The Late Night Show

By TJ & Lee Star

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Lee's away on an extended business trip this week and she'll be gone for about eight days. This means I've got the house to myself. I can watch the NBA playoffs without feeling guilty, I can catch up on my beer drinking or I can do whatever my heart desires. But ... It also means no sex for more than a week ... I'll trade the beer drinking ... basketball and whatever for the former.

Lee calls every night but she's exhausted. She's in this bank merger meetings for ten hours then she works out, calls me and goes to sleep. Two nights ago, half jokingly, I asked her to give me phone-sex blowjob. Lee said she was even too tired for that! Frustration was getting the better of me.

Last night she called me a little earlier. This is how the conversation went:

"Honey, how's your horniness cuming ... oops ... that's a bad choice of words," she laughed.

"I think its getting bad enough that I might have to be hospitalized soon", I jokingly replied.

"Too bad, I'm lying on this big king size bed ... alone ... naked ...fresh from a workout and shower ... and ... you know how I get after a workout. I have an evening meeting to be to in about twenty minutes ... I wish I had your cock ... in me ... now ... for ... actually. I have about five minutes to get myself off ... I want to cum so bad ... and ... I didn't bring any toys with me ... I'm sooooooooo horny."

"Wait ... I've got a load I'll blow for you when you get back ... you'll choke!", I said taunting her.

"That would be a first ... sounds like a challenge. Take your cock out for me ... honey. I want you to get hard thinking while I talk to you. Stroke it lightly ... like I would ... I bet it's getting hard ... isn't it? ... wrap your hand around it, baby ... pull down the foreskin so that sweet purplish head bulges know ... like I do ... right before I cover it with my lips ... just as I suck your cock..."

My cock is really hard, she's unbelievable.

"You're hard ... aren't you ...Baby ... stroke it faster for a few strokes ... go ahead ... you know you want to ... I'm fingering my cunt for you ... want a sniff?"

I did as she ordered. I even sniffed the receiver hoping to smell her rich pussy scent.

"Slow down baby .... easy ... now ... rub that pre-cum all over the head of your dick ... all over ... so the whole fat head is shiny ... feels good doesn't it. Now ... lick your fingers ... you're starting to get that tingly feeling in your balls. The excitement you get when I lick the head of your cock with some friction .... remember the night I made you cum just by licking and rubbing your head ... I didn't even stroke your cock ... you came really hard that night ... I still remember your cum in my eye ... the taste of you ... the feel of your cum in my hair ... I love it ... I want to taste it ... with my lips ... on my tongue ... in my throat." I am, of course, hard as a rock. My jeans are around my ankles my stiff prick is in my hand as I shamelessly jerk off with all the gusto of a sixteen-year-old. Her next comments almost killed me.

"Honey ... you're good and hard aren't you? ... yes ... excellent ... that's what I want ... now ... I gotta go ... stay hard ... don't cum ... not yet." "What the fuck, honey", I yelled into the receiver. I rarely swear at Lee, but, this is fucking sadistic. "I yell into the phone, "You sadistic bitch!". I was pissed!

"This is what I want you to do, babe ... now ... that you're really, really turned on ... I have a couple of surprises for you ... but ... you can't cum until I give you the command ... understand?"

"What the hell are you doing?", I begged, desperately struggling to hold back my orgasm.

"Trust me ... by the end of tonight ... you'll cum so hard you'll think that I have sucked your beautiful cock. Now ... I've called a cab for you ... and ... it will be there at exactly seven O'clock. Get in the cab and go where it takes you. When you come home ... there'll be a message on the machine with more directions ... gotta go ... honey ... enjoy!"

The phone went dead as I talked into the receiver ... questioning ... but no one was there! Lee's unbelievable, I thought. Here I am thirty-six, talking on the phone, my jeans around my ankles, my cock glistening with my own pre-cum, standing straight up in the air and I won't let myself cum 'cuz Lee told me not to! "Why not", I heard myself say.

I let my hard on shrink, which took about fifteen minutes and left my balls sore. I go out on the porch and there's the taxi. I experience that peculiar feeling you get when you're really turned on but don't cum. My cock is soft but could get hard in a second ... with a breeze.

I got in the cab and the driver took me to a Lingerie store. I'm not sure if you all have these in different parts of the country ... but ... around here, they're fronts for personal strippers. The "models" show different outfits and if you tip them enough they get you pretty horny. A lot of guys jerk off in front of the models ... which they are encouraged to do ... that is ... if they tip enough.

The woman at the desk looked me up and down, commenting, "You must be Mr. Starr. Your wife told us to be extra nice to you." The cashier gave me a sly smiled as she directed me to the stairs that led to the upper floor.

At the top of the stairway was a door to a room with a tile floor, covered windows and a big over-stuffed leather couch. "Make yourself comfortable." a hostess said, leaving the room while offering no further explanation.

