Playing Games with the Jap

By Dungeonmaster

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I went a wedding at the Ritz Carlton in Newport Beach (California, U.S.A.) I won't bore you with a lot of details other than to tell you that Monica and I decided to go s separately since we were having some personal problems. She was being a bitch and I was getting fucking tired of it.

Well, I cruised around the party and by midnight had a group of the single women hinting that they wanted to know more about domination. The problem was that Monica had a group of men.

Our relationship had always been one of possession. She was my slave and I was her Master. All of a sudden something was wrong and I couldn't figure out if it was the age difference, maybe she was having a long period or maybe we were just tired of playing the same games. I really didn't know what was the matter but I do know that for the first time I felt a touch of jealousy watching Monica play with her group of admirers. And, judging from her expression, she was jealous of my entourage of willing ladies.

So, I thought of a new game! I walked over to the bar where Monica was sipping her Martini, acting as a total stranger and entered the conversation. I expressed my interest for the young Jewish American Princess (J.A.P.) and immediately garnered the conversation. One by one the men left until there was a small group at the bar. None of the men knew Monica and me acted as if I was a complete stranger.

I had on a nice suit, carried my usual leather purse with some of my supplies and seemed to fit in as just another guy. After the third or forth Martini, one of the remaining fellows, jokingly offered Monica another drink if she would beg.

"I would never beg for anything!", she responded. My eyes opened and my tongue must have hit the floor! She was really playing this game."

"You don't have to beg me. I'll buy you a drink", I said, flagging the bartender. "Would never ask a lady to beg." "Thank you, sir", she answered, "By the way, what's your name?" "Just call me Master", I said placing my hand on her thigh and gently pushing the remaining guy to the side. He stumbled slightly, looking from my baldhead to my shined shoes, probably wondering what the fuck I was before he grudgingly left and we were alone. Monica's thighs parted slightly and she took my hand. "Do you like to have your pussy licked?", I whispered.

"You shouldn't talk to a lady like that", she replied. "What kind of lady do you think I am?" "I know what kind of lady you are. But that's not the point. The point is that we managed to end up together. Maybe this is the start of something new." She laughed at my cliche and softly stroked my thigh. "Well, would Master like to go home with Monica? Let me go to the ladies room while you think about it. You do want to think about it, don't you?"

She left before I could answer and when she returned she took my hand, knowing the answer. We left the hotel and got into her red convertible and I drove, being the non-drinker. It was a beautiful evening and my little Princess babbled about how nice it was to be picked up by a stranger since she had just finished an incredibly trying relationship with a dominating bastard. I comforted her by saying that she could never be a bitch and it was nice to meet such a lovely person.

On the way she made up a story that she was a virgin in the world of slavery but would love to find the right teacher. After a rather long winding ride we pulled up in front of her house and she clicked the garage door open and pulled inside, closing the door behind us. We sat quietly for a minute listening to gypsy violin music.

"Did you know that gypsy women like to be slaves!", I comment. "Do the Jewish Princesses want to be slaves, too?"

"No, they don't ... But, I might. That is for the right Master." "Am I the right Master?", I question, sliding my hand under her short dress and up her thigh.

"Please", she whimpers as her hand stops mine momentarily. I push past her resistance and her legs open slightly and I feel the moisture through her panty hose.

"You're wet", I whisper, softly kissing her parted lips. She resists at first but relaxed her thighs as I push my hand deeper between her thighs. I slide my tongue between her lips, sticking its stiffness into her mouth. She pushes back into the seat, her eyes close, her mouth sucking, her pussy throbbing, her breasts pulsing as I fight to get closer.

"Are you ready for a lesson", I ask as I slowly lick the inside of her mouth.

"I'm ..... ", she answers.

"I am a good teacher", I say. "It's time for your lesson." We leave the car and enter the house from the garage. I act as if I have never been there. I let her guide me through the rooms of the house until I get to the pool table in the center of her family room. "Do you play", I ask, rubbing the felt surface of the table.

"No ... Yes", she stutters. "What type of play do you mean? No, really, I don't play pool."

"I'll teach you how to play on a pool table", I whisper putting my hands under her arms and lifting her so she is sitting on the table. Standing in front, her legs are on either side of my waist and I slide my hands under her blouse and cup her breasts. Her hands are holding onto the table bumpers as she stiffens her body. I push my tongue into her mouth as I slowly unbutton her blouse and slip it from her shoulders and remove her bra. Her pert breasts stand erect in the soft light and her eyes are tightly closed and her mouth grasps my tongue as if it is the source of her strength.

I grasp her wrists and force them over her head as she slips back onto the table lying lengthwise on the green felt. My hands slip down her arms, over her breasts and across her flat stomach. I lower my mouth and take her nose and suck the end, rubbing my tongue over the surface as one would the head of a cock. Her hands grasped the pockets at each corner of the table and she squirms as I squeeze her nipples.

"Are you afraid?", I ask, opening my leather purse and removing the silk ropes.

"No ... ", she says, holding onto the pockets tightly as I move to the end of the table. " ... Master", she adds, as I slowly tie one wrist to the pocket and then tie the other. She is now half spread eagle on the soft felt, her arms secure and her legs closed. I bend over and softly run my tongue across her forehead, over her closed eyes and into her open mouth. She closes her lips and starts to suck. I remove my tongue as her head lifts from the table as she sucks feverishly, trying to stay in contact. She is unable to keep my tongue in her mouth as her head falls back to the table and she lets out a moan.

"Are you sure you are ready?", I whisper, walking slowly to the far end of the table.

