Jeff Ailsa

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SCENE ... The multi-talented Gillian is piloting her boss's private jet down through the clouds to a landing at Bali's international airport. Her boss is the chairman of Airtech Ltd. It is the annual aerospace conference for manufacturers. There are only three passengers on board and her co-pilot, 2nd officer Lesley. After receiving clearance from air traffic control she once again makes a perfect landing. The chairman has told her that herself and the co-pilot will not be required till the conference is over in three days, the time is there own.

A car has been left at the airport for the girls use during their stay, a red Ferrari sports model. It is only a three-mile drive to the hotel. Gillian and Lesley are staying at the five-star Paradise Hilton, and have been given the penthouse suit. The true status befitting a great pilot. Checking in, the girls notice they are getting attentive stare from the males they see, it must be the uniform says Gillian, no way says Lesley its the way your nipples are straining at your shirt, I told you to put a bra on. Gillian never wore a bra when flying as the seat straps made it too uncomfortable. Anyone paying attention to the tight fitting uniform would have noticed that she was not wearing any underwear either, flying didn't make that uncomfortable, she just hated panties.

The bellboy who took their bags and showed them to the penthouse was very young, and could not help but stare at Gillian, she had undone the top buttons of her uniform blouse, and her brown nipple was just showing above her low cut bra. After putting down their luggage in the room the bellboy turned to say goodbye, no doubt hoping for a tip, Gillian gave a few dollars whereas Lesley gave him a peck on the cheek while fondling his by now erect pecker, come back when your older and bigger she said. The view from the extensive balcony was overpowering, they could see all along the coastline. The suite had two large bedrooms, both with enormous four poster beds, and an inside Jacuzzi's. Gillian and Lesley decided to wash and change for dinner, the sun was just setting and the night was about to begin.

Gillian lay back in the Jacuzzi and parted her legs, the bubbles sending little messages up her legs and over her firm stomach to reach her tanned ample breasts, the messages telling her she needed a man. She knew with her talents, any man was hers for the taking.

Gillian felt like staying there for a least a few hours but her need for food after the long flight overcame her desire and she got out and dried herself off. It must be something formal she thought, it would meet with the style of the restaurant. Laying out her midnight blue, silk versace, no underwear she decided, too hot. Getting dressed only took thirty seconds. Lesley was waiting for her, dressed in a scarlet long dress with a split to her waist on one side. As they descended in the lift Gillian licked her finger and put them down the top of her dress onto her nipples, the effect was that they stuck out, announcing to all their size and state. Lesley did the same only putting her hand in the slit of her dress, my juice is the best she said. Gillian could tell that the evening would go the same as the others, who could outdo the other with the most outrageous sexual act.

The maitre-de escorted the girls to their table, the best in the house, they ordered a bottle of Moet et Chandon to sip while they studied the menu.

Both girls decided to start with oysters, they reminded them of sperm sliding down their throats, the best type of champagne said Gillian. Noticing a male from the next table looking at them , Lesley crossed her legs, the split in her dress exposing her leg all the way to the top, making it obvious that she had no underwear on. Gillian moved her leg under the table and flicked Lesley's dress even further open, the male at the next table spilt his drink as he was entertained by the sight of Lesley's neatly trimmed bush before she got it back into place. All the while Gillian was laughing. With a wicked smile Lesley pronounced that she would get her own back later. Both were now tipsy from the champagne as the sweet arrived, having finished two bottles during the main course. Gillian only had a coffee while Lesley had ordered a banana split. Looking around the restaurant for a suitable male Gillian spotted a young tanned boy staring at her. While staring at him she slowly blew out a stream of smoke and gently massaged her breast. She turned around with a start as she felt a hand gently push her thighs apart, Lesley had decided to get her own back and had sneaked under the tablecloth. Gillian pulled her chair closer to the table as she felt Lesley pushes up her dress to the top of her thighs. She felt Lesley's hot breath and tongue trace a line from her knee to the top of her thigh and flick lightly at her open wet pussy before repeating again on her other leg. Gillian open her legs as far as she could when she felt Lesley's tongue push firmly at her open lips, and suck gently at her by now throbbing clit. By now Gillian's face was flushed and she gripped her coffee cup firmly to stop her hand shaking. The headwaiter inquired if madam was all right but she could only mumble that all was very fine thank you. With a single firm lick of her wide open pussy Lesley appeared at the table again. By now Gillian was wet and a gentle throbbing in her pussy brought a warm glow to her cheeks. I wish you get your own back more often said Gillian. Lesley complimented Gillian on the sweet taste she had but announced she wanted real meat in a big way.

