole once again. Her mother's room was dark, she must have gone on to bed. Annie walked over and climbed into her bed and wondered. What was it Aunt Josie was talking about. What is it that her mother must do tomorrow night, a Saturday night, the one night of the week she has to take her medicine and go to bed early; and what training was she to get involved in - she had no clue.

Chapter 3

All day Saturday, Annie continually thought about what she saw the night before. She found herself staring at her mother across the dinner table unable to imagine that this prim and proper woman with her loose fitting clothing and her hair in a bun could be the wild horny slut she saw last night. Pulling Annie out of her trance was the voice of her grandmother, "Come on Annie, if you're through with your dinner, then it's time to take your medicine and go to bed." As she did every Saturday night, Annie got up from the table and kissed everyone goodnight. Her grandmother took her hand and they walked together upstairs to Annie's room.

When they got to the top of the stairs, grandmother realized she had forgot Annie's medicine and had to go back down stairs to get it. Annie pretended to go on into her room, but as soon as her grandmother had reached the bottom of the stairs Annie snuck back to the edge of the stairs to watch and listen.

Annie watched her grandmother get out two bottles of pills. Out of one she poured out five blue pills and out of the other she poured out only one red pill. She walked over to the dinner table and handed all three of her girls one blue pill each and said, "Take your medicine my little girls and enjoy your night of uninhibited decadence." Grandmother, Josie, and Janie all swallowed their pill, smiled at each other, then looked over at Maria. Maria shyly lowered her head to her pill and swallowed it. "Now, go to the play room and prepare yourselves. Our special guest and I will be down after I get her ready," Grandmother said. "Don't forget to give her the red pill so she doesn't remember her experience tomorrow," Josie said. "Have I ever forgot?," Grandmother replied as she walked back toward the stairs.

Annie quickly scampered back to her room and started brushing her teeth. "Here you go my little button. Take your medicine," Grandmother said as she walked in the room and held out the two pills. Annie always remembered how good the medicine made her feel after she had taken it. It made her tingle all over and made her mind think strange wild thoughts. She always remembered how grandmother would just sit in the chair across the room in her black silk robe and smile mysteriously at her. But that's all. Nothing more.

Now she knew exactly why. It was the red pill her grandmother gave her. This night of all nights was a night she did not want to forget. "Here baby, take your pills," Grandmother said as she handed Annie her pills. Annie took the pills in one hand and reached for the water with the other. As she did, Annie let the red pill fall onto the floor where Grandmother couldn't she it. She then popped the blue pill into her mouth and swallowed it down.

In no time at all, Annie could feel the pill coming on. Her body began to tingle and her mind started to run wild. Annie started to dance around the foot of her bed as if she were in a trance. With every movement of her arms, her tiny breast became more aroused. With every movement of feet, the wetness of excitement would build between her legs. Issabella walked over to the bed and laid out a shear silk gown, then walked back over to the chair across the room and sat down. "It's time for you to change my dear. Take off your close and put on the new gown I bought you," Issabella said as she watched Annie intently.

At her grandmother's words Annie stopped dancing, walked over to the gown, and started to unbutton her dress. "Turn around, my little one, so Grandmother can see your sweet form," Issabella requested. "Grandmother wants to see how well her little granddaughter's body is ripening."

Issabella's request excited Annie. It made her young body tingle even more to think of being watched while she undressed. Annie turned around toward her grandmother, unbutton her dress all the way down, pulled it off her shoulders, and let it fall to the floor. There Annie stood across the room from her grandmother with nothing on but her lacy panties. Issabella didn't take her eyes off Annie for a second. Annie could see her grandmother's eyes glow with excitement and anticipation as her body became exposed. Annie could feel her nipples getting hard and the wetness building in her panties in reaction to her grandmothers gaze. The pill amplified the excitement of this bizarre situation. Annie was feverishly excited and was boiling in anticipation of her next command.

"Come closer my little naked child. Come closer so Grandmother can see every detail of your adolescent body," Issabella said as she removed her hair pins and shook out her beautiful long hair. Annie walked across the room and stood directly in front of her grandmother. Issabella's eyes roamed up and down Annie supple body, then finally came to rest on Annie's crotch.

Bringing her finger to her lips and not breaking her gaze, Issabella said, "Very good my little one. Now, why don't you spread your feet apart a little and pull your panties down in front of your grandmother?" This game was getting wilder by the moment and Annie loved every minute of it. She reached down, slid her thumbs under her waistband, and pulled them down to her knees. Issabella smiled with pleasure at the sight of her young granddaughter pulling her panties down right in front of her, then standing there in wide-eyed anticipation of her inspection.

Issabella sat up and leaned forward toward Annie's pussy. Annie watch with excitement as her grandmother moved her face to within inches of her wet pussy. Issabella closely admired the few dark red pussy hairs that tried to cover Annie's glistening wet pussy lips. She then gradually moved her mouth closer and closer to Annie's pussy. Then, just before her lips touched Annie's pussy, Issabella blew a breath of hot air over Annie's crotch. Issabella's breath melted Annie's pussy like butter. Her knee buckled and her body shuttered. Annie didn't realize until that moment how much she would have loved to have had her grandmother's mouth on her little clit.

Issabella pulled away and leaned back in her chair. "You like that don't you? You like standing there in front of your grandmother with your panties around your knees, don't you?," Issabella teased. "Yes mam," Annie muttered back.

