Jacking Off

By Dungeonmaster

You are lying on the bed with your arms and legs spread toward the corner posts but you are not tied. You act as if you can't move as I slowly lick up your soft thigh and bury my head into your sweet cunt from behind. You raise your ass as my tongue slips into your cunt and your hands grasp the linen sheets of the bed. You move your cunt up and down as I lick the moist folds of you, running my tongue over the cool rings in your cunt- lips while my hands rub the cheeks of your ass.

Still holding onto the sheets you half drag, half crawl, so that you are on your knees and your ass is in the air. I blow softly into your open hole and you clutch the bed, rotating your ass in a circular motion as my tongue follows your target. You are ready to cum and I can feel the pussy fluid in my mouth as I wet my finger and slowly push it into your ass. Harder you clinch the sheets as you raise your ass to meet my fingers while your thighs open as your knees slip to the side. You moan as the cum drips from your cunt and runs down your thighs as I lick the trickles of rich jism from your skin.

"Fuck me", you whisper as if talking to yourself. I lick up your wet crack, across the soft skin and tongue around my fingers as they move slowly in and out of your ass. I lick my way back to your cunt and roll over so that I am looking up into the marvelous sight of your sweet womanhood surrounded my the cool rings. You lower your open hole onto my straight tongue and I enter you as my nose rubs your clit. You clinch the sheets and moan as the cum runs from inside you and your breath cums in short gasps.

"Fuck", you cry, as you slip your pussy across my chin, down my chest and across my stomach until your hungry lips are positioned over my stiff cock. Slowly you lower yourself onto my swollen member as you clinch the sheets and your tongue licks into my cum soaked mouth, slowly, reaching between my lips to find my hungry tongue. We suck each other as my cock sinks deep into your wet cunt and I push up as you squat. Our tongues intertwine as our lips suck each other's breath which cums in short gasps.

I push hard into your driving cunt and I am ready to explode when you rise up, holding my hands for balance. You look down at me. Your legs are on either side as I watch your cunt twitch while the thick cum oozes from you're soft lips. You look down, smiling, as I pump wildly in the air.

A cool breeze comes through the room from the open window. I open my eyes and look at the ceiling. I glance around the room, at the ruffled sheets and my stiff cock standing straight up. I realize that I am alone and you are not here so I take my aching cock in my hand and slowly stroke, thinking that my hand is your cunt while the pre-cum moistens my palm and my fingers slips up and down.

"Monica", I scream, as I pump faster, holding the sheets in one hand as I stroke with the other.

"Monica", I yell as the cum shoots from the end of my cock, across my stomach and chest, as I let go of the sheets and rub my juice into my skin. I slip my hand to my lips and lick my own cum, as if it were your lips tasting me.

"Monica", I whisper, as my eyes close and I relax, holding you softly in my dreams.