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Scene: Daisee the barmaid was in the process of getting ready for her shift at the "local bar". She found the job usually boring during the week, but at least there was generally no trouble then. On Wednesday's apart from a few regulars playing pool it was even more boring than usual. She remembered that last week there was a stranger turned up, he was visiting a company in the area. She secretly hoped he might turn up again, as he said he might be back to visit them.

What will I wear just in case he pops in, she thought. It didn't take her long to sort out that nights clothing. She had been waiting for an excuse to wear her new red one piece . As she did up the three studs she felt a slight tingling and found she was moist, a small smile was upon her lips. Slipping on her low cut red top she reached into the drawer and picked out the black lace top seamed stockings, her favorites. As she rolled them up and clipped them on she hoped her stranger would turn up. Deciding that a black skirt would look best with her red top, she chose a short one, but not to short to show her lace tops, unless she wanted to. Daisee finished off with her black stilettos and stood in front of the mirror. She liked the way her high heels looked with seamed stockings. He better turn up now she thought. Pity to waste all this on the locals.

So feeling really good she was just about to head off when a thought occurred, what if he does not turn up. It will be just another boring night. Reaching into the box in the wardrobe she picked out her "Black Mamba" vibrator and put it in her handbag, it just fitted. At least the breaks won't be boring.

It was only a few minutes walk to the Bar, the cool air round her thighs felt good and was in contrast to the heat in her pussy as she anticipated her stranger turning up. Her high heels sounded on the wooden floor as she made her round to the other side of the bar, the locals only glancing up before they returned to their pool. They place was as quiet and boring as she expected. Trade at the bar was slow as she knew it would be, to pass the time Daisee tidied up the shelves and restocked. It was now eleven O'clock, she had been their for two hours, the landlord came out and she had her break for ten minute's. Before going back behind the bar she went to the ladies to tidy up her makeup. Just as she was about to leave she thought, what the hell, reaching under her skirt she undid the three studs. Taking out her Black Mamba she inserted it as far as it would go, a sigh emanating from her as she did so. Doing up her studs to keep it in place she went back to the bar. Although there was still an hour to go till closing time there were only two people left in the place.

As she walked round the tables clearing up, the sensations in her pussy as the vibrator moved within her set her on fire with lust and desire. Her hands were trembling as she washed up the glasses.

The door to the bar opened and her stranger walked in. Placing his briefcase down by the bar he ordered a gin and tonic. Reaching up to the optic Daisee could feel her skirt rising and her big black friend moving. Hoping he had noticed the lace tops of her stockings, she turned to pour his tonic, her legs trembling, she handed him his drink. Moving away to serve another customer she left him with his drink. By the time she returned he had finished his drink and requested another. He explained it had been a hard day and he really enjoyed it. He moved to take a seat and Daisee said she would bring his drink to him. After pouring his gin a wicked thought came into her mind. With back to everyone she reached under her skirt and running her fingers around her soaking pussy she smeared her juices around the rim of his glass before putting the tonic in. The walk to his table nearly caused her to scream out in orgasm as her black friend moved around in throbbing pussy. Reaching forward to place his gin on the table she noticed his eyes were staring at her by now heaving swollen breasts. Daisee felt her nipples hard and sensitive beneath her clothing. The other two customers had now left, as it was only just a few minutes to closing time. The stranger asked if she would like to join him in a drink. After I've closed up if you like replied Karen. Pouring large drinks for them both she placed them on the table and then locked the bar door. The look in the stranger's eyes let her know that he knew what this meant.

As she sat down next to him she could feel her vibrator being pushed further inside her and squirmed with desire. As she crossed her legs she saw his eyes stare at the lace tops of her stockings. Staring him in the face she reached down and deliberately pulled up her skirt till her thighs showed in contrast to her dark stockings. So far the stranger had said very little, but the look in his eyes said all. As her stranger moved his gaze to her face Daisee flicked her tongue around her lips and taking his face in her hands licked his lips with her moist tongue. Pushing open his lips she sucked greedily on his mouth while taking his hand and placing it on her lace covered thigh. Putting her head on his shoulder she gasped as he squeezed her thigh and slowly moved his hand towards her aching, throbbing, and by now drenched lips. Burrowing her face in his neck she reached out and felt his male hardness bursting to free itself , barley able to take it in one hand she began to stroke his hard cock through his tight trousers. She stopped her stroking just as his hand approached her quivering pussy, would you like the barmaids special she asked? With a nod he removed his hand and wondered what he was going to get. Straightening her skirt Daisee went behind the bar. Returning, she placed two glasses of gin on the table with a bottle of tonic. Sitting opposite him she slowly poured in the tonic and told him to wait till it was stirred.

Leaning back in her seat she parted her legs and pulled her knees to her ample chest, still staring at him she undid her red body and slowly pulled out her Black Mamba, the look on his face brought a wicked smile to her lips, she then stirred each drink with it , mixing her juices with the tonic, the barmaids special . Dipping her hand to her pussy she mixed more of herself into each glass, She let out a gasp when she noticed the stranger had released himself and was stroking his hand up and down the largest cock she had ever seen, his fingers barely able to encompass it. Her eyes glazed over as she reached out and ran her finger round it's wet throbbing head, dipping her fingers in each glass, the perfect cocktails she murmured. By now all she wanted was to be impaled on this huge rampant rod that was before her. All she could manage to say was, take me home and shaft the arse off me, even she was stunned by her voice, but she just wanted her pussy filled with hot cock. On the walk to her home even the cool breeze about her thighs could not cool down the fire inside her. As she tried to insert her key with shaking hands she could feel the strangers erection pressing into her firm cheeks from behind. Once inside she pushed him against the door , opening his trousers she knelt down and grasping him with both hands engulfed his cock with her mouth, barley able to take it in. Pulling her from him the stranger knelt down and pushed her gently but firmly onto the floor. Placing a leg over each shoulder and moving his head between her open thighs he traced the outline of her damp pubic hair with his tongue. Daisee crossed her legs behind his head and pulled him towards her ever more tightly, eager to feel his tongue lapping at her hot insides.

Pushing the back of her legs till her knee's pressed upon her engorged breasts the stranger began to lick the slowly up and down trembling lips, hearing her cries of passion as he probed between them. Reaching up to her stilettos Daisee pulled her leg further apart. Thrusting her hips towards the probing hot tongue Daisee could feel the pent up orgasm come upon her. Grabbing the stranger's head she pulled him tight against her pussy as she squirmed and screamed in ecstasy. The convulsion of her tight love tube pushing her sweet juices all over the strangers chin. As she lay recovering on the floor her stranger lifted her up and took her through to the bedroom , placing the orgasm racked Daisee gently on the bed. She looked through glazed eyes and saw the stranger undressing, her eyes fixed on the hard erection he was gently stroking as he looked down at her. When he bent down to kiss her, Daisee could taste herself on his lips, such had been the amount that flowed from her. Turning her over the stranger began to trace his tongue down her back. She could feel light kisses travelling down her spine.

Kneeling behind her the stranger lifted her hips up and back towards his waiting engorged rod, impaling her on his mighty erection. Daisee gasped as she felt herself being stretched and filled with his hot, throbbing prick. The stranger held her hips tightly as he lunged into her, encouraged by Daisee thrusting back at every pulsating stroke. Daisee felt his cock throb and jump within her as a torrent of hot cum drenched her insides, the cum running over her thighs as he pulled out to spray the rest over her.

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