What a night

By: Anonymous

"K" received the call a little after 3:PM. All the caller stated was get away from the kids - take off all your under clothing - and only wear something loose fitting ones - and place a plastic dick up your pussy and be ready by 4PM.

She got the kids taken care of and ran back to the house, out of breath she stripped and thought about staying that way. After thinking about it, it was not, what she had been told. She downed a loose fitting pair of slacks and an old shirt of here husbands, just in time for the knock at the door.

As he entered with not much more than a hell-o she was told to assure him that she had nothing on under her shirt. As she lifted the shirt above her already stiff nipples, he took one in his mouth and began to tease it, until her pussy was flowing. But he would not stop, he sucked on each breast as if he had never suckled a woman before and the lust he had for each, grew as he went from right to left and back again.

She tried to caress his hair, as his touch and sicking began to make here knees buckled. She was stopped and told to stand only, holding the shirt out of his way and not let her breast fall from his lips.

He began to slide her slacks to her knees, again she was warned not to fall and stand as she had when he entered. As she became more and more exposed she concentrated on staying on her feet. As her eyes looked around the room to regain her concentration she saw that the back door was open for all the passing world to see in.

She stop him and stated the door was open, and began to turn to close it. Her attention was regained by the sharp slap across her naked ass, as his hand connected with some force. This stopped her in her tracks, as she was instructed to return to her previous spot and reinsert her left breast back between his lips. She did as instructed knowing that her turn would soon come and paybacks were Hell.

He slide his left hand from her ankle to her shaved pussy and cooed as his hand made its first contact with her wet outer pussy lips.

As he continued to suck from beast to breast his fingers began to play with her wet outer lips, again her knees buckled and her breathing quickened.

She now began to beg just to hold him, she was dying to get her hands on the cock she could only remember in her dreams. She strained her mind to remember was it long? Was it fat? Her mind raced and her hand soon began to probe.

Again she was brought back to reality by the shape sting across her ass. He released her swollen breast just long enough to reminder her that he was there for his pleasure and he would get to her's when he had his fill of her soft and tender breast. At that he returned to sucking and his fingers again began to probe her shaved pussy, which from his touch and the sounds from his throat exited him to a trembling state. She knew that before long she would be calling the shots and he would submit to her ,not her to him.

As his fingers probed he hit the spot and "K" could no longer control her legs and they tumbled to the floor, and his finger fucking became more and more intense, and her body was his.

She was limp and her juices ran down both legs. With her mind running away with its self, he picked her up and laid her over the back of the couch, face up, his lips began to probe down her body and came to rest between her wet thighs and his tongue began to lap at her now open pussy as if he was starved for her taste.

Wet bare lips, his tongue and the friction pushed her over the edge and her eyes closed tight and her mind went blank.

As the touch of his lips went down her right leg and started back up the left, her eyes opened until she could again see out the open door, and as her vision became clear she could see the outline of her neighbor clearly watching the action on the back of the couch.

At first she tried to get up, but his lips again on her burning pussy made her body limp with lust. So as her pussy and body were being brought to new heights she could only stare into to eyes of her neighbor unable to move.

Her neighbor came closer and began to rub the spot between her own legs, with one hand, and her own breast and with the other. All "K" could do from her position on her back was close her eyes and only hope it was a dream.

As his lips began to move away from her pussy and her mind began to return, her eyes opened to a sight she had never seen. Her neighbor was standing, clothes off, legs spread with two finger working on her own pussy, only inches from "K"s face and the couch she was laid over.

He reached out and began to fondle the neighbors breast, as he moved the new arrival closer to the couch and the open lips of "K".

"K" had never experienced the taste of another woman but from her present position she had no chose. The neighbors knees set on either side of "K" head. "K" could smell the sweet aroma generated from the new pussy and could feel the heat on her face. The neighbor was instructed to set and she did right over the open mouth of "K".

Now "K" was eating a hot open puss while her own was being eaten, and again her mind went in to orbit as she concentrated on this new special taste.

As time went by, minutes or hours "K" could no longer tell, her mind realized that her own pussy was finely at rest. As she lapped her neighbor her eyes open as the pussy she was eating was shifted to a new position. As "K" looked up she could see the cock and balls that she remembered from time gone by, aiming at the brown hole of the neighbor.

"K" reached up and dipped a finger in the pussy she was eating and received a finger of wet, warm, juices and in one swift motion applied to dampness to the ass of her neighbor. Then reaching up with both hands spread the neighbors cheeks and with her fingers help guide the hard cock to it new home and held on as to not lose her position.

He fucked this new ass and "K" lapped at her pussy until the three could no longer move, and all fell together on the couch, fast asleep.

When he awoke he found that he was now in a bed with this legs and arms bound and the two women setting on both sides of him. It was explained to him that he had, had it his way now they would get it theirs.

With that "K" instructed the neighbor to set on his face and keep his mouth shut while she did as she pleased with the rest of him.

First she sank to his cock and her lips sank to its root, with her throat full of cock her tongue could now reach his balls, and she could control his flow with the speed of her mouth and the lapping of her tongue on his hanging ball.

As the neighbor shook and shook "K" released the cock from her month and slid up until its head was at her own burning pussy, but she wanted this to last. So she instructed the neighbor to set on the bed as "K" readjusted the arm and leg restraints and laid him face down on the bed, only this time as he eat the neighbor, "K" was calling the shot and every time he didn't move with the speed she thought he should have he was the recipient of the blows.

At first he moved with very little slaps having to be applied, but in time as he pulled against the straps trying to get loose the slaps became more frequent and harder. The harder she slapped the more his ass move, until it was as if the was fucking the sheets off the bed. At this point it was time for "K" to have her pussy soothed and the neighbor to supply the discipline.

But the neighbor wanted more, but as she adjust him to a position where she could jake him off, this did not set with "K"'s intent.

The neighbor was instructed by "K" to set in the corner and fuck herself with the toys from the closet, and if she refused the party was over and she would be the one to be spanked or she could go home, un-fucked for the rest of the night.

The neighbor did as requested and "K" again instructed him to eat her to her pleasure or receive the slaps as before. As he did as requested "K" began to use a yard stick from the corner and his ass became redder and redder with each snap of the board.

The neighbor was now fucking herself with great intent and the plastic toy was moving so fast it just became a blur, and she came again with a loud roar.

"K" was in haven with her pussy being eaten until she lost all track of her surroundings.

And then the room seamed to change and he was loose, the neighbor was gone and the plastic dick was now being applied to "K"'s own pussy and the hard cock she had dreamed about was being slapped across her own face as she was being told to lay down on the bed with her ass up in the air.

As she did as she was told she held the plastic dick tight to her pussy and he came around the bed and she new he wanted her ass and gave him her brown hole as she fucked herself with the big plastic dick.

As the night went by they fucked each other in every position the two of them could think of:

Off the walls
On the tables
With a dick in her month
A dick in her pussy
And his favorite, with a dick up her ass

And . . . at one point the one she loved the best, A large plastic dick up her ass with his dick in her month and she had three finger pulling her pussy apart and rubbing like hell, wanting to be eaten.

This day will last in their memories until the next one comes along.