The Island

Jeff Ailsa

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SCENE ... The ship has docked at one of the larger, but out of the way islands, in the Bermuda triangle. Like us, most of the passengers have gone ashore. Hiring a Jeep we are taking a trip to the, hilly, and forested, interior of the island.

As usual I have to sit and hang on as you drive the jeep as if you want to win a rally. The air is hot and humid, even although we are way above sea level. As we get higher up the road narrows slightly, but is still driveable.

As we round a bend in the road there is a gap in the trees and we stop. The view is tremendous, we can see the sweeping curve of the beach far below, the many shades of blue and green of the ocean, and the white ship in the distance.

Now that we are stopped the heat becomes more apparent. Both of us are just wearing swimwear, shades, and a hat to keep off the sun. Spare clothes are in the back of the Jeep, with the cooling wine ice chest and some food. I can see small rivulets of sweat forming and running down between your tanned breasts.

We press on further up the hill to find a place for our picnic. Lo and behold I have been given a chance to drive. The trees seem to becoming thicker and closer to the road as we press on up the hill. The track is a bit bumpy, but great for me as every time we go over a bump you jump about in you bikini top, noticing me looking you begin to tease me again. Putting your finger in your mouth, you then trace little circles round your nipples till they push out the material, while staring at me and running your tongue round your lips, this arouses me but I must keep my hands on the wheel

After about another five miles there is a break in the trees, and a clearing, so we park up to se what it is like. From the small clearing we have a view out over the bay, and it seems an idyllic place to have lunch.

You stretch out in the sun while I set up the picnic. It is just great sitting in the sun and having our wine and food.

After the wine is finished you turn on your side towards me, you have that look in your eyes that tells me your are thinking erotic thoughts. Taking the wine bottle in your hand, you start to lick round the neck of the bottle, while keeping your eyes on mine, while your other hand slips inside your tiny bikini bottoms.

My erection is so hard that it pushes out of my trunks, as they are now useless I just peel them off, now lying naked watching you.

Reaching across I pull the bottom of your bikini slowly down your legs and over your feet. Your pussy is so wet and open from the administrations of your hand. Moving slowly back up your legs I notice you have flung off your top and are massaging your perfect breasts, your mouth hangs open, a far off stare in your eyes. Reaching up to kiss you I place a hand on your sex, part your lips and stroke your insides. Your hands pull my head to you and our tongues dance together. Gyrating hips push against my hand.

I eagerly probe you with my tongue as you reach out and pull me into your mouth. Taking the cucumber from the picnic basket, the one I brought for your pleasure and my show. I push it into your pussy once or twice covering the pitted fruit skin with your sweet cum. You part your legs as wide as they will go, you know what I am going to do. You spread your wet cunt so that I can push the green dildo in and out of your pussy like a driving cock.

I remove the vegetable and you roll over as I push the cucumber into your ass, while sucking on your little button causes a moan to emanate from you . You quicken the pace of your mouth on my cock. Your ass jumps up to meet every stroke of the green dildo and my tongue. My mouth is full of wetness as you erupt in orgasm, causing me to fill your hot mouth with sperm. Exhausted we both lie together in the sun, just gently holding each other till we recover.

As its starting to get late we decided to pack up and head back before its starts to get dark. All packed up and ready to go.

The Jeep won't start (can't call the garage this time) Oh bloody hell. After fucking about for a bit , the only option is to start walking down the hill. At least it's not so hot now. I keep getting the feeling that we are being watched. After half an hour we need to stop for a rest. A strange mist seems to be to be lying just above the ground all around us. Must be as it's getting dark, I think.

We must press on , getting late. I know that you are getting tired, but we have to move , still have a funny feeling about the place.

Stopping further on for another break we startled by a noise from the forest. A group of strange looking men appear as if from nowhere and surround us. They look as if they belong to tribe from ancient times, carrying short spears, and their bodies are covered in paint, and they only have little loin clothes on. Putting myself between you and them I try and communicate but do not get anywhere, no English it seems. Our hands are tied behind and were led off into the depths of the forest. The fear subsides slightly as the do not appear to want to cause any harm as such.

