A Night in the Royal Court

By "The Knight" Dewain Darkken

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The large heavy oak doors swung open as the Queen is addressing the royal court. "Who dares interrupt my audience?", exclaimed the Queen.

"Forgive the intrusion m'lady", replied a man dressed in black, standing in the back of the hall.

"Who are you, sir ... that you think you can barge in on the Queen while I am entertaining my court", answered the Queen.

"Just a humble Knight, here to do your bidding if you will have me", replied the man.

Whereupon the Queen dismissed the court, ordering the man to stay. She looked at the man and ordered him forward. As he approached the throne she took stock of him.

He was six feet tall and well muscled, from what she could see of him through the skintight outfit he wore. He was dressed in a black silk shirt that was open down the front to the middle of his hard stomach, his chest was covered with rippling muscles, black leather pants so tight she could see every sinewy inch of his well-muscled legs. As her eyes traveled up his thighs she saw a bulge in his crotch, which was long and hard. She unconsciously ran her tongue across her lips, just thinking about it. When he got to the thorn he knelt on one knee, bowed his head and said, "I am yours to command, m'lady."

The Queen was wearing a long flowing crimson dress cut low in the front, showing off her beautiful cleavage. Her nipples had gotten hard from seeing his stiff cock through the tight pants. She could also feel the dampness from her pussy on her thighs as her excitement was growing quickly and more erotically every second. She told the man to rise, blushing slightly at hearing her own words. When he rose she noticed that the string which held the front of the pants closed had snapped, exposing his cock. His masculine member was long and hard, and sticking out from the hole in the pants. The Queen blushed deep red and licked her lips again. At that moment she decided on how this Knight could be of service to her.

The Queen slowly rose from her throne, making sure she slid forward as she did, thus having her dress slide up revealing her long, luscious legs. The man could see all the way to her upper thighs. If the Knight had still been on bended knee he would have been able to see her beautiful pussy staring back at him, shimmering with the moistness of the Queens' excitement. While the Queen slid out of the chair she noticed the Knights eyes travel up her legs and his cock twitch with excitement. She said, "please walk with me and we can decide what it is you can do for me."

"Of course your majesty", replied the Knight. As they walked around the audience hall, the Knight noticed that the were still in their places, eyes front and backs straight. "How can I be of service your majesty", asked the Knight?

"You seem to carry a rather nice sized tool in your pants. What can you use it for and how long before it becomes unusable", asked the Queen as she gently touched his throbbing cock, slowly taking a drop of his pre-cum on her fingertip as she rubbed them together. She brought them to her lips and licked the juice from her fingers with two long, gentle licks. "Mmmmm, you taste very nice, would you mind if I tried a little more. I would like a closer look at the source of this nice potion."

"I am yours to command, m'lady", replied the Knight.

The Queen slowly moved from her thrown and, approaching the Knight, she gently pulled down his pants, freeing his cock for her to admire. It was at least nine inches long and about three inches wide and pre-cum was slowly dripping from the slit in the tip. The Queen eyed the stiff cock greedily as she slowly ran her tongue along the tip causing even more twitches of pleasure in the Knights cock. The Queen then slowly brought the head of the cock to her lips where she tried to stick the tip of her tongue inside the slit, before taking the head into her mouth. She gently began to suck on the head of the cock, occasionally grazing it with her teeth. Slowly she sucks another inch of his magnificent cock into her mouth, grazing it with her teeth. She continues to do this until every last throbbing inch of his cock is deep inside her throat. Tightening her throat muscles, she begins to milk that gorged cock of any juice that might be inside. Determined to get every last drop of love juice from the prick, she pulls her head up and slowly begins going up and down on his shaft.