Issabella just sat there, laying back in her big chair, smiling with enjoyment at the sight of Annie's aroused naked body. She then slightly parted her own legs and untied the belt of her black silk robe. As Annie looked on in amazement, Issabella slowly opened up the shear black robe, exposing her beautiful large breasts and her large thick patch of dark pussy hair.

Issabella watched the wild look on Annie's face as she cupped her large breasts and pinched her nipples. "What do you think? Do you like looking at your grandmother's naked body?," Issabella asked as she tugged at her hardening nipples.

Annie was simply amazed at how good of shape her grandmother's body was in at her age. Her huge round breast hung lower than the twins, but her waistline was just as thin. Annie's eyes worked their way down her grandmother's body to her large hairy pussy, where they lock on. Grandmother's pussy wasn't as well trimmed as the twin's pussy, but it was just as inviting.

Noticing Annie's gaze at her pussy, Issabella spread her legs open wider and put one leg over the arm of the chair, exposing her large pussy lips, then ran her fingers through her thick dark pussy hair. "Do you like what you see, my little one? Yes? Then, get on your knees and get a closer look," Issabella began to command.

Without breaking her gaze, Annie dropped down on her knees to see this wonderful sight up close. Sitting there on the floor with her face only inches away from her grandmother's pussy, really turned Annie on. As Annie watched, Issabella began to masturbate. As she did, she watch Annie's face glow with excitement. Annie was getting so excited that she began to grab and pull at her own pussy. All she could think about was how much she wanted to just bury her little face into her grandmother sopping wet pussy and lick and suck on it like her mom had done to Aunt Josie last night. She just couldn't wait for her grandmother's next command.

"Have you ever had your pussy eaten before Annie?," Issabella asked as she rubbed at her clit. "No mam," Annie responded. "Oh, that's too bad. It's a wonderfully decadent feeling to look down at a pretty young girls face as she sucks away at your pussy juices. I have to have it at least once or twice a week." Then with a suggestive sigh Issabella said, "Yes...that's something all young girls should be taught how to do at a very young age. Do you know who my favorite pussy eater is, Annie?," Issabella asked. "No mam," replied Annie. "It's your mother. She's absolutely the best pussy sucker I've ever had. Ever since she was your age, she has love to eat pussy...So many nights I have woken up to find her under my covers lapping at my clit."

It was pretty obvious Issabella was getting off on telling Annie about the nasty things her mother likes to do. As Annie listen to the nasty little details about her mother alternate life, she could she Issabella's thick dark pussy hair becoming matted with the heavy flow of her pussy juices. Annie could feel her own pussy juices beginning to flow as she vigorously fingered her sweet young pussy.

"Eat me, my young one," Issabella said in a low seductive voice. "Eat my pussy like your nasty mother would do." That was all Annie was waiting for, her first sexual command - and in she went. Annie planted her face right between her grandmother's big juicy pussy lips and began to lick. As Annie's tongue sank into her grandmother's pussy, Issabella grabbed Annie's hair began to guide her face through her first pussy eating session. As Annie licked and sucked at Issabella's pussy, she could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter. She began to feel the pussy juices that had escaped her tongue drip down her cheeks and off her chin. 'This is such a turn on', Annie thought as she lapped away and watched her grandmother's face melt in ecstasy. She was loving the tangy taste and the musty smell of her grandmother hot pussy, as Issabella commanded the attention of Annie's tongue to all parts of her crotch. Tighter and tighter Issabella's grip became as Annie's virgin tongue pushed her towards her orgasm. Issabella began to grind her hip and rub Annie's face into her hot crotch. "Suck it you little slut!," Issabella groaned loudly, as she smeared her pussy around on Annie's face and watched Annie's wide eyed gaze back at her. "Eat that hot wet pussy, my little bitch!"

The lewd way her grandmother was haunching on her face and the nasty way she was talking to her, really turned Annie on. The closer her grandmother came to her climax the more vigorously Annie fingered her own pussy. Annie could hear the wet sound of her own palm slapping up against her own drenched pussy lips. As she pounded her wet pussy, Annie felt her anal urge come over her. Without missing a stroke, Annie slid one of her wet finger all the way up her ass and began to ride these fingers of ecstasy.

As Annie watched her grandmother's eyes, she could tell Issabella was about to cum. Issabella's movements became wilder and her words became louder and nastier. "Suck my pussy you little slut! Suck my piss out, bitch! Suck it harder or I'll have you fucked up the ass by the damn dog!" At those words, both Annie and her grandmother exploded into orgasms. On and on this wild perverted rush pulsed through Annie's crotch as she drove her finger up her ass... in and out... and then one last time. At that same moment, Issabella exhausted with finality, released her grip on Annie's hair. Annie fell to the floor in exhaustion panting.

When Annie looked up Issabella was still sitting spread eagle in the chair, smiling at Annie with a devious smile. As she watched Annie she stroked her pussy and licked the juices from her fingers. Issabella then stood up and held out her hand to Annie saying, "Come my little one, your night has just begun. That was but a taste of what's in store for you."

Chapter 4

Annie stood up, stepped out of her panties, curiously took her grandmother's hand, and was lead out the door. As they walked across the hall and down the stairs Annie realized she was totally naked and that her mother or her aunts might she her like this, but just as quickly as this realization came over her, it went away. It was replaced by the naughty tingle the little blue pill gave her. The thought of her mother or aunts seeing her running through the house naked began to excite her. She even wondered if her mother knew what she had just done to her grandmother. That thought also excited her.

