By: Jay Chennell

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July 4th at the lakes was always a special weekend. It was right in the middle of the hottest part of the summer and our family always went to Uncle Jack's cottage on Lake Winnesock. Ever since I was a little boy, I remember the house. It was large and had lots of rooms upstairs filled with beds. On a big weekend, like the 4th, the whole family would gather. Sleeping arrangements were at best first come, first served. Times have changed a little. I now have a family, a wife, a daughter of sixteen, a son of eleven, and an assortment of cats and dogs.

This 4th of July was going to be no different than any of the last twenty or so that I can remember. Lots of fun, good food, swimming, fishing, and best of all, relaxing.

Well, we arrived about seven Friday evening. Uncle Jack and Aunt Betsy were there since Thursday night. My sister and her family of three kids, two girls about my daughter's age, and a son close to my son's age were due any time. My folks were due up early in the morning, as were several sets of cousins, Aunts and Uncles. My sister and her bunch showed up around eight and we all settled down for a highball to start the weekend. The youngsters were off playing, the boys were on the dock fishing for perch, and the girls were gathered under a tree gossiping. Bedtime came around ten as there was no TV. The girls were camped in one of the bedrooms upstairs, my sister and her husband were in another, my wife and I were in the downstairs porch like room that was enclosed and made a very nice bedroom.

During the night, there was a lightening storm across the lake, the skies were bright with light, and distant claps of thunder broke the quiet. It was still dark when I woke up Saturday morning and, as usual, I awoke with the biggest hard-on imaginable. We were both in a fetal position, I was in the back, and my cock was poking my wife in the butt. Feeling a little frisky, I slid down my jockey shorts and proceeded to work my cock between the cheeks of her ass. She has been spending a lot of time at the gym recently, and it is paying off. Her ass is tighter than it was a couple of weeks ago when we last had sex. By now, I have straightened out in the bed, and am arching my back to force my cock further into her ass. I feel her leg start to lift, allowing me better access to her butt. I moisten my fingers and transfer the moisture to the end of my cock and to the rosebud of her ass. By now her leg is almost straight up in the air. With my right hand, I guide my throbbing love muscle to her asshole, and I feel her relax and open. With steady force, I drive my cock into the depths of her ass. When I can go no further, I begin to pull back, go forward as my wife gets on her knees and I drive my cock deep into her doggie ass. I pull back, and go forward, faster and faster until my balls are slapping her pussy on each stroke.

My right hand holds her pussy, which has been neatly trimmed, and two fingers find the way into her cunt. They begin the same motion as my cock, faster and faster, deeper and deeper until she begins to shudder and the muscles in her ass and pussy begin twitch. I shoot my wad into her ass and all movement stops and she sighs. I remove my fingers and my now soft dick as I lay on my back while she disappears in the bathroom down the hall.

I follow her and go in the shower to shave and get ready for the day. Rounding the corner into the kitchen, there's my wife, all dressed and starting to make coffee. I hold her from behind, and turn her around and kiss her.

She puts her arms around my neck and tells me how cute we looked this morning, and how it was so sweet that Jamie, our sixteen-year-old, had climbed in bed with us last night during the storm.

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