A muffled cry escapes from the Knights' throat, as the Queen begins to pick up the pace sucking of his cock. The Knight begins to run his hands across her face and down to her neck gently caressing her lips, which are surrounding his prick. He runs his fingers down to the front of her dress, inside, gently massaging her tits and occasionally brushing against her nipples. Out of the corner of his eyes the Knight notices that the royal guards have pulled their own cocks out and are currently stroking them while watching the Queen of the country give a common Knight a blow job right in the middle of the royal court. The Knight slowly pulled down the Queens' top so that her beautiful breasts swung free of their restraint. He slowly massaged the luscious breasts of the Queen ever so gently brushing against her hard, long nipples. The Queen slowly pulls her mouth away from the Knights' cock with a loud pop as it springs free of her mouth. She then stands up and gently takes hold of the now slick cock and leads the Knight to the throne where she sits down, drawing the dress up around her waist, showing the Knight her beautiful and wet cunt.

Taking her middle finger she slides it down her between her beautiful pussy lips, gently stroking her clit. "Do you think you can do anything for this small leak I have here", asks the Queen?"

"It would be my humble pleasure to help Her Majesty in any way I can, your eminence", he replied. The Knight knelt at the feet of the Queen and took one of her feet in his hands and slowly removed her slipper. He gently massaged her ankle, lightly kissing the top of the foot. He then proceeded to trace his tongue down her foot until he reached her toes, which he softly licked all around the big toe, until he was at the tip. He gently drew the toe into his mouth, sucking on it and flicking the tip with his tongue. The Queen could feel the heat rising between her legs. As the Knight continued sucking on her toe, she slowly traced the outline of her pussy with the tip of her index finger, quietly squealing with delight from the pleasure of the Knights sucking and her own ministrations of her pussy. The Knight slowly left her big toe and worked his way over to the next toe and began sucking on it. He also sent his other hand gently up her leg, massaging her calf then the back of the knee, before getting to her thigh. He began to gently massage her inner thigh, slowly working his way up to her flowing pussy. He gently ran his fingers across her pussy with a feather like touch, brushing her clit with his fingertip, causing her to once again squeal with pleasure.

The Queen took a moment to look around the great audience hall. The guards all had their hard, stiff cocks out and were stroking them with increased vigor. The Queens' pussy got even wetter upon seeing her royal guard so aroused. She was suddenly brought back to the present by the fact that the Knight had her clit in his fingers and was rubbing it between his thumb and forefinger.

"Ohhhh, that feels so good my humble servant. But, I want your tongue inside my dripping wet cunt ... right now", cried the Queen!

"Yes, your majesty", replied the Knight as he sent his tongue up her leg, slowly and seductively, tracing the same path his fingers had taken only minutes before. His tongue reached her hot, wet, sweet pussy and he began to trace his way around the outer lips. Ever so slowly he reached her clit and flicked it with the tip of his tongue, causing the Queen to shudder with excitement.

"Ohhhh, put that hard tongue in me ... NOW", cried the Queen!

A sly grin played across the lips of the Knight as he continued to flick her clit with his tongue. He then proceeded to take the Queens' precious jewel into his mouth, gently began to suck on it, much like he had with her toes. He proceeded to slide one of his fingers inside her wet pussy, only to the first joint, causing the Queen to shudder with pleasure. She began to push her body lower on to the Knights' finger, but the Knight deftly kept only one joint inside her cunt. She clasped her hands behind his head, pushing more of her pussy into the Knights waiting mouth. He slowly pushed another joint inside the Queen, forcing her to command him to shove the entire finger inside her hungry cunt. As the Knight proceeded to slip his fingers inside her dripping cunt, the Queen called to her royal guard and told them to disrobe.

As the first of the guards stripped off his uniform the Queen reached out and took his rock hard cock in her hand and gently pulled it to her waiting mouth. The other guards, seeing this, ripped their uniforms off. The Knight slowly pulled himself from the Queen's dripping wet pussy, and shed his clothes as well. The Queen began to suck the guards' cock deep into her throat, while taking the cock of another guard in her hand to jack it off with a steady stroke. Another guard walked over to her and placed his rock hard cock in her other hand and the Queen began to stroke his hard prick also. The Knight proceeded to place just the head of his engorged cock inside her cunt as the Queen rotated her hips. The two other guards appeared beside their partners, leaning over, they began sucking on the Queens' ripe and hard nipples, while they were still stroking their hard cocks.