As Issabella led Annie down the stairs, Annie watched her intensely. Issabella's silk robe was flowing wide open and out behind her. Her large breast and still erect nipples jutted out in front of her, bouncing slightly as she walked, and the thick bush between her legs was still wet from Annie's tongue. Annie could hardly believe what she had just done with her grandmother and above all, how much she enjoyed it. Now Annie wonder what else did her grandmother have in store for her.

Back into that large house they went. Back into an area Annie had seldom been. Issabella unlocked and opened a door in the corner of one of the these old rooms and in they when. They were in a dimly lit stairway leading down to red door. Annie could hear exotic music and wild laughter coming from beyond that door. When they reached the bottom of the stairs Issabella stopped and turned towards Annie. "It's time, my little one. Release all your inhibitions and indulge yourself in the decadence. You are now our toy of pleasure," Issabella said as she slowly opened the door.

Annie stepped in and stopped in shock and amazement. The room she just walked into looked like some sort of dungeon. The floors were covered with thick padded carpet and the walls were black and covered with whips, chain, and bizarre sexual devices. At one end of the room was a small open area with harnesses and restraints attached to the wall and rafters. At the other end was two rows of plush couches setting directly across from one another with a small open area in between. Both rows of couches where facing each other and the open path led to the back of the room where the floor stepped up to a small raised area. In that area the couches formed a small semicircle inset like a large booth in a restaurant without the table. The room was dimly lit with a red glow barely lighting the couch area and a slightly brighter white light illuminating the area between the couches.

There were women everywhere drinking, laughing, and moaning, and all totally nude, with the exception of a few spiked high heels and an occasional garter belt with hose. Most of the women were lounging comfortably along the couches in little groupings kissing and fondling one another and watching the other women across from them doing nasty things to each another.

As Issabella led Annie into the room the laughter and the conversation paused as every eye began to inspect this new offering in Issabella's hand. Annie felt uncomfortable at first but soon begin to enjoy the attention she was getting. As Issabella slowly walked her into the area between the couches and along in front of the women on the couches, Annie eyes indulged on the erotic sight of all the naked, horny women licking and fondling one another. She noticed that there were several young girls her age there. They all appeared to be intently enjoying themselves, most sitting between two or three older women, and all spread eagle with several foreign hands on their crotches feeling them up while other hands were stroking and pinching their tiny little breasts.

As they walked along in front of the couches viewing this torrid display of uninhibited lesbian lust, Issabella stopped in front of two women in their late thirties sitting side by side, legs spread open, and involved in deep French kissing. Issabella and Annie paused there for a moment and watched them kiss, squirm, and finger fuck each other. Then Issabella said, "Excuse me ladies." The women stopped their kissing and looked up to Issabella. They then noticed little Annie standing beside her grandmother. Both women, still finger fucking one another, begin to smile as they stared up and down Annie's young naked body. "Her evening is about to begin and you've got her first - do as you please with her!" Issabella said, as she reached behind Annie and pushed her toward the women. The women instantly reached up, grabbed Annie, and pulled her down between them. As soon as Annie's little body came to rest on the couch, the women spread her long young legs and each slid a finger into her wet pussy. This whole situation was exciting Annie tremendously. She found herself loving the feeling of being mauled by these strange women. Annie then decided to closed her eyes and submit to whatever her new mistresses desired of her.

The woman on Annie's right reached up, pulled Annie's face to hers, and began to French kiss her. Then both she and the woman on Annie's other side began to pinch at her excited and erect nipples. At first, the pinching was hurting her young breast, but with the fingers in her pussy and wild passionate way this woman was kissing her, the pain soon turned in to immense pleasure. Annie found herself tugging back against the pinching fingers only to intensify the pleasure of her nipple torment.

"You like the pain, my little slut?" the woman on her left whispered as she drove her tongue into Annie's ear. "Uhhmm!" Annie moaned in pleasure as she danced her tongue around in the other woman's mouth.

Annie opened her eyes and began watching a young girl across the couches finger an older woman up the ass. The older woman was on her knees leaning over the couch and the young girl was laying on her back under the woman with her legs spread wide, giving everyone an excellent view of her young pussy. The young girl had two fingers up the older woman's ass and was sucking on her clit as she methodically worked her fingers in and out of her ass. The older woman was moaning and humping back in pleasure with every stroke of the young girls fingers. Annie could actually see the older woman's pussy juices running down the young girl's cheeks.

Annie perked right up at this sight and stopped kissing her new lover. Noticing Annie's excitement about this anal scene across from them, the women she was kissing slid Annie's ass out to the edge of the couch and pulled her legs up and back over her head. Then as both of the women moved their mouths down to Annie's tits and began to nip and bite on her little nipples, the woman slid her finger up Annie's ass. Annie was now in ecstasy. The pain in her nipples had turned into pure masochistic pleasure, and the three fingers the other woman was shoving in her pussy made her head spin, but it was the finger she was feeling sliding in and out of her asshole that was what she was living for at that moment. Annie began to feel really good and slutty as she looked across and saw some of those women watching her in that nasty position.