"Yes ... Master." Grasping one ankle I pull her so that her arms are stiff and I secure her leg to the lower pocket. I then secure her other leg. Now, she is spread on the table, unable to move, her eyes tightly closed and a droplet of sweat forms on her breast. I raise her short skirt, revealing her soft smooth pussy. "Where are your rings, my dear", I whisper, running my finger along her pussy crack.. "Trying for a new image?" She laughs as my finger opens her crack and push inside. Taking a knife from my pocket I flip the switchblade open and hear her short gasp at the sound of the clicking steel. She whimpers as the cold steel touches her stomach and her muscles tighten. Putting the blade under the nylon stretch band I cut the fabric from her belly button, across her flat stomach, over her pussy and down her left leg to the spot where the silk rope hold her motionless. I then slice the other leg of her under wear down to her right ankle. I cut the legs of the panty hose and pull them from under her. She is naked except for the skirt, which I slit up the front and remove. I close the knife and put it into her left hand. Her fingers close tightly around the cold steel .

"Are you clean", I ask as I wipe my finger in the juice which oozes from her open cunt. "I like my slaves to be clean", I say, bringing my wet finger under my nose and taking a nice smell. "Smells Good", I say as I move my hand up her body, passing my finger under her nose. "You smell nice", I comment, rubbing my finger around her lips as her tongue licks her juice.

Reaching into the side pocket I remove one of the balls and place it between her legs, which move trying to escape away from the cold object. I roll the ball in her juice until it is slippery and warm. I roll the sphere up across her stomach, between her tits and up her throat until the ball is on her lips. I push the sphere and she opens her mouth as the slippery object falls between her lips. I bend over and bit her tit lightly.

She snorts as she breathes through her nose and sucks on the pool ball. In the dim light I can see the sphere rotate as she sucks the juice from the smooth surface, saliva drips from the edge of her mouth, cum drips around my finger as I push it into her open cunt. "Nice Princess", I whisper, "let me give you a lesson in cunt sucking".

My finger moves from her pussy to her ass hole as my tongue slides down her body and into moist pussy. She moves her hips trying to raise her clit to my lips but I keep my distance, allowing only the tip of my tongue to lightly flip against her moving target.

I hear a knock on the table as the ball drops from her mouth and rolls into the side pocket. "Nice shot", I whisper as her thighs twitch and her stomach ripples as she lunges at her bonds. She pulls at the ropes as her hips rise and my tongue enters and leaves her hot, wet cunt.

"Oh, Yesss", she moans as my finger enters her ass and my tongue rests inside her pussy. "Yes .... Oh Yes", I hear as the juice runs into my mouth and she sways from side to side grabbing at my tongue with her pussy lips. "Please ... take me", she whispers pulling on the ropes. "I want you inside me ... please ... Master."

"A lesson, Slave", I whisper as I kiss my way up her body to her lips. "Do you like your lesson?", I ask as I stick my cum soaked tongue into her mouth.

"Yes, Master", I hear as she takes my tongue into her mouth.

I open her hand and take the knife and she twitches again at the clink sound when the blade opens. I slide down her body and reach for her ankle and cut one rope and then the other. Her legs are free and they rise in the air as I push my finger deeper into her ass and plunge my tongue deep into her pussy. She rolls back and forth as her lips close on my tongue. Her cheeks massage my finger as she flexes her ass and holds my head tightly between her thighs trying to draw me further inside her cunt.

"Please ... Master", she whispered as I kiss my may to her pointed tit and took hold of her nipple, rolling it between my teeth. I am now on top and her legs are wrapped around my waist as she tries to pull me further inside her. She pulls at the ropes holding her arms to the table and the head of my cock pushes into her parted lips. "Please ... put it in me", she whispers. "Please ... Master", she murmurs as my cock enters her wet cunt until the head is deep inside.

"Are you begging, Slave?", I whisper, as my cock rubs against her open cunt.

"Yes ... Master", I am begging. "I want you now", she cries as she arches her back, pulling with her legs, pulling my cock deep inside. She humps and pulls and the head of my cock rubs against her pussy lips and the droplets of perspiration drip from her breasts and the cum runs from her cunt.

The knife moves to her right wrist and slices the rope and her hand grabs my hair and holds me against her breast. I cut the second rope and in her freedom she takes my head in both hands and brings it to her face and pulls me close as my tongue pushes into her mouth. Her legs are in the air and her hands grab my ass, pulling me to her and my cock slides into her pulsating cunt. She sucks my tongue and she grasps her ankles while the ends of the rope tied to her wrists flap in the air. She screams, "Please ... ", as my cock pushes in and out of her cunt and she pushes toward me holding her legs as my finger holds her ass "... Master". My cock enters her to the full extent and she moans and I pump into her rocking body and drive my tongue deep into her throat.

"I am yours", she whispers as my body trembles and from deep within my body I feel the rush of an orgasm. I drive myself into her and my little J.A.P. slave pushes her cunt and sucks my tongue. I shoot inside her as I gasped for breath.

"It's like heaven, Master", she whispers as my cock starts to weaken and a drop of sweat drips from my cheek onto hers. My cock slides from her cunt and my finger leaves her ass hole and we fall sideways on the table and hold each other curled up in the center as if we are racked like pool balls.

"This is wonderful, Master", she whispers.

"Too wonderful for words", I whisper, softly licking around lips as she sucks on the tip of her tongue. "Tell me, what you know?"

"I know that I am yours."

"Your what?", I ask.

"Your slave."

"Your slave, what?."

"Your slave, Master."

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