The Knight choose the very moment the guards tongues touched the Queens nipples to plunge his rock hard cock deep inside her hungry cunt, feeling her shudder from all the attention. The Knight could feel the Queens' pussy begin to tighten around his cock as he slid it in and out of her beautiful tight cunt. The guard whose cock she was sucking began to moan as he neared orgasm, as did the other two guards that she was jacking off. Suddenly the Master at Arms let out a deep guttural growl as he exploded his first load deep into her throat. The Queen tried to swallow as much of his load of hot cum as she could, but some of it trickled out of her mouth, down her cheeks and across her chin before dripping onto her royal breasts.

The two guards she was jacking off suddenly shot there loads over her face, streaking her with lines of hot cum, sending some flying into her beautiful hair. At the very moment the guards had orgasms so did the Queen, her pussy muscles tightening around the Knights' pumping cock for all they were worth. The final two guards then stood up and shot their loads across the Queens beautiful royal tits, making sure to cover her nipples with their love juice. The Queen gave out a long scream, and collapsed against the throne, moaning loudly as the Knight continues to fuck her pussy for all he's worth.

Suddenly, the Queen reaches down between her legs and grasps his balls, lightly squeezes them, causing him to inhale as he feels his cum bubble nearing explosion. He pulls out, aims his cock at her pussy and lets his cum shoot, covering her pussy in his seed.

Suddenly, the doors burst open the Queens' Lady in Waiting runs into the hall. She had heard the screams and approaches the Queen, stopping short when she sees the Queen covered in the hot love juices of six men. The Lady in Waiting feels her pussy tighten, her tongue slides across her lips at the sight of six bulging, glistening, rock hard cocks. The Queen sitting on the throne covered in hot, fresh, love juice, which is still sliding down her body leaving trails as it pools in her belly button. The Lady in Waiting slowly walks towards the Queen, kneels down, begins licking the fresh cum from the Queens' body. She starts at her toes, taking each one in her mouth, sucking them gently, licking passionately, drinking the juice that happens to be on them from the cum bath the Queen just enjoyed. The Lady in Waiting begins to slide her tongue up the Queens' leg, licking up every drop of cum on the Queens' thighs she dragged her tongue toward the Queens shaved pussy. She slides her tongue around the lips of the Queen's pussy, gobbling all the hot male juice she could find. She made sure she touched the Queens' clit, sending shivers up the Queen's spine.

With a snap of her fingers the Queen sends the guards away. The tongue of the Lady in Waiting touches the river of cum running from the Queen's cunt and begins licking it up ever so ravishingly, totally losing her self in the pleasure of tasting the cum and the pleasure she is giving the Queen. The Knight simply stands back and watches as her feminine subject was pleasuring the Queen. The Lady in Waiting finishes licking the love juice from her thighs before moving to her tits, her neck and then the face, getting every drop of cum off the Queen before bring her cum coated lips to the Queen's mouth. The subject sends her tongue inside the most royal lips in the kingdom, sucking the cum that was coating the inside of the Queen's mouth. Their tongues come into contact, causing both of them to shudder in delight. Their bodies began to rub together in heightened sexual frenzy as the Knight strips away the rest of his clothes.

The Knight is totally naked, silently stroking his cock back to hardness. The Queen pulled her mouth away from the Lady in Waiting' and says, "Standup, you slut. Finish undressing for me ... very sexy. And you, my Knight, come over here and lick me while she performs."

"Yes, my Queen", the Lady in Waiting answers as she slowly starts to rotate her subtle hips. The Knight kneels in front of the Queen and slowly runs his tongue across her outer pussy lips, flicking his tongue across her clit, causing her to shudder with renewed lust. Mean while the Lady in Waiting has stripped out of her regiments and is feeding her left breast to the Queen while slowly massaging the Queen's tits. The Queen slides her hand between the Lady in Waiting's lucious legs and begins to massage her dripping wet cunt.

After thirty minutes of this attention the Queen pushes the Knight away and orders the Lady in Waiting to kneel before her, servicing her cunt until she tells her to stop. She then faces the Knight, telling him to stand there and stroke his cock until she tells him otherwise. The Queen looks him deep in the eyes and says. "Don't even think of cumming until I tell you that you can. Is that understood."