As Annie laid there boiling in pleasure, she glanced around to see where her grandmother had gone. Annie's eyes scanned the room then spotted her at the far end of the couch circle. There were five or six stunning looking young women sitting in that area with Issabella at the head, like a queen on her thrown. Sitting there on each side of their mother were Josie and Janie, both dressed in their spike heeled shoes and black silk stockings.

At that moment a woman stepped up in front of Issabella with a very pretty and apparently very young little girl. The young girl was totally naked except for a collar with a leash and high heeled shoes. She stood there submissively with her head bowed and her hands behind her back as if they were bound. The woman holding her leash seemed to be suggesting something to Issabella about the girl. Issabella, obviously liking what she was hearing, nodded her head with pleasure. The woman then handed the leash to Issabella and sat down between her and Josie. Sliding her ass out to the edge of the couch, the woman spread her legs wide apart. Issabella looked the young girl over for a moment then lightly tugged the leash outward toward the woman. "Come on my little child, your mother says your very good at this. Show us how well you eat your mother's pussy," Issabella said as she tugged once again on the leash. All eyes in that area were on this woman and her young sex slave daughter. Josie's and Janie's hands immediately dropped to their own pussies and began to rub in anticipation of watching this young girl eat out her mother.

The young girl dropped to her knees and crawled on all fours right up to her mother's pussy. Her mother reached out grab the young girl by the back of the hair and pulled her face into her hot wet snatch. As she began to lick, the young girl's expressions slowly changed from shy submissiveness to wild enjoyment. The taste of her mother's pussy on her lips was all she needed to start her little motor purring. In her excitement, the young girl spread her knees apart, arched her back, and began to wildly screw her head back and forth as she licked and suck at her mother's pussy. Her mother's eyes rolled back in her head as she threw her head back, heaving her breast into the air, began to moan and grind her pussy around on her daughter's face.

Issabella, smiling with evil delight, slowly pulled her eyes away from this unbelievably erotic scene and said to Josie, "Bring her out! Let's see what our little slut is willing to do tonight." Josie stood up, smiled, and said, "Yes, let's just see how nasty our little slut gets tonight."

Josie sultry strutted across the room between the couches and stopped behind a petite brunette that was on her hands and knees between another woman's legs, eating her out. Josie reached down and slowly rubbed the brunette's crotch. By the wetness she felt, it was pretty obvious to her that the woman was enjoying her work as well as this new hand that was probing her pussy.

Josie pulled her finger from the woman's pussy and slapped her on her ass. "Get up from that pussy, slut! It's time for you to really get nasty." Josie said. The petite brunette turned her head toward Josie with a surprised look that instantly grew into excitement upon seeing who had slapped her ass. As she looked up at Josie, she wiped the pussy juices from her face and eagerly said, "Yes mistress, how may I service you tonight?" "Come with me, slut. There will be several ways you'll service me tonight," Josie said as she bent over grabbing her hair and pulled her up.

Josie hooked a leash to the leather collar around the woman's neck and led her through the couches toward the raised area, stopping in front of Issabella. As the submissive brunette walked through the light between the couches, several of the women in the room recognized her. "It's Maria...Issabella's daughter," they whispered. Her hair was down and teased out wildly. She was wearing nothing but high heels and a leather collar. On her perky nipples, she was wearing small clamps that were connected together by a chain that bounced around as she walked across the room.

Annie was still heating up and too deeply involved with her two new lovers to have noticed that her mother was also in the room.

As they stepped up in front of Issabella, Josie pulled down on Maria's arm and instructed her to get down on the floor on her hands and knees. When she did, Josie began to fondle Maria's body, running her hand down her back and into the crack of her ass. As Josie's hand reached her crotch, Maria's body began to shuttered with anticipation. Issabella then spread her legs apart and said , "Come my little slut daughter. Come suck your mother's pussy like this little slut next to me is sucking her mother's pussy." Maria glanced over at the young girl beside her and watched briefly as the young girl licked and sucked at her mother's pussy. As the excitement of this perverse erotic sight overtook her, Maria crawled up between her mother's legs and began to nurse on her big wet pussy like she had done so many times in the past.

"That's right my little slut," Issabella said as she slid her ass forward giving Maria's hungry mouth better access. "See this young girl next to me eating her mother's pussy so skillfully. Doesn't she look good with her face buried in her mother's pussy like that?" Issabella said as she guided Maria's willing tongue around on her pussy. "She's no older than our little Annie, is she? Would you like to watch your little daughter eating pussy like that?"

These things Issabella was saying about watching Annie do such nasty things was really exciting Maria. "Let me tell you my little slut, it's a beautiful sight to look down between your legs and see little Annie's young innocent face sucking on your pussy. Especially when her young virgin tongue licks your pussy as well as a skilled pussy eater like you," Issabella said watching Maria's expressions.

Maria's eyes grew with surprise and excitement as she listened to her mother talk. Was she serious about this experience she spoke of? Had her daughter really gone down on her own grandmother? Maria couldn't believe what her mother was saying. She could just imagine the wild sight of little Annie's face buried in Issabella's cunt. Envisioning this scene drove Maria wild with excitement, yet gave her a tinge of jealousy. She herself had had several erotic thoughts about her daughter in the past. There had been several nights dressing or bathing little Annie that Maria had to fight the urge to touch and fondle her young supple body.