The girls left the restaurant for the bar, in the hope of selecting the first males of the evening. On the way up in the lift Lesley grabbed Gillian's hand and moved her dress apart , placing Gillian's hand on her hot mound she let her know how wet she was. Gillian commented that one thick spurting rod would not be enough to cool Lesley down. The girls took a seat next to the large glass window, which gives a panoramic view of the whole island. There were quite a few other women in the bar, but they were the only single ones there.

On ordering their drinks from the hunky waiter they were pleased to discover that their boss had set up an account for them, free drink, a warm wet felling, all we need now is good shafting to start the rest of the night sighed Gillian. Here we go she heard Gillian whisper as two men she had been eyeing up came over and asked if they could join them. They introduced themselves as Jeff and Robert, and said they were on the island on business. Jeff had sat next to Gillian , while Robert and Lesley gave each other a look that said were going to fuck tonight. Lesley was pulsing and hot and in need of her "meat injection " as she would say. Leaning across to nibble Robert's ear she took his hand and slide it inside her dress, are you big enough to fill that she said. He took her hand and placed on his crotch , what do you think? Getting up from their seats they headed out to the balcony, leaving Jeff and Gillian alone. The bar had started to fill up a bit and Jeff asked if she would like to go some place quieter, or that he knew where there was a party that night.

Gillian surprised him by saying that if he took here and now in the bar, then later he would get the shafting of his life. He seemed taken aback and was silent for a moment. Gillian lightly placed her hand on his cock and ran her hand over his trousers, she could feel it grow beneath her, the end seemed to pulse against her touch. Moving her hand away Jeff undid his zip, facing away from him Gillian prepared to sit on his lap. Lifting her dress slightly from behind Gillian lowered herself onto his erection, a feeling of pain and pleasure overcame her as she engulfed in her pussy a hot rod of proportions she barley came across. Taking her drink in her hand and smiling at the other customers she took a moment to get her breath back, this cock in her pulsed and throbbed and stretched her pussy to its limits. Slowly she undulated her hips around the steel hard cock on which she was impaled. Reaching around her waist Jeff pulled her even further down onto him, the motion causing a small squeal to emanate from her. Jeff said he could feel her flowing down over his balls, Gillian could not reply as she slowly ground herself into his crotch. She felt herself clenching at his rod and new she was about to cum all over this huge cock. With a moan stifled by her hand she poured forth all over him. As she rose up and began to straighten her dress she could feel her cum running down her thighs, Jeff had difficulty putting his as yet unused erection, still full of his silky sperm into his trousers. A glance as he put it away amazed Gillian and she decided that it was going to ream her out quite a few times by the end of her visit.

