My Adventures with Jorie

By "Tex" from fort Worth

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Jorie and I were members of the same student organization and were paired together as Big Brother and Little Sister. My duties as a Big Brother were to act as a guide to the freshmen and make sure they adjusted to college life. She was a typical freshman, ready for the adventures and freedom college life offered a girl who was brought up in a restrictive family.

I knew she was trouble the first time I laid eyes on her.

Jorie was in full swing the night she pledged, making full use of the several kegs of beer provided for the occasion. At the point in the evening where the Big Brother and Little Sister were supposed to go off somewhere alone and get to know each other, she already needed a little help walking. We sat for a while, down by the lake, and asked each other the typical icebreaker questions. She was the first to really break the dull conversation when she asked how many girls I have had sex with. I told her a lot, lying to make my self seem more experienced, and she just smiled. The conversation stayed with sex as she asked me about my sexual adventures. As we talked she moved closer and my cock got very hard. She finally jumped in my lap, stuck her tongue in my ear and whispered, "I can't wait to try everything."

I had a steady girlfriend at the time and was resistant at first. But her seventeen year-old body was hard and shapely. We kissed and then looked at each other waiting for approval to continue. It was too much for me. I shoved my tongue in her mouth as my hands flew up the back of her blouse, unsnapping her bra in one quick motion. She was more than ready for that and she quickly pulled the blouse over her head exposing her hard, firm breasts. I tried to move my mouth to them, but she was too fast. She dropped off my lap and got on her knees. With a quick glance, to see the pleased look of encouragement on my face, she unsnapped my jeans and pulled them down. Without waiting to pull down my boxers, she threw her mouth on my cock. I could feel her warm breath through the silk as my mind relaxed and I forgot about everything except for the goddess that knelt before me.

Jorie let my cloth covered stiff cock slip from her lips as she pulled down the boxers. Then, she started at my balls, licking and gently taking them in her mouth. She worked her tongue around the base of my prick, using plenty of warm saliva to lubricate her effort. She grabbed the base of my cock with her hand and squeezed so tight that it cut off the flow of blood to my seven inches. As my cock throbbed in pain, she looked at me, knowing she was in total control. Then, in one swift motion, she placed all of my prick in her hot little mouth and tickled my balls with her tongue as the blood returned to the shaft and pre-cum oozed to the back of her throat. It was like nothing I had ever felt. She was in total control and I loved it.

She continued to suck my dick for what seemed hours, always knowing when to stop so I wouldn't cum. Unable to take it any more, I grabbed the back of her head and forced it down on my cock. Taking my cue, she worked her tongue so that I shot my load of hot cream while she had all of me inside her mouth. I'm sure my cum never had a chance to hit her tongue, by passing it and shooting directly down her throat and into her stomach. She kept me fully inside until every drop was gone and my prick went limp. Only then did she let me slip out of her mouth. She got up, resumed her place on my lap and whispered, " ... That was fun." I of course, being the good Big Brother that I was, I drove my drunk Little Sister back to campus, leaving her girlfriend to find her own ride.

Jorie gave me three more blowjobs that night, but never let me fuck her. That she was saving for another night. And, what a night it was.

I'll tell that story next.

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