"Now tell me my little slut, wouldn't you like to fuck your own little daughter?" Issabella said encouraging. "Huh? Wouldn't you like to train her in all the perverted way of our family? You could be her slutty mother and demonstrate to her how much of a slut you really are?" "Ohh, yes mam!" Maria answered into Issabella's pussy. "Yes mam I'll service her body in anyway you'd like me to. Please, sexually humiliate me in the nastiest ways while she watches. I'll let her treat me like a slut too!" Issabella again smiled with satisfaction at hearing Maria's willingness to do anything she commands.

Janie eyes were wide with excitement and anticipation of what was flowing through her mother perverted mind. In her nasty excitement, Issabella pulled Maria's head in tight to her crotch. With her other hand she grabbed Janie by the hair, pulling her over toward her, and slid her tongue into her mouth, in a lustful French kiss. Janie's hand began to vigorously rub at her own pussy, as her mother's lustful passion made her swell with excitement.

Issabella suddenly stopped kissing her and Janie could she her mother's perverted wheels turning. She gazed down at Maria's head working around on her pussy then back up into Janie's eyes. "Go fine Annie," she said as she smiled with pleasure.

Janie instantly got up and started looking around. She then began walking along the dimly lit couches until she spotted Annie. There she was, lying on her back between the same two women, with her legs pulled back over her head, and having a longneck beer bottle rammed in and out of her ass by a third woman on the floor. As Annie was lying there getting fucked up the ass with a beer bottle, several other women had gathered around to watch the show. They were all around her with their hands between their legs masturbating. Janie stood over the steamy scene in amazement. She couldn't even believe how skillfully and with such ease her little niece was buttfucking that bottle. Annie was rocking her ass back and forth in rhythm to the pumping the woman on the floor was giving her ass. She quietly whimpered and her little body shuttered with each thrust of her beer bottle lover. As she laid there taking it up the ass, the two women on her sides were licking her face and nipping at her nipples as they fingered her wet childish pussy.

Janie found herself dazed by the nasty sight of her niece on the couch and almost forgot why she came over there. She cleared her voice and said, "Annie, come with me. Your grandmother is ready for you now." Annie opened her eyes and looked up at her Aunt Janie standing over her totally naked. Her mind gradually cleared and she slowly realized what her aunt had said. Annie wondered with excitement as to her grandmother 's desires. Whatever it was, she didn't want to miss it. She reached down between her legs and pulled the beer bottle out of her ass and stood up. "Come with me Annie, and don't be surprised at anything you see," Janie said as she took her hand and led her toward Issabella's area.

Chapter 5

As they walked up to raised area, Annie saw her grandmother with her legs spread wide and a petite brunette eating her pussy. "Come closer my little one so you can see our fun," Issabella said as she motioned her closer. With intense curiosity and eagerness to see her grandmother's pussy up close once again, Annie stepped up and knelt down beside the brunette. Then Issabella said with a devious smile, "Well Annie, how do you like watching your mother eat my pussy?" Just as these words left Issabella's mouth, Maria turned her head toward Annie with a wild animal look in her eyes. Her hair was streaming down her face and her lips and chin were glistening with the juices of her mother's pussy. Annie jumped with a frightened surprise. Her first thought was what her mother would do to her - catching her down here naked with all these other naked women. Then she realized that her mom was naked too and she was eat grandmother's pussy as well.

Without saying a word to Annie, Maria turned and looked up lustfully at Issabella and said, "Anything. Anything you want me to do." She then lowered her head and buried her face back in her mother's pussy.

"So what do you think about your mother now Annie? She's quite a slut, isn't she?" Issabella said as she watched Annie's gaze at her mother change from fear to excitement. Annie was soon consumed with excitement as she slid her hand between her own legs while watching her mother eat at the same pussy she herself was tasting only a few hours ago.

"Annie, move behind your mother and look at her beautiful ass. Isn't it sexy?" Issabella said in admiration. Annie crawled behind her mom and stared into her crotch. Her mother's pussy was glistening with moisture and the hair around her pussy lips was matted with wetness. Her back was arched and her tight round ass was sticking high into the air. "Have you ever reamed another woman's asshole before, Annie?" Issabella asked. "No mam." Annie replied with excited curiosity. "I think you'll like this, my little one. Watch the young child next to you. She'll show you how it's done." Issabella said.

Annie turned to her right and began to watch intently. By this time, the young girl's mom had slid off the couch on to her knees with her face on the couch. Her back was arched and her titties were just hanging off the edge of the couch. The young girl was knelling behind her mom and had both hands on her ass cheeks spreading them apart. In a slow rhythmic fashion, the young girl would lick down onto her pussy, then up around the rim of her mom's asshole, then drive her tongue deep into her mother's puckered ass. With every tongue fucking thrust the young girl's mother would whimper with enjoyment. Five or six times in and out of her ass she would drive her tongue then back down to her pussy to start her technique all over again.

Annie had never seen anything this wild in all her life. The nastiness of this little girl and her oral technique of ass fucking drove Annie wild. She knew she just had to try it. And she knew she was going to get try it on her own mom.

Annie spun around back toward her mom's ass and sighted in on her asshole. She wonder if she could make her mom feel as good as the young girl was making her mom feel. As another lustful rush from her little pill and the sight of her mother's hot ass staring up at her shot through her body, her focus turned from pleasing her mom to a raw lusting desire just to taste her mother's asshole.