"Yes, my Queen", The Knight answers, continuing to slowly stroke his cock as the Lady in Waiting gently takes the Queens' clit in her mouth. The Queen grabs the back of the Lady's head and pushes her face deeper into her dripping wet, highly aroused pussy. The Lady's' hands slide down the front of her own body tweaking her nipples, before sliding down to her own pussy lips. She begins to rub her cunt feeling her pleasure build. Just before her climax the Queen looks down and says, "who gave you permission to pleasure yourself, slut? Pull your fingers out of that sopping wet cunt, and stick them in your mouth. Suck them clean."

"Yes Your Eminence", she says, frantically licking her cum from her fingers, enjoying the taste of her own juices. She also was delighted to be told what to do by the most important woman in the kingdom.

"You must be punished for that, slut. What should I have her do, my Knight"

"My Queen ... since she has such a nice plump ass, I believe she should be spanked."

"That sounds very promising humble Knight", says the Queen, reaching over and taking the Knight's cock in her hand. "Go over to the window slut", says the Queen, as she stroked the Knight's hard cock. The Queen then released his cock, stands up and walks to where the Lady in Waiting is standing in front of the open window, which overlooks the courtyard of the palace.

The Queen reaches down and pulls the Lady in Waiting to her feet and ties her hands with the cord from the drapes. She then licks down the soft back of the tied Lady sending shivers through the young body. The Lady in Waiting opens her eyes and sees a crowd has gathered in the courtyard below her. The people are all looking up, staring at the naked woman tied in the window of the audience hall. Suddenly her left leg was pulled to the side and tied to the wall, as is her other leg. Now she appears before the crowd with her sex wide open for all the audience to see. A hand reaches between her legs and begins to massage her cunt roughly. She felt something push inside her dripping wet cunt, and another object pushed up her asshole. All of a sudden the Lady hears a crack and a sharp pain. She turns her head to see the Queen, standing totally naked, holding a riding crop. The Queen runs the riding crop across her nipples and then down her belly, while saying, " ... you look so magnificent like this ... you slut. Maybe I should leave you like this forever ... MY SLUT."

The Lady in Waiting pulls hopelessly at her bonds.

"Answer me ... you slut. Forever ... ", yells the queen?

"Yes ... forever ... your Eminence", the Lady answers.

The Queen runs the riding crop between her legs, rubbing her engorged clit, pushing on her dripping wet cunt. The Queen walks behind the lady and rubs the crop across her beautiful ass cheeks, before raising it above her head and bringing it down on that ass with a stinging smack. The lady bucks against the smack and releases a yelp of pain. She opens her eyes and looked down at the courtyard and sees that many of the male watchers had pulled out their cocks and are stroking them while watching the display. The women are rubbing their tits and cunts openly while the rest of the men are fumbling with their pants. A sudden smack brings her back to reality.

The devices in cunt and ass are driving her passion, sending her emotions through the roof as she becomes aware of the hotness of her ass as the whipping continued. Her pleasure continues to grow, with each smack of the riding crop, until the Queen stops, panting from the hard work.

"No ... Please ... Don't stop", cries the Lady in Waiting.

"I think you are enjoying this to much, you slut. Knight ... why don't you take that big hard cock and show me what you can do."

The Knight walks up behind the Lady in Waiting, reaches down and pulls and throws it on the floor. He reaches around her waist and grabs the plug in her cunt and pushes it deep, twisting roughly, which makes the Lady grunt from pleasure and pain. He then pushes his cock up the ladies wide-open ass, making her squeal with pleasure. He begins to push his cock in and out of her steaming hot ass as the Queen, busy rubbing her pussy, watches the rape. The lady was grunting as the Knight continues fucking here ass for fifteen minutes, savagely ramming his stiff cock into her rear end.

The Queen decides to help and walks in front of the lady and licks her engorged clit, sending even more pleasure through her body.

"Ohhhhhhh ... Godddddd ... I'm going to cum, My Queen."

