Janie's First Blowjob

By Janie Bernh

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I would like to share an experience I had when I was sixteen years old. I'm Asian, so I'm kind of on the small side, five foot one, weight about a hundred pounds and I have medium length black hair. I was out of school for the summer and just hanging around the house. For the first six weeks, it was pretty boring. All of my friends had gone away for the summer, and I had no brothers or sisters.

There was Ken and his wife Linda. They lived next door. They were in their mid fifties and both worked. Ken worked as a baker and was usually at work by three in the morning and home by noon. Linda worked also, but had an eight to five kind of job, and didn't get home until around six. Sometimes I would go over in the afternoon and watch Ken work on his car, in the garden or something.

Around the end of July, Ken had to take two weeks off from work because he had to use his vacation time. Linda didn't have any time off, so he just stayed around the house for two weeks. It was about the third day, I was going to bake a cake, but didn't have any eggs. So I went over to Ken's house and knocked on the door. Ken answered. He was in his robe, with a beer in his hand. It was only nine in the morning and he was drunk.

"Isn't it a little early to be drinking, Ken?" I asked him.

"Not for me, I've been up since two, so for me for it's afternoon." He slurred. That made sense.

"I need to borrow some eggs. Do you have any?" I asked.

"Yeah, come on in", he replied as he opened the screen door. When he turned back around after shutting the door, his robe had come loose, and I could see he was naked under it.

"Close your robe, Ken, I can see your weenie", I said joking. I could see he was embarrassed that I saw him, so I tried to down play it, like no big deal. He was drunker than I thought, because he couldn't get the robe closed right. As he tried, he ended up pulling the belt off the robe. His penis was in plain sight.

I couldn't help staring at his prick. I had never seen a grown man's cock before, just my little brother's, and he's only fourteen. As I was staring at his adult member, he was still trying to fix his robe. As he messed with the belt, his penis bounced around. I thought, if he was embarrassed about me seeing it, he'll die when he realizes his cock is getting hard. As he moved around, his rod was getting longer and fatter.

I was stunned as I watched it grow, getting bigger and bigger. Suddenly, he realized he was hard, and tried to pull his robe shut, but his prick was so long that it poked out the front anyway.

"I'm sorry. I didn't realize what happened. I didn't mean for you to see me like this", Ken said apologetically. I didn't say anything because I was still looking at the huge cock sticking out of his robe. When he saw I wasn't freaking out, he relaxed a little and asked, "Do you like looking at my penis?"

I just nodded my head with my eyes never leaving the swollen head of his cock. I was getting that funny feeling in my vagina, like when I saw my brother masturbating. Ken opened his robe all the way and let me get a real good look as his stiff rod. He took and few steps toward me and his penis was within reach. I just stood there staring at it for a minute, then I looked up at Ken. He was standing there with his eyes closed and his head back.

I looked back down at Ken's cock. It was arched up in a curve and twitching. It looked very hard and swollen. I looked at his face again, too make sure he wasn't looking, then I knelt down and took his stiff member in my hand. It was big that my hand barely closed around it. It was long enough that I could wrap both hands around, side by side and still have the head sticking out the end. I've seen my brother masturbate before, so I knew if I stroked his skin it would feel good. I started stroking his prick and he started moaning deep in his throat. I stroked about a dozen times when he let out a long deep moan and started squirting a thick creamy liquid all over my shirt and arm.

I kept stroking, but his penis started to lose some of its hardness. I looked up at Ken and he was looking at me. I was kneeling there with his sperm all over me. I was still holding his penis. I think seeing me like that got him hot again. His cock started to get hard as I held it. I started to slowly stroke him again, and after a few minutes, he was hard as before.

As I sat there masturbating Ken as he put his hands on the sides of my head, and pulled me forward until his cock was touching my lips. I had heard about blowjobs from friends, but I had no personal experience. I opened my mouth and let his stiff prick enter. I tasted the sweet, rich taste of his cum as I held his cock in my hand, feeding it slowly between my lips. I didn't let him put too much in as I started to suck the head, running my tongue around the ridge. He must have liked what I was doing, because he kept pushing his hips up, trying to get more of his penis into my mouth. I was able to take another inch, but more than that would choke me.

"Stroke me while you suck", He moaned.

Ken started to move my head up and down his cock just as I started stroking. It seemed like a long time, and my jaws were starting to hurt when he suddenly pulled my head forward, driving his cock in deeper than I could handle. I pulled back just in time to feel his prick swell up a little, then start squirting cum in my mouth. The first squirt choked me, as I didn't know what to expect. Then I tilted my head back and let the rest hit the roof of my mouth. I swallowed it all.

He kept holding my head, keeping his cock in my mouth for probably another five minutes. I felt his penis get soft so I started sucking, trying to make the monster hard again. I liked sucking his cock. The way it felt in my mouth was incredible.

"I don't think I can get it up again for a while, Janie. It's been over thirty years since I was able to cum twice in a half-hour. I'm worn out." Ken stumbled over to the sofa, and lay down. His robe was spread open and his cock lay totally limp. He started snoring, so I got my eggs, and went back home to finish my cake.

Later I'll tell you about the rest of my summer with Ken and some other friends.

Maybe, I'll tell you about my little brother.

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