Without anymore hesitation, Annie reached up and grabbed her mother's ass cheeks spreading them apart, and began to lick at the crack of her ass. Up and down in long licking strokes she ran her tongue. As Annie did this, her mom began to really heat up. She could hear her mom's voice moaning into her grandmother's pussy.

Issabella was getting really steamed up by what Annie had begun to do to her mom. She too wanted to feel a warm tongue in her asshole. With that thought in mind, Issabella slid her ass out to the edge of the couch and raised her legs up over her head exposing her asshole for her daughter's ease of access. Maria's eyes gazed up to her mom's in conformation of her perverse request. Issabella nodded for her to proceed.

Just as Maria slid her tongue down to her mother's asshole, Annie drove her tongue into Maria's rectum for the first time. Maria groaned with pleasure, then drove her tongue straight up her mother's asshole.

"Ohhhh yesss! Fuck my asshole you little slut! That's right girls, tongue fuck your mothers' asshole," Issabella rasped.

Annie was loving every probing thrust her little tongue was making into her mother asshole. Even the steamy smell of her mother's asshole was making her hotter and hotter. Down to her mother's sweet tasting pussy and right back into her asshole, Annie's tongue danced. Annie couldn't seem to satisfy this new asshole eating hunger she had developed. Deeper and deeper she drove her tongue, and harder and harder her mom bucked back against her face. Maria reached back behind her and grabbed Annie by the back of her head and forced her ass hard into her daughter's face. "Ohhh suck my asshole, my little slut child. Suck mommie's ass and I'll suck yours anytime you want it. Ohhh yes, tongue fuck my ass like a good little slut!" Maria begged as she pulled her own tongue from her own mother's ass.

It was obvious all three women were about to burst into flames. In an effort to save her orgasm until later, Issabella reached down grabbing her daughter's hair, pulling her head back and her mouth away from her ass. Raising her own head up, Issabella watched the wild expressions on Maria's sweaty face as Annie continued to tongue fuck her in the ass. Maria's body was shaking as her daughter continued to work at her asshole.

As Issabella held her by the hair, Maria's eyes opened wide with excitement. "I've got to have more mommie! You know how I like much more. Please, mommie let me have it again up my ass like I got it the other day when you and I were behind the house, please!" Maria begged. "Please mommie, I'll do it in front of Annie. I'll show her how much of a perverted slut her mother really is! Please! I'll do it in front of everybody this time..." she continued.

"So, you'd like to do that again, would you? In front of all these women. Even in front of your own daughter?" Issabella eagerly questioned. "Ohh, yes mam! Anyway you want me to," Maria replied. "Very well my little slut. You just might prove yourself a worthy slut after all," Issabella answered as she rubbed at her clit with excitement.

As Annie tongued at her mother's hot asshole she listened carefully to this conversation and wondered what perverted nasty thing her mother did with her grandmother behind the house. Whatever it was, just listening to them talk excited her even more.

As Annie once again slid her tongue into her mother's rectum, she suddenly felt her mom's hand pulling her face from of her asshole. Her mom then turn around on her knees to face her and pulled her tight in toward her. Annie found herself face to face, tit to tit, and pussy to pussy with her mom. She could feel her mom's excited nipples pressing against hers and the heat from her pussy pressing against her almost hairless pussy. She had never seen this wild lustful look in her mother's eyes before. This close firm way her mother was holding her was beginning to excite Annie once again. Suddenly Annie's mom planted her lips on Annie's and began deeply French kissing her. This wild kiss from her mom really turned Annie on. Annie reached down and grabbed her mother ass cheeks. She knew her mom could smell and tasty her own asshole on her mouth, and she could tell this was really turning her mother on. Likewise, Annie was gladly sampling her grandmother's ass as she sucked and licked at her mother's lips and tongue.

After Maria had licked her daughter's mouth and face clean of any trace of the taste and smell of her ass, she stood up and turn to Issabella with a pleading look in her eyes. Issabella smiled and turned to Josie and said, "Bring him out."

Josie hopped right up and headed out a side door. Everybody in the room stopped their sexual play to she what was going to happen next.

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Shortly later, Josie returned leading a small horse in behind her. You could hear a pin drop in the room when she walked in. As she led the horse to the center of the room the silence gradually turned to ahhhs and whispers.

Josie tied off the horse on a single post that was curiously mounted in the center of the room. She then walked to the back of the room, picked up a small padded bench, brought it back to the horse, and set it down beside him.

"Now my dear, prepare him for your sister," Isabelle said.

At that command, Josie looked over at her sister and smiled as to say, "Just watch me now". In her sexy spiked-heeled shoes, Josie squatted down under the horse and grabbed his cock. With her gaze still on Maria, Josie began to pump the large cock with her hand. Josie knew it was exciting her little sister, seeing the horse's cock grow larger and larger. She watched as Maria's hand slid down to her clit and she began to masturbate.

Once the horse's large cock really began responding, and Josie could tell she had her sister's full attention, she raised up the cock and stuck it in her mouth. With intense desire and hunger Josie began to suck-off the large slimy horse cock.

As she gradually pumped it deeper and deeper into her mouth, she could see her little sister's eyes grow wide. Jacking at the horse's cock with her hand, she skillfully bobbed her head back and forth, feeding her face with this massive tool. Josie's knees were spread apart and one hand was fingering her pussy while the other was working the horse's cock.

Issabella was of course deeply enjoying this show. It really turned her on to see one of her daughters being so nasty. Issabella could hear the little sounds from Josie's mouth as she began to take the huge cock deeper and deeper into her throat.