On hearing this, the Queen pulls herself from the lady and orders the Knight removes his cock from her asshole. "Oh ... no, my slut. You're not getting off that easy", the Queen says showing the mischievous grin on her face. "Come here, my Knight." As the Knight gets in front of her the queen falls on her knees and begins to suck on his hard cock. He nears orgasm and the Queen pulls her mouth from his cock and jacks his cock off until he cums over the Lady's body. The Queen then looks down on the crowd and yells, " ... who among you would like to fuck this slut? It does not matter if you're male or female. She will service you all."

The crowd pushes forward towards the doors to the palace upon hearing the Queens' proclamation. Sixteen of the villagers are allowed into the room and ordered to strip their clothes. When they were naked the group is told by the Queen what they should do.

"You, the one with the cock as hard as a board, stand on this ladder and let the slut suck your cock till you explode.

"You, young lady, suck on her right nipple. You, little boy, suck her other nipple. You, with the red hair, stand on the chair so this slut can suck your young cunt. You sir, being hung like a horse, fuck her in the ass. You, the one with the black beard and the dirty prick, fuck her cunt. The rest of you, all of you, jack-off on to the slut! But ... a warning ... under no circumstances is my slut allowed to cum. If she does, the person who causes her orgasm, will be punished. Is that understood?", ordered the Queen.

"Yes", the crowd answered in unison while those commanded took their positions around the Lady in Waiting.

"As for you my Knight. Get over here and let me see if you can't get hard again. If you do you can put that beautiful cock to good use." The Knight moves to the side rapidly stroking his limp cock. "If it doesn't get hard, I'll have it cut off", yells the Queen.

Continuing ... "You three women, come service me. You", the Queen yells pointing to a petite blonde, " ... suck on my right breast. "You", she cries, pointing to a full figured brunette, " ... suck my other breast. You", pointing at a pretty little bitch with the red hair, " ... lick my dripping wet, super heated, over sexed cunt, until I cum all over your face. Is that understood", asks the Queen?

The women could not answer because they were already busy satisfying the Queen, while she began to stroke, fondle, and suck on the Knight's soft cock. ""Your cock had better get hard, Sir Knight, or you will be cock-less tonight."

The Queen was being pleasured by all in attendance and the cries off the Lady in Waiting were heard above the crowd as she neared orgasm. But, she was denied the pleasure as she struggled against her bonds, thrashing on her ropes as she pushed her cunt and ass ... begging for relief. After an hour the Queen saw eleven cocks beginning to buck and shoot man cum over the Lady in Waiting, who was still without relief.

As the spent men stepped away and began to get dressed, the Lady began to scream, "NO, Please don't stop, I need to cum. I am so close! Please."

Her plea fell on deaf ears as the Queen was now busy eating the red heads pussy, fingering the blonde's cunt, being eaten by the brunette as she abused the tight asshole. The Knight was hard and fucking the Queen's ass with his long stiff cock.

"You there", the Queen cries, pointing at the hunchback mime, " ... I think the redhead who did such a nice job on my tits needs a reward. Get on your back and let her sit on your face while you drink her cum."

"You", the Queen yelled at one of the guards, " ... cut down the Lady, tie her hands behind her back, bring her to me." To the Lady she said, " ... if you do a good job, maybe, just maybe mind you, I'll let you have some pleasure also. Does that sound good to my slut?" The lady could not answer because the moment she was on the ground and bound her face was plunged into the open thighs offered by the Queen.

"You", the Queen said pointing to another guard, eat the redhead. The man dove into the girl's pussy with lust filled abandon, sticking his tongue deep into her open cunt. As each woman finished satisfying their partner they were told to go lay on the floor next to a friend and wait their turn.

The Queen felt the muscles in the Knight's cock tighten as he neared his third orgasm. She reaches behind her back, grabs his arms and pulls him so that his bulging cock penetrates deeper into her hot ass. The Knight grunts and shots a load of hot cum deep in her sucking asshole as the Queen lets out a scream of pleasure, feeling, yet another orgasm from feeling the Knight's cock shoot cum, filling her ass.

The Lady in Waiting was sucking on the Queen's cunt, licking the cum which ran from the ass above her mouth as the Knight withdrew his shrinking cock from the Queen's asshole. "Suck my asshole, you slut", the Queen ordered the Lady in Waiting. "You, Sir Knight, had better get hard again or I'll have your cock for dinner ... cooked!"