Slightly shaky on her legs , Gillian took Jeff by the hand and led him out onto the balcony. Looking behind her she could still a significant bulge in Jeff crotch. Arriving on the balcony Gillian could see Lesley adjusting the slit on her dress, as Robert zipped his trousers. There was still some cum at the corners of her mouth, Gillian leaned forward and quickly licked it off, as she did so Lesley took her head and kissed her deeply so she could share the rest with her. All four decided to head off to the party. Taking a limousine they headed off to further adventures. Gillian could tell that Jeff was still horny when he took her hand and placed on his still throbbing crotch. Feeling guilty about her own tumultuous orgasm Gillian felt the need to sort him out. Unzipping Jeff she leaned forward and grasped his pulsing organ, plunging her mouth down as far as she could. Slowly rolling her tongue around his engorged tip she administered her gentle sucks and flicks as only she could. She was only just aware of her dress being lifted from behind, and a hand slowly stroking and parting the lips of her vibrant pussy. As Jeff pulled her head down on his rampant prick Robert began to enter her from behind, Gillian's favorite method. Each plunge Robert gave her caused her to lunge at Jeff. It was great effort that she managed to fit the hard cock in her mouth, but the silky smooth tip was what she enjoyed most, her technique was renowned in all the best airports in the world. As Robert plunged faster into her clenching love tunnel Gillian took as much as she could take into her hot sweet mouth. As her pussy swelled to take Robert's pulsing organ her mouth filled with the hot creamy cum from Damn's cock. The sensation of a cream filled mouth was a bonus to Robert as Gillian gripped with endeavor on the cock in her pussy. Gently squeezing on his cock with her pussy caused him to spurt and she was filled once more. Watching the events Lesley had her legs wide open and was vigorously thrusting her hand in and out of her streaming love hole. There was a heady aroma in the back of the car, with cum over everyone and every thing. Gillian relaxed as she lay back in her seat, a cock in each hand and a smile on her face. The party was in a beachside villa, only a few miles away. On arriving at the villa they could hear the music as they walked up the long driveway, there seemed to be a lot of people there already. Most of the partygoers were gathered on the veranda overlooking the sandy beach and the barbecue area. It seemed a fairly even match as far the male , female, ratio went. Gillian could still taste some cum in her mouth and readily accepted a glass of cool crisp wine to refresh her taste buds. The two couples moved out onto the veranda where the boys introduced to most of the other guests.

The party had been going for a couple of hours and most of the other guests were a bit tipsy already. Lesley had wandered off to talk to another couple leaving Gillian on her own. Two tall well-dressed men came across and introduced themselves to Gillian, Gillian thought to herself I'm game for some of this. They were both on holiday from Sweden and had been on the island for three days. As they chatted Gillian leant back on the balcony rail, her legs were slightly unsteady as the thoughts of a combination of her and the two Swedes went through her mind. For what she had in mind a little more privacy was required. She suggested they all go for a walk along the beach, slowly moving her eyes from their crotch to their face as she spoke, she was sure they understood.

Discarding her shoes Gillian felt the sand warm between her toes as they walked a short distance from the party. Although they were only about a hundred yards away it was dark enough not to be seen. Stopping next to a huge palm tree, Gillian turned to her two Swede's and stepped out of her dress.

Leaning back against the tree she planted her feet firmly apart in the sand, while squeezing her breasts and rubbing her nipples erect. Staring at two enormous erections being stroked slowly before her, brought forth a tingling sensation to her pussy and dampness that began to spread down her thighs. Turning around Gillian pressed against the tree with her hands and thrust her behind towards her two Swedes. She felt a pair of hands reach around her to grab her breasts and firmly massage them. At the same time her pussy lips were being nudged apart by the engorged tip of a mighty cock. Gillian bent over further, thrusting her pussy towards the hot tip, with a final push from her Swede she was impaled fully from behind. Every lunge produced a moan from Gillian as she felt every stroke in and out of her. Her second Swede stood before her, taking her head in his hands he pulled her mouth down over the erection that was only inches from her lips.

As the rod fucked her pussy from behind Gillian sucked and caressed the one in her mouth. Her knees began to tremble and she had to kneel down in the sand, as her ass pointed into the air the rod pounding her from behind seemed to reach even greater depths than before. With an even greater speed the cock in her pussy thrust faster and faster and began to swell. inside her, she could feel the cum spurt into her, she started to shake as her own orgasm flooded from within her and plunged her head down on the stiff cock in the grasp of her mouth. Feeling the cock in her mouth about to cum she took it out and watched her breasts being covered in sweet hot cum, before collapsing on the sand. As Gillian lay in the sand she could still feel herself throbbing and flowing into the sand beneath her.

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