There is a strange rhythmic noise in the distance, and we seem to be moving towards it. We are ushered into a type of village or encampment , pushed towards its center , surrounded by the inhabitants. Every one is shorter than us, The woman in the village seem agog at how tall and well built you are, one or two come up and touch your breasts, they are much larger than their own, obviously never seen a white woman before.

The village is a circle of huts with a strange type of religious altar in the middle. The circle of people parts and what would appear to be the chief and his queen appear. without speaking the slowly walk around us staring as they do. The chief utters a few words and two of the village women come forward and remove your bikini, then moving to me I am also stripped. The queen comes forward and looks at me, she reaches out and strokes my penis and squeezes my balls, and she smiles and moves on to you. After taking a breast in each hand she reaches down and pushes a finger into you, withdrawing it she licks the wetness from her finger.

We are both led to a hut and left inside. The noise from outside seems to indicate some sort of ceremony is taking place.

The door opens and a group of men and women come in.

They are all panted with strange designs. I notice that their bodies are shining with some kind of oil, it gives of a pleasant smell. The women are carrying jars of this oil with them. At this point I notice that both the men and women are devoid of any body hair apart from their heads.

The women untie my hands and with one holding each arm I am led outside, two of the men lead you out behind me.

We are led to the altar in the center of the village. The chief and queen are standing beside it. They both have a big head dress on but apart from that are naked , they both have a glazed look in their eyes and their bodies glisten in the firelight.

I am laid down on the alter and my wrists and ankles tied down , I see them tied you down next to me. The chief comes forward and puts a cup of liquid to you lips and pours it in, likewise to me , its tastes slightly like Pernod. Two of the man stand each side of you and begin to rub the sweet smelling oil all over you, taking a breast each they rub all over them , tweaking the nipples till they are pushing upwards, by turning my head I can tell you are enjoying this. They continue to apply the oil to rest of your body.

Rubbing the oil on your legs they have one each, both reach the top of your thighs at the same time.

One takes a handful of oil and pushes his hand against your sex and opens it up stroking inside you. His partner is filling your ass with his oil and pushes inside you with his hand.

I can see you push against them, urging them on.

The oil they have applied makes every touch like fire and drives you wild .

Two of the women begin to apply the sensuous oil to my body, it seems to set my skin on fire, I can tell now why you were heaving your self against the hands of your two men.

while one of the women rubs the oil all over my chest the other one grabs my rock hard cock with both hands and rubs here oily hands up and down, it feels red hot and tingling all over.

My hips are thrusting up towards her. Turning my head I can see that the chief has mounted the altar and is kneeling between your parted legs, standing at each side of your head are two of his men.

The drink has heightened our senses to an extreme level, where all sound and sensation is exaggerated. A second woman mounts my chest, facing my rock hard cock. Pulling herself apart she moves back to my eager tongue, I reach up and grab her hips and moving my probing tongue into her. Squeezing my thighs she leans forward and engulfs me with mouth to a degree I have never experienced before. Her partner is massaging my balls and ass with her oily hands.

The chief leans forward and gently touches your soaked pussy with his rampant engorged cock, You thrust up your hips to try and get it inside you, but he pulls back, I hear your cries of frustration from between the native woman's thighs. Thrashing your head from side to side and thrusting towards the dick you want you notice the men at you side. Your eyes and tongue tell them to put their dicks in you willing mouth. Moving your head between them you lick on each cock in turn. Each of them taking a breast , the suck hard upon your nerdy nipples, while being driven wild by your hungry sucking mouth and the sight of so many cocks, your tongue lashes out, tempting the pricks to enter your mouth. In turned the chief rapidly plunges into your wet cunt as you squeal out in surprise and then pleasure as your body is heaving towards the chief.

The men at your side pull their hard members out of your mouth, and begin to rapidly bring themselves off while pointing into your open mouth, the chief has grabbed your ass and is pulling you onto his hot engorged dick , even as you heave beneath him. With a piercing cry both men pour fort torrents of sperm into you mouth till it overflows down your chin and all over your neck.

With the muscles of your pussy tightening on the chief he is about to come, withdrawing he sprays the inside of your thighs with hot sticky come, diving between your thighs he brings you off to a shrieking orgasm the like of what you have never felt before.

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