As Josie sucked harder and faster the horse began to pump his cock into her face. Josie's head began to bob back and forth with every stroke the horse made. Josie let go of the hard cock and grab the horse's leg for stability, allowing the horse to face fuck her at his own pace. As the horse fed Josie his hot slimy meat, Josie continued to watch her younger sister's lustful expressions. Without missing a stroke, Josie beckoned Maria to come over.

Without hesitation Maria walked directly over and knelt beside Josie. Now that she was up close to the horse, his cock looked bigger than ever.

Josie reached up, wrapping her hand around the huge cock and pulled it from her mouth. As she continued to jack his cock with one hand, Josie reached over grabbing Maria's head and French kissed her. Maria could taste bitter sliminess of the horse's cock as Josie's tongue darted around in her mouth.

As Maria enjoyed the raunchy passion of her sister's wet kiss, she suddenly felt a wet finger slide up her ass. As tried to turn her head to see who was giving her this pleasure, she could see Josie's eyes glow with excitement. Josie temporarily released Maria's head so she could turn to look. There, knelling behind her with a wild eyed look on her face was her daughter Annie. Maria watched over her shoulder as her daughter delightfully finger fucked her asshole. Maria smiled at Annie and arched her back raising her ass up slightly, giving Annie full access to her asshole. "Not just one baby. Mommy needs more than just one finger," Maria coached.

With that request, Annie pulled her one finger out of her mother's ass and stuck it along with two other fingers into her mouth to wet them up good. She then lowered them back to her mother's ass and began to force them in.

Maria's eyes rolled up and she moaned in pleasure as her daughter's fingers began to slide their way up her ass. "Oh yes baby! Fuck mommy's ass with those fingers," Maria exclaimed as Annie began to finger fuck her ass harder and faster. "You like finger fucking your mommy's asshole like that?" Maria questioned. "Oh yea! Give it to me baby! Fuck your anal slut mother up the ass! That's the way I love it!" Maria began to rock her hips back and forth on Annie's fingers as she licked her lips and stared lustfully back at her daughter. "Oh baby you've got me there now. Keep pumping my ass. I'll do anything for anybody right now... How would you like to see your anal slut mother gets fucked up the ass by this horse's cock? I'm ready... I need a cock that big up my ass right now!" Maria hissed as she turned back to watch Josie pumping the horse's cock.

With that request, Josie reached over and grabbed the padded bench and slid it up under the horse. "Come on you little slut, let's see if you can take this entire cock up your ass," Josie said.

"Come close baby and watch mommy take it up the ass by this horse," Maria said as she removed Annie's finger's from her ass and crawled onto the bench.

Josie continued to jack the horse's cock as she slid a couple of fingers into Maria's ass and positioned her on the bench. "Are you ready for this big cock up your ass, you little slut? Ready to let your daughter watches her mom get fuck up the ass by a horse? Who knows what your little daughter might try on her own after watching you fuck this horse," Josie teased as she pulled her fingers from her ass and slapped her ass cheek. "Please don't tease me Josie, just stick it up my ass," Maria begged.

Josie then grabbed Maria's right ass cheek while Annie grabbed her left and they spread her waiting ass open wide. Josie spit on Maria's asshole for lubricant, then pulled the horse's cock down and pressed it against her asshole. With just a couple of good strokes, Josie got the horse to start pumping his cock against her rectum.

Annie's eyes grew as she watched her mother's tiny asshole begin to stretch open under the pressure and accept the huge cock. Josie slapped Maria on the ass and began to talk nasty to her. She knew from past experience, the more excited she got Maria, the larger the object she could shove up her ass - and a good spanking and nasty talk was exactly what Maria needed.

"Ohhhh yyyeeesss!" Maria groaned as the horse's cock began to slide into her ass. Josie slapped her ass again and told her how nasty she looked with that big cock sticking out of her ass. "Yesss! Ohhh, Fuck meeee!" Maria exclaimed as the horse pulled back, then drove in deeper. "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" she moaned with each pounding stroke the horse made. "Yes! I love it up my ass, and I love it when it's big!"

Annie couldn't believe the size of this cock that her mom was taking up her ass. With every stroke the horse drove his cock deeper into her mother's ass. Soon she was taking almost the whole length of the horse's cock up her ass.

Annie got up on her hands and knees and rested her face on the side of her mother's ass cheek in order to get a close-up view of the action. She watched intently as the huge slimy horse dick butt fucked her mom's ass. Annie loved the sight she was seeing. She could feel the heat of the horse's body and smell the pungent mix of her mother's ass and the sweaty horse. She was in heaven watching this sight but only wished her little asshole could take such a massive tool.

Suddenly Annie felt a warm wet tongue licking her crotch and then something on her back. When she turned her head to look, she saw her aunt Janie standing beside her holding the end of a leash. As she turned her head further she saw at the other end of the leash a large German Shepherd mounting her ass. "We didn't want you to feel left out," Janie said with a domineering voice.

Annie didn't know what to think at first, she couldn't believe she was about to be fucked by a dog. As much as she was enjoying watching her mother fuck this horse, she never thought about fucking an animal herself.

