By Fucking eXcitor

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Hello and Welcome to more fun and fantasy...

First of all I'd like to take care of some administrative duties ... To Lee & TJ, who write some of the stories that you've probably read I'd like to say one word . . . "WOW!" . . . keep up the fucking good work because those stories are fun to read ...

The next item of info is for the wonderful e-mail that I receive from someone which read ...

"Uhhhhhhhhhhh, your story was incredible, fuck me, fuck me please."

Thanks for the input but I don't think that it's going to be completely possible. Now onto the more important part of the story...

Imaging this is happening to you ... and do whatever it is that you have to ... I mean ... I think you know what I mean * grin * . Ever want something so bad that you can taste it? I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. A friend of mine recently opened up a fine restaurant and I've been helping them out on my computer, writing menus and other various tasks. So there's this waitress that I set my eyes on the first day that I was there. She was incredible. She has beautiful legs that lead up to a tight round ass. She's got nice hips and a set of tits that would make any man beg. We started talking one day after her shift was over and she was wearing a low cut blouse that revealed her very nice cleavage. I started to lead the conversation about things like my apartment and people that I've been with and other leading questions. She kept giving me timid questions with a nervous giggle.

"So, why are you still single?", I asked.

"I still haven't found anyone that I care for,", was her rational response.

And this is when I really made my move ... "But what about sex. Don't you get horny?", I flippantly tossed off with a laugh.

She slide her hands to her groin and smiled, saying, "Don't we all get that way. What do you do?"

I still couldn't figure out if I should just slam her up against the wall and fuck her brains out or continue with this mental foreplay. She then looked down at my shoe. "There's some tomato on your foot", she said as she went to take it off. I guess I had gotten it from walking around in the kitchen. She bent over showing me more breast then I could handle ... as well as her black lacy bra, which held them nicely in place. Let's just say that my pants began to get a little uncomfortable. As she came up and looked at me I think that she noticed my prominent erection. She looked at it for a brief moment and gave an evil grin. She took my hand and lead me to a near by table. I was hopping that this would all work out ... and ... little did I know that she really knew how to turn a man on.

She turned around and rubbed her ass into my groin. She then bent over the table lifting her skirt up and revealing her satin thong underwear. She pulled them down and ran her finger up and down her pink slit. Now restraining ones' self is one thing that I couldn't handle at that moment. I just did what my body wanted me to. I quickly undid my pants and rammed my already rigid cock deep inside her cunt. She was so o o nice and wet. I reached around and grabbed hold of her pert tits. She let out a grasp of excitement as she thought that she was going to get a slow nice fuck when all I could think of was to pound that little box of hers. Our hips banged against each other in deep pelvic thrusts.

"Oh ... yes, ohhh ummm fuck me hard baby!", she yelped.

My thick cock pumped her in and out in fast deep strokes. I couldn't wait to release my hot cum deep inside her so I grabbed hold of her hair and pulled back on her head.

"No one's ever treated me like this ... fuck me like a slut!", she screamed in ecstasy.

Our breath came heavily and we panted as we drew close to a climax. I felt myself get ready for an orgasm ... and then ... I exploded inside her as she contracted on my smoking cock.

"OHHHH ... MMMMMMMM!!!", she moaned as she turned around and proceeded to lick my prick clean.

I didn't want it to end so I lifted her up onto the table and spread her legs wide apart. I dove my head into her already soaked cunt and ate away. I licked and sucked her while my hand rubbed her clit as she came instantly ... again ...

She came twice and it was so great ... what about you? Did you cum? How great was it? Writing this story just makes me want to fuck her over and over again ...

Maybe I just will . . .

* evil laugh *

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