The room was filled with the sounds of orgasmic pleasure. The ladies had each felt multiple orgasms and the men were spent. After the young ladies had cum they got dressed and left.

"You, the one with the cock like a horse. Come over here and fuck this slut. I think she has earned some pleasure", the Queen says pointing at the Lady in Waiting's open cunt. The young man came over and stroked his cock to full length, and got ready to plung into the Ladies dripping wet, sex starved pussy.

"Stop", yelled the Queen " ... cum on her tits and let her lick them dry. All of you men ... jack-off onto her lovely tits."

While this is happening the Knight rapidly strokes his limp cock to semi-stiffness. The Queen then slid underneath him and began to lick his ass, sending him to levels of pleasure. The young Knight pumps his cock faster and faster, while the Queen licks deep in his ass.

The Lady begins to shudder as her climax gets nearer and nearer, building to a fever pitch. Suddenly she lets out a scream of passion that rivals the Queens' earlier excitement. As she cums, over and over, again, and again, the young bucks' cock tightens and shoots it's load. The Knight, whose cock is not hard again, turns so that the Queen can plant her lips around the stiff prick, sucking hard on the stiff shaft. Unfortunately the knight's cock is dry but the Queen doesn't know since there is so much cum in her mouth she thinks the Knight has cum again.

Thinking the Knight is finished the Queen goes into her chamber, leaving the Lady in Waiting in covered in the sweat of passion. The Knight is stiff and satisfied. The others are spent and gone.

The Queen is lying on her large bed, totally naked, and summons the Lady in Waiting and the young Knight.

The Lady in Waiting enters the Queen's abode and immediately approaches the bed, slipping her tired head between her majesties thighs, slowly licking the Queen's perfumed cunt, making sure to tease the clit every time she reached that lovely spot. Meanwhile, the mystery Knight, is standing near the door totally naked, his body shines like chiseled marble. He is rock hard everywhere, his cock is standing out straight from his body. He is glistening with the sweat of the previous four hours of sex. Upon command from the queen he approaches the bed. The Queen has him stick his stiff cock deep in the Lady's ass while the Queen places her lips around the Knights well used asshole.

This is how they fall asleep, head to cunt, cock in ass, mouth to ass.

After that day, the Queen became insatiable. She couldn't go one hour without playing with herself or having someone service her hot cunt or ass. She has taken to having her Lady in Waiting lay between her legs while she addresses the royal court, sucking on her clit and fingering her butt-hole. It is now a court rule that only the Queen can wear clothes, everyone else is naked so she can see the men's cocks, the women's tits, cunts and assholes, making sure they are loyal and ready. The Queen will occasionally call one of the men to her and begin sucking his cock, call a woman and suck her tits, suck another cunt, lick some ass or kick some ass, whichever is her whim.

When this happens everyone knows what will be next. The moment will turn into an all out orgy, which usually ends with everyone servicing the Queen at least once. She had also come to realize she that she loves the taste and feel of hot and fresh cum. Therefore, she has begun to have one hundred men jack-off into her bathtub so she would then bathe in the rich cum., while masturbating at the feel of slick juice. She will also have ten men masturbate into a golden goblet so she can drink the tasty jizm with her breakfast, while having the rest of her female staff suck the cum out of her tub and lick the tile clean.

While eating breakfast she will often have the Lady in Waiting or the Knight fuck her to orgasm. She has become a hit in the country with the peasants due to her passion for riding through the country side nude with the saddles pommel stuffed in her pussy while the jogging horse masturbates her to orgasm. Whenever she sees a beautiful man or woman she would stop and make love to them for hours at a time. She will then climb back on the horse a ride away.

There is a new game that the Queen plays through out the country side.

When the Queen is seen standing around, anyone can dare her to do anything. Anything at all and the Queen will not argue, but will do what is requested, as long as it had something to do with sex. The object is that the Queen must orgasm or the participant will be headless. If it is a woman the head will be cut off. If a man, his cock will feel the hatchet.

Thus, the Queen cums regularly and with a variety of subjects.

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