The dog instantly began to hump her. His big cock quickly found her sopping pussy and slid right in. Annie gasped at his first intrusion. The thickness of the dog's cock soothed her aching pussy as it began to drive its way into her virgin pussy. Annie felt a rush of excitement flood through her body as the dog fucked her pussy. Her body instinctively responded to this feeling. Spreading her knees apart further, she arched her back and pushed her pussy up for the best access.

As good as this dog's hot cock felt sliding in and out of her pussy, she knew this wasn't what she really wanted. What Annie really wanted right now was to get a good butt fucking like her mom was getting.

Annie looked up at her aunt Janie and said, "Aunt Janie, please stick his cock up my ass for me. That's where I really want to get fucked - in my ass."

"My pleasure," Janie responded with a smile as she stepped behind Annie and guided the dog's cock up to her asshole.

Annie could feel the dog's cock pressing against her little asshole. She closed her eyes and relaxed, and in it came. Annie's eyes rolled back in her head as the dog's cock slammed full length into her ass. "Ohh yes big doggie fuck me! Fuck my little ass and be my first butt fucker," Annie whimpered with delight. Faster and faster the German Shepherd fucked Annie ass. She knew after feeling this ecstasy she would definitely be doing this again.

With her eyes closed she could imagine being alone in her room every night with several large dogs, letting them all fuck her up the ass one at a time. Or maybe she could go around her room sucking their dicks, one at a time, like her aunt Josie was sucking that horse.

Annie gradually returned to her reality and opened her eyes. She then lowered her head and looked down between her legs. She could see her aunt Janie sliding up between her legs and positioning herself below her pussy. Janie raised her head and with an out-stretched tongue began to lick and suck the flowing juices from her pussy. As Annie moaned in ecstasy, Janie skillfully licked, sucked, and fingered Annie young, almost hairless pussy. Annie thought to her self, what more could she ask for - she had a cock up her ass and her beautiful, sexy aunt eating her pussy.

Annie raised her head back to her mother's ass cheek and continued to watch and enjoy the smells of sex in her mother's butt fucking. Once again these smells were turning her on and driving her higher and higher in her perverted ecstasy. She was becoming so intently aroused that her head was getting dizzy.

"Fuck that doggie my little slut!" Maria said as she watch the dog humping her daughter's ass while her sister ate her pussy. "That's it sis, suck her sweet baby pussy, and maybe she'll let her butt fucking lover cum in your mouth," Maria blurted out wildly sexually crazed by the consuming anal ecstasy she was experiencing. "Tell me sis, what does my daughter's sweet young pussy taste like? I have often wondered. Oh, maybe some night she'll let me suck between her legs and taste her juices," Marie lewdly questioned as she watched Annie's face grow more excited.

"Oh, yes mommy! Please come to my room at night and taste my pussy! Let me cum all over your pretty face. Please come! I'll let you sit on my face and I'll suck your ass like I did for you a while ago," Annie eagerly pleaded.

Annie's filthy sexual offers pushed Maria over the edge. "Oh god I think I'm cumming! Ohhh yeaaa! Fuck my ass hard!" Maria shouted as she humped back against the massive cock in her ass. She could tell by his increased stroke that her animal was about to cum as well.

Annie was also starting to cum. Janie sensed this and began to lick and finger her pussy more and more vigorously. Annie felt so hot and horny she would do anything. She was so excited feeling a dog's cock up her ass as she watched and sniffed the smells of her mother's anal splendor.

"Oh mommy, I'm cumming too! That horse's cock looks so good pumping in and out of your ass. Ohhh god, I'm so horny! I'll do anything you want me to do," Annie confessed as she stared lustfully at the horses cock. She had but one perverted desire on her mind. "Anything mommy! Let me prove it to you! Ask me mommy! Just ask me to do it and I will!"

"Oh yes baby, I know what you want and need! Do it! Do it, my little slut! Go ahead, pull that cock out of my ass and suck it off! Suck off my anal cum and swallow his load! Quickly now before he cums," Maria said as she peaked her orgasm and began to cum.

That was it. Annie heard the command she wanted to hear. An incredible rush of perverted lust overtook her as she reached forward and pulled the massive cock from her mother's ass and stuck it straight into her hungry little mouth. The horse's cock was so big she could only get a little more than the head in her mouth. As soon as she got the cock in her mouth and tasted her mother's ass, Annie could feel herself starting to cum. Annie vigorously pumped the horse's cock with her hand and licked it up and down like she would a Popsicle. As she licked and sucked the flavor of her mother's ass from the huge cock, she could feel it swelling bigger and bigger. She realized the horse was also going to cum.

Annie opened her mouth, held the horse's cock in front of her face, and continued to pump it. Suddenly the massive cock exploded with its first load of cum, splashing Annie across the face. Then another load that hit Annie square in the mouth. Annie closed her mouth and swallowed the hot cum. She then opened up again only to catch the third load in her mouth and down her chin. Annie wrapped her lips around the head of the horse's cock and continued to pump his slimy tool as she drank down the rest of his hot loads.

Annie was really enjoying the taste of the horse's cum. It was such a wild experience, sucking off a horse while getting fucked in the ass by a dog. She could feel her ass muscles tighten and her head spinning as she began to cum.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" she moaned with every stroke of the dog's cock and every wave of her orgasm. On and on she came. Wave after wave of orgasm. Annie was getting so light headed that she collapsed to her elbows and eventually black out as the dog continued to fuck her ass.

The next morning Annie awoke in her bed. As usual, she had a finger in her ass, only this time she remember everything that happened.

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