Was It Fantasy?

By Tim Lowe

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We were sort of spooned together, me tight up against her smooth adolesent bottom. Wriggling slightly, those beautiful globes scratching on my pubes and allowed the old one-eyed trouser snake to plough its groovy way down her furrow.

Her juices oozed around my old man, and the sensation was one of pure ecstacy. Little cracking sounds escaped from our delicious movement.

One moment, my dick was half buried lenghtwise in between those fleshy pearls that guarded her blind gullet. The next moment, cooling slightly as I pulled back, I left just an inch of engorged purple helmet wedged in her labia.

Her breathing had quickened, and a slight sweat had begun on her belly, and under those fantastic tits.

Kissing her lightly behing the ear, then tracing my tongue aroung the edges, her breath started to catch, and an animal groan began low in her throat. Being so tight against her, my chest on her back, and still slip-sliding in such perfect harmony, the tremors from her throat passed right through her into me.

An urgent message was relayed down into that slippy space between us.

Both of us felt it. She noticably by her ragged breathing and as an insistant and painful push hard against my belly, trying to change her position on the carpet, to get just another piece of me into her. For me, the sperm spouter decided that he wanted to be buried warm and deep ... like pronto.

So, as the angle changed, she conciously, or otherwise, lifted her trembling thigh, up over my leg, held her breath and quite simply, our spooning had created one of us with me a solid, and I mean solid eight inches, inside her wet cunt.

Still shagging in tiny movements, but holding her around the waist, and rolling her body slowly, seductively, and oh so smoothly round and around, I could feel the ridges of her pussy pushing and gripping all around my prick. Each time we got to a position where the under side of me was pushing hard on the front side of her, she would let go an incredible shiver, that seemed to start in her hair ... somewhere ... and ended up with her viciously pointing her foot, as if to allow the shiver a release.

I knew only one release.

(and so did she ..........)

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