A great stereo system with the wall mounted, recessed speakers started playing jazz ... the exact CD that Lee listens to when she wants to be pleased. I figure this is not a coincidence. As I looked around I noticed that two women had entered the room.

The first Lady is malado, with mocha colored skin, the tight ass of a figure skater and small tits. Her straight black hair is pulled back and held with a bow. She is wearing a bright white body suit, which is so tight that I can see that her silver dollar sized nipples. I also notice that her cunt is shaved pussy because there is no darkness behind the thin fabric. You can also see the out line of her pussy lips.

The second woman is a very tan blond with long flowing hair. She is obviously athletic as I can see her abs as she starts to dance. She is wearing a two piece lingerie outfit ... I guess you call it ... as it is white, showing off her contrasting tan ... perfectly. The bottom half comes to a sharp V just above her pussy, which I think is also shaved. Her ass is exposed except for the thin string that is buried in the crack of her ass.

The dark woman speaks, in a sweet but confident tone: "Your wife specifically told us to treat you special. Please ... don't tip us ... she has taken care of everything. She told us to make sure and see your cock. So ... you must pull it out. Your wife insists. But ... she also told us ... no matter what ... we couldn't let you ... ah .... you know ... cum ... finish."

The blond stands quietly ... smiling ... with her hands on her hips. I fumble with the buttons of my Levi's as they both stare at my crotch. I tentatively I pull my cock out as it springs to attention. My prick has been hard since I first looked at these beauties and the relief of having my cock out of the cramped Levi's felt great.

The blond turned up the music and the two women started dancing in front of me. The black hair beauty slips down on the floor about a foot from me She is on her knees, her legs spread far apart as she starts to stroke her pussy through the bodysuit. Her cunt is wet and the moisture forms a circular outline on the thin white fabric. The blond chick straddles the others face, still with her hands on her hips and looks me in the eye as she pulls her pants to one side, exposing her perfect, clean shaven, cunt-lips.

The dark girl rises from the floor and begins to lick the blonde's cunt, while still stroking herself through her outfit. Keeping her clothes on really heightens the eroticism of the show. As she gets wetter and more turned on, her cunt-lips become more visible and the wet spot grows.

The blond keeps her eyes on me as she spreads her thighs wider, allowing the other woman better access to her dripping cunt. She slips her hand under her blouse and undoes several clasps and pulls her tits to her mouth, where she begins to alternately suck and lick her own nipples. She stops for just a second, saying, "Your wife wants you to rub your pre-cum over the head of your cock ... she said ... she loves to watch you do that ... she wished she could be here to see how hard you are ... how great you look ... and how much you are suffering ... not being able to cum. So ... Mr. Starr ... please do that for us ... now."

I squeeze my cock hard, forcing a large glob of cum from the end of my cock and slowly cover the head with the sticky fluid.

Your wife also told us how she likes to suck your cock on the balcony ... how she loves being fucked as she hangs over the railing ... do you recognize the music Mr. Starr? ... your wife insisted that we play this for you." The dark girl gets up moves, with a dancers grace, to a dresser in the corner of the room. She opens the top drawer and takes out a dildo, which is exactly like Lee's. "Look what your wife let us borrow", she says softly. "She wanted you to feel at home." She giggled and then slithered some Astro-Glide over the giant rubber cock and slides into the blonde's wet cunt from behind as she has bent over to brace herself with a chair.

She pushes the slick cock in and out of the blonde's cunt with furious speed as the bent over woman moans with delight. The two do the show for I don't know how long ... I have lost track of time ... I just stand there watching as I slowly rub my cum over the head of my cock ... thinking of how much I want Lee's mouth to replace my hand.

My cock is standing straight up and the head is tender even though I stopped stroking it some time ago. I was really trying to keep this promise ... but my balls are sore and I feel like I am stoned ... being so turned on ... continually ... without relief ... for what is now ... a couple of hours.

The blond moans as she approaches an orgasm. The two kiss me lightly on the cheek and the dark girl whispers that a cab is waiting ... it is time to leave.

the cabby drove me straight home and immediately went to the frig and got a cold beer. I figure I deserve one as I walk to the answering machine. Sure enough, Lee left a message.

"Hope you had a nice time, honey. I guess that Kim and Alexis were great. I hope you were too! In my bottom drawer there's a present for you. Follow the instructions ... exactly ... and write down your experience so that I can read it when I get home. Hope you cum really hard ... really good ... good night ... my love!"

That was all she said and the message ended so I go to her drawer and find a small package wrapped in black velvet and tied with a pink bow. I open the gift and take out videotape. There is no label ... no identification ... no card ... nothing. I put the tape in the VCR, turn on the TV and start the show. There is Lee ... in what looks like a motel room ... somewhere ... a very nice place ... she was wearing the same outfit as the dark hair girl had on earlier ... the lingerie shop ... the show ... along with four inch black paten leather pumps.

