Jeff Ailsa

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SCENE: At the corporate Headquarters of Superior Designs the chief executive is in the final stages of singing up a contract to restore a chateau in the south of France. His head of interior design, Ann is running through the final project plan. All seem impressed with her planning, and the customer, the Count Von Rodetski, compliments her on the attention to detail. A date is set for the contract to begin, in one months time.

The team to work on the chateau consisted of Ann and her two project managers Laurette and Anton. It had been decided to hire local labor to do the actual work. The Count let them have the use of the domestic quarters during their stay, the total job had been planned to last 6 weeks.

The journey down through France had been fairly uneventful . While Anton had been driving Ann and Laurette had been going over a few details of the project. The Count was at the chateau to meet them. It was certainly impressive and set in three hundred acres with its own vineyard. The main part of the restoration would be the redecorating of the ballroom and adjoining dining area. The rest of the work was outside the scope of Superior Designs work. After a quick tour of the work area the Count left them to settle in and invited them to dine later that evening. As the domestic staff were not in residence the Count said he would be doing the cooking for them. Ann offered to help and the Count gladly took up the offer. The three rooms for them were in the upper part of the chateau, all were quite small but adequate, the only thing that nagged Anton was having to share a bathroom with the others. Leaving the others to settle in Ann decided to get changed and head off down to the kitchens. Slipping on her jeans and T-shirt she tried to find the kitchen area. After a bit of a search she came across the Count in a large flag stone area with all anyone would ever need to cook a banquet. The meal was to be fairly simple, just good soup followed by a pasta dish. As they both prepared the meal they were chatting about the project. It suddenly came to Ann that she did not now the count's first name as she had always been formal during the discussions on the task. The Count said, "just call me Rod." They chatted away as the meal was sorted out, Ann still had at the back of her mind that he was the customer. Ann had become aware that the Count tended to brush lightly against her when they near each other, she did not mind as she found the count quite attractive. With the meal cooking away the Count said he was going off to change for dinner, Ann went back up to her room to do likewise.

A she entered her room she could hear Anton and Laurette talking next door. Ann thought semi formal would be best for dinner. She went next door to tell the others that dinner would be ready in half an hour. Without knocking she opened Anton's door, before her was Laurette on her knees, her upper body resting on the bed with Anton behind her.

They were so occupied that they were unaware of her presence as she stared at the erect penis being thrust into Laurette. Closing the door quietly she went back to her own room.

The sight she had just witnessed brought a flush to her body that spread all over. Sitting naked on her bed before dressing , she almost subconsciously began to stroke between her legs, her fingers becoming damp with her desire. Lying back on the bed she started to delve deeper into herself, while listening to Laurette cry out for Anton to fill her with cum. With great self control Ann stopped what she was doing and began to get dressed, there was a silence from next door, one party filled and one drained she thought to herself.

Her desire to have her pussy filled by someone, at that moment she did not care by whom or with what, influenced her choice of clothes. Stockings were always worn she just had to decide on which ones, Ann never wore underwear, only a dress to choose. There were only two dresses she considered short enough, she had already set her mind on a short dress. The choice was the deep blood red strapless, or the jade green high neck, both would expose her firm thighs and any thing else she wished. Quickly she put on the red dress. Siting on the bed she rolled on her black silk stockings, the feel of the silk on her legs turned her on., she finished off with her matching red stilettos.

As she stood before the mirror and smoothed her dress over thighs she decided to lengthen her suspenders so that the dark tops of her stockings could bee seen. Feeling hot and horny she set of for dinner. Anton and Laurette were already seated when she arrived, a slight flush was on Laurette's face. Ann had just sat down when the Count came in with the meal. There was the usual chitchat during the meal, which was of a high standard. The Count suggested they move into the drawing room for a drink, to which they all agreed. There was a great log fire ablaze, which created a sense of relaxation and warmth in the room. Ann and Laurette sat next to each other while the men poured the finest of French brandy for them. Both the Count and Anton had been seen by Ann staring at her legs, to which she had respond by inching her dress up slightly as she sat down. The glow of the brandy spread over her and any feeling of being professional in front of the client was rapidly disappearing. As the Count approached her to refill her brandy she leaned forward to offer her glass, ensuring he had a good view of her breasts swing freely beneath her dress, the nipples erect, as they had been for some time. The count seemed to take a long time filling her glass. Ann could sense that he was more than just interested, she was going to get shafted after all. Something was needed to break the ice. This was provided by the slightly drunk Laurette. She walked right up to Anton and grabbed him by his crotch and proceeded to unbutton him. Taking his cock in her mouth she produced an erection of gigantic size. While sucking his stiff prick she feels the tension in his balls as his orgasm rises and his cum flows into her mouth, runes from the corners and across her cheeks. Laurette swallowed as much of the cum spent by Anton as she could, then released his cock from her mouth and began to stroke slowly up and down on his not too stiff member. Anton's erection returned, gleaming in the firelight from Laurette's saliva and his cum still coated all over it. The Count was entranced by the sight of Laurette stroking Anton's rod and did not notice that Ann had slipped out of her dress. Laurette released Anton from her grasp and they both undressed, clothes landing in a mess on the floor. As the Count turned round he saw Ann standing before him dressed only her black stockings and red stiletto's. She was standing with her feet apart, one hand on her hip, the other stroking her wet throbbing slit, well , are you going to do anything about this or not she said.

The Counts suit seemed to disappear and he knelt before her. Grabbing his head Ann thrust herself onto his face, feeling his tongue probe the insides of a now throbbing pussy.

The count began to lick at her fully exposed clit and the sensation sent a tingling up and down Ann's spine. Pushing him down onto the floor Ann pulled her lips apart and impaled herself on the rampant cock beneath her. Grasping her breasts tightly she began to rotate and grind herself on the counts hot cock. As she rose and plunged on the Count she was in a world of ecstasy. Laurette and Anton came across to where Ann and the Count were performing. Laurette proceeded to sit on the Counts face, while Anton stood next to all three. Ann reached out and pulled Anton's cock into her mouth as she rode up and down on the rod within her. Ann could feel Laurette's face next to hers as Laurette licked at Anton's heavy balls. As Anton let out a moan Ann felt his cock fill her waiting mouth with cum, some of it flowing down her chin and onto her breasts. Feeling herself approach her own orgasm she ground hard down onto the Count beneath her. As her body shook with her own coming she had to lean on Laurette for support. It was all too much for the count and Ann felt him spray her insides with his hot sperm. As she released the Count from her pussy she watched herself flow all over him.

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