"Hi baby", her voice was soft coming from the TV, " ... sorry I'm not here in real life ... I hope you had fun tonight ... I had fun planning this special night for you ... so ... let's get started." I sat down, relaxing on the couch as Lee continued. "Take your cock out for me and rub it softly ... this time you may cum ... but ... not yet ... I love your cock ... baby ... I love the big head ... I love the veins that stick out when your prick is hard ... I love watching you stroke your cock ... while you watch me slip my lips over the head ... I love your cock down my throat ... I love tasting your swollen dick ...I love swallowing your cum ..."

The camera pulls in close to her so her face fills the whole screen. Lee starts to suck a huge, fat dildo ... slowly ... seductively ... passionately looking at the camera ... her eyes straight ahead ... like she looks at me while my cock is in her mouth. The camera pans away ... I see her stroking her cunt through the white body suit ... I see the wet juice on the soft fabric of her outfit.

"Stroke your cock", she says, " ...I love your prick ... Rub your cum on the head ... softly ... slowly ... wet the tip ... I want your cock so bad .... get off on me ... cum for me", she says as the camera moves in, filling the TV screen with her open mouth. "Stroke your cock for me ... cum for me!"

I walk to the TV, pumping my cock as I grit my teeth holding my orgasm until I am standing in front of her mouth. Harder I stroke until I spurt gobs of hot cum on the screen as the camera moves back showing Lee, licking her lips as my cum drips across the screen.

I close my eyes and slump to the floor holding my cock. I lie back on the carpet, as the music plays and Lee licks her lips.

I am revived from my trance as the music quickens and I look at the TV and notice that Lee is removing her white outfit. She lies on the bed and spreads legs as the camera moves in for a close up look at her pussy, which is now shaved like the girls at the lingerie store. She is all pink and wet and her clit is erect as she runs her fingers over her smooth skin. She reaches to the side and picks up a large dildo and slowly pushes in into her cunt and starts to fuck herself as the camera pans back. What a sight ... Lee's thighs spread, her legs in the air , the dildo pumping into her shaved wet cunt ... while she yells from the TV ... FUCK ME ... FUCK ME ..."

I hear a different voice and the camera is motionless as if it were placed on a tripod. "Let me help ...", I hear as I watch the video and see another woman enter the show.

"Holy Shit! ... Ginger", I say, looking at the second lady approach the bed. Ginger is Lee's friend from the office ... you may remember the workout addict that looks like Lea Thompson ... only better ... she was in one of Lee's stories ... the three of us fucked one night!"

Ginger's wearing nothing but four inch red pumps and a strap on dildo. My cock starts to stiffen in anticipation of this show.

"FUCK ME", Lee continues screaming as she rolls over on the bed and brings her hands and knees under her so that she is kneeling with her head in the pillows. "FUCK ME ... Ginger", Lee cries as Ginger moves behind my wife who is now positioned center of the bed. Harder I pound on my now stiff cock as the dildo pushes against Lee's cunt and Ginger drives the cock home, fucking my wife ... doggie style. Lee cries out in a guttural voice "FUCK ME ... FUCK ME ... FUCK ME ..."

I am pounding my cock as Ginger slaps Lee on the ass, driving the rubber cock deep inside her ass as she rams the rubber dick in and out of my wife's butt. Lee screams while she opens her cunt with her fingers as her cum drips down her thighs.

Ginger pulls the dildo from my wife and unstraps the halter. She grabs the giant rubber cock by the end and turns it toward her dripping cunt, pushing until the prick slips inside her as she masturbates with the dildo as Lee starts speaking.

"Honey ... I want you to cum for us ... stoke that hard aching cock for me ... for Ginger .... we both want you when I get home .... rub the head for me ... stroke that cock ... I wish I was tasting some cum ... your prick ... your cum ... wish you were fucking my throat ... here ... now ... really fucking me hard ... " I could feel the cum building inside of me ... starting to churn in my balls ... on it's way to my cock ... I want to explode ... I pump hard ... I am stroking as hard as I can ... Lee screams, "CUM FOR US", as the cum shoots from the end of my cock so hard the juice flies over my shoulder. I shoot and continue to shoot hot cum as my wife screams and I pound my hard cock.

On the screen, Ginger and Lee are going 69 .... as ... I lay back ... exhausted ... even though I had just jerked off ... twice ... I wanted to again ... she is unbelievable ... they are wonderful.

My eyes close as the video ends and the phone rings.

Startled ... I sit up ... gazing at the black screen ... the phone rings again ... so I crawl to the desk ... reaching for the phone.

"Hello", I say.

"Goodnight honey", Lee answers and hangs up.

She's